Update On Iceland’s Volcanic Ash: Dutch Test Flight Found No Problem

The volcanic ashes brought by the volcanic eruption in Iceland has brought air transportation chaos over Europe and a lot of passengers has been stranded. Major airports has cancelled a lot of flights for the reason of the very ashes all over the European sky. The air together with the ashes night ruin an airplanes engine thus compromising safety of an air trip.

Experts has been saying that there has been no signs for the ashes to vanish in the sky and it may stretch until mid-week. These cancellation of flights has froze a lot of activities in Europe thereby disrupting important events to happen. In fact, there has been a threat before the weekend that the funeral of Poland’s president would be delayed because world leaders won’t be able to attend. Fortunately, the funeral pushed through successfully.

Just recently, there has been test flights done whether these vast ashes could really cause engine failure. On of which is a Dutch test flight specifically the Dutch airline KLM. The test was done Saturday night and detected “no problems” from the volcanic ash. “At first glance there is no reason to suspect that anything is amiss. We observed no irregularities either during the flight or during the initial inspection on the ground,” said KLM president and CEO Peter Hartman, who was on the flight.

“These are test flights,” Hartman said. “This does not mean that normal air traffic has been resumed. This matter will be decided on by the Dutch air transport authorities in consultation with the European authorities.” he added.

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