Unemployment Extension News: Sen. Stabenow Introduces Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill

Unemployment Extension News: Sen. Stabenow Introduces Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill – More and more senators are supporting the demand of the 99ers to pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill.

Earlier, Senator Charles Schumer of New York announced his support for the 99ers in an interview saying:  “There are a number of people who have maxed out, they’ve been looking and looking for work but haven’t found it, and there is a separate act that would extend those benefits to them. Extending this was really important. There are some people who go beyond the 99 weeks and we’re gonna try to do that next.”

That was seconded by Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan as she kept a promise to hel the 99ers by saying: “I’m working on a bill to help them because, when there are five people out of work for every one job opening, it’s the right thing to do.”

That promise by Senator Stabenow was not broken as she has just recently introduced a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill known as the “Americans Want to Work Act”. The bill proposed was not only to help the 99ers extend their expired unemployment benefits but also to cut taxes for businesses that hire new workers who have been looking for work the longest time.

According to her website, several other Senators are in support for this Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill and these are Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY), Harry Reid (D-NV), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Carl Levin (D-MI), Bob Casey (D-PA), Chris Dodd (D-CT), Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Jack Reed (D-RI), and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).

If passed, this will be a very favorable bill for the unemployed Americans since it will not just provide unemployment benefits for them but will also give incentives for those companies who will hire them as the HIRE Act tax credit which was signed into law earlier this year will be extended through 2011. The role of the HIRE Act tax credit is to cut payroll taxes for businesses that hire workers who have been out of work for longer than 60 days and also gives them a $1,000 general business tax credit for each worker employed for at least a year. The Stabenow bill also doubles the tax credit to $2,000 if businesses hire workers who have totally exhausted their unemployment benefits.

Furthermore, the Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill being proposed by Senator Stabenow will also provide 20 additional weeks of unemployment insurance for individuals in states like Michigan with an unemployment rate of 7.5% or higher. This tier will benefit people who have exhausted all of their benefits. In order to receive this tier, individuals would still need to meet regular unemployment insurance law requirements.

We are in support of the 99ers praying for this Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill to push through. We hope that the more and more Senators will emerge to support this bill. Kudos to all Democrats working to pass this bill and rest assured that the 99ers will be there to support you come elections this coming November.

For all 99ers, most especially in the state of Michigan, please share your unemployment story to Senator Stabenow here. She needs to hear stories from families so she can explain the importance of this bill to her colleagues from other states.

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  2. People are loosing thier homes and apts everyday. If the government doesnt care about the children on the street then it may happen to you too. Think about the babies sleeping in cars, boxes, abandoned trucks. I watched Michael Moores Movie last nite, What an eye opener. We need to do what he did and get all 5 million people together on Wall Street and rap a CRIME SCENE tape all around the building. It wont get us anywhere but it would make a statement. But as i said if they can legally abuse, murder and be domestic violaters then we will get nothing until its much to late. REMEMBER GOD DOES NOT SLEEP. THEY THINK THEY ARE ABOVE GOD BUT HE WILL FIGHT FOR US ALSO.

  3. Here’s My Story:
    I have been unemployed for over 2 years now. I am a 56 year old male. I have never been unemployed for more than 3 months before this. Last year I entered a training program at a local Jr. College. The program was 8 months long and basically condensed a two year program into that time because people need jobs NOW and this particular industry needs employees NOW. The job I was training for was Process Technician. This is used at oil refineries, water treatment facilities, etc. I went to school full time Mon-Fri, worked hard and got A’s in every class. I graduated and received a diploma/certificate and was excited about applying for jobs in my new career field that started at about $20 an hour and also included great benefits. There was an announcement in the newspaper that one of the oil refineries had 8-10 openings and the first level of testing (if you passed the 1st test, there are 2 more to pass, and then an interview). I showed up at the time and place for the 1st test. I was surprised to find that there were also over 1,500 other people there to apply for the same 8-10 jobs. No exaggeration. Long story short…about 300 pass the 1st test, 150 pass the next test, 50 pass the final test and qualify for an interview. I passed all of the tests made it to the interview and felt I did great at the interview. Didn’t get job. This was repeated about 5 times over the next year for different companies but with the same result–no job. It seemed obvious to me that it was my age that was holding me back. The guys my age I kept in touch with did not get hired either, it was always the younger ones. But of course they don’t say that’s the reason you didn’t get the job. There is no explanation in fact, just a form letter thanking you and wishing you luck. PLEASE PASS THIS TIER 5 EXTENSION. 95% of us are trying our best to find jobs. Every dollar of this unemployment money gets spent in the community–in local businesses and stores. The entire community benefits not just one family.

