Unexpected UFC 111 Results Play by Play updates

And the big fight UFC 111 had finally been concluded!

March has been full of sporting events!  First is the NCAA which is big in the US and also has followers all over the world.  Another sporting event that started on March is the Formula 1 Grand Prix and fans are worldwide – it is indeed the world’s most luxurious event.

When it comes to Mixed Martial Arts, UFC has been explosive this month and one big game has just been finalized!   Results are out already as Pellegrino and Camoes made a big show as they made their comeback fight.  A great percentage had to beat for Frank Mir over the hopes of seeing him beat Shane Carwin but I guess we have to hope again for that next time.

Also, Geroges St. Pierre won over Dan Hardy! Both have a big enough fan base and the event is massive!  Check out more updates about their fight and the detailed results here.

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