  4. Lets just hope for the best and help each other the best we can. These are the laws of man and they will be overturned by a higher power. I dont understand why these people think all of a sudden the unemployed are stupid! Stop pimping us out!! Stop making excuses and dodging the issues, by the way they will soon be unemployed!

  5. We can not live on hope. It does not house or feed the children. We can hope all we want. How long is a family supposed to be homeless? How loud are we supposed to scream and they still dont hear us. They are getting everything they want. We are supposed to be patient. My patients has run out. We are not going anywhere and like a ringing in thier ears we will be here and POOR. They will never feel the affects of what they are doing to us because their needs are always taken care of. They have broken every law against MAN KIND. I wonder what it feels like to above GOD and THE LAW!

  6. I hope everyone who is unemployed reads the names and the party of those who are trying to put this bill through! I am a democrat always have been, but if your unemployed and think you are a republican think again. The republican party does everything they can to interfere with our unemployment extensions!! They are for big business and are now running adds on TV trying to fool the public by stating please dont raise taxes…They have their nerve!!! The only taxes that will be raised are those 2% rich republicans that could care less about the unemployed! Dont be fooled by their scare tactics! They would rather us all starve and live in the streets rather than give a dime to help the unemployed!! The republican party does not like minorities! They try everything they can to make our black president look like a fool! They dont care about racial profiling, they only care about money and how they can line their pockets! I am a 46 year old white female who has lost her home, car, and am lucky enough to have friends that I can stay with that care about me. God bless all the hungry children that the republican party has forgotten about or just plain dont care about, and all the homeless middle class Americans that their party REPUBLICANS have reduced to poverty by no fault of their own. Get real people if we let the republicans back in office we will never get any help again! They do not care about us! Please vote in november and remember the party that bankrupt this country before they left office, and remember which party has been responsible for helping the unemployed to get their extensions! NOT THE REPUBLICANS!!! GO VOTE!!!!

  7. Please pass this bill as good working American people are in need of financial help. I lost my 20 year job in March 2009 and since that date, I re-entered college again to top off my 4 year Health Administration degree by studying Nursing. I will be graduating from Nursing school this coming December, but I have to admit life has been extremely difficult for my family since I’m a single mother living off of unemployment.

    My income drastically went down even from unemployment as I did receive $359.00/week and after the president signed into law the new extensions it went to $188.00/week. Some how I am managing to live off of pennies, but I am so grateful for the income, as I would have had nothing. People are trying to rebuild their lives through education in hopes of a bright future. Passing Tier 5 will help the people that needs it the most. I pray every day that the people in power will do the right thing and vote on what matters the most. It’s helping Americans regain their life back and giving them hope that they can get through hard times together. This is the time we need unity from everyone!

  8. I had a bank account for many, many years. I have not had any money since July 10th 2010. I have expired my overdraft protection and have not made a payment since my last bene payment. I have been served papers to go to court for a delinquent credit card. I have not had a place to live for a while. I guess what im getting at is that i have nothing to look forward to anymore. I am tired of all this abusive behavior from this so called government. I have paid my taxes and that was on my unemployment benes also. Why is this government NOT CARING FOR US!!? How much money do you think our “so called government” can possibly spend in one lifetime? They want more and more of our tax paying dollar and for what? I am not understanding this abuse and i cant believe it has been allowed to go on this long. They apparently have a bigger plan and still i havnt figured it out. I want to know when they will start to feel this specially since they arent getting as much welfare from us. I have passed loosing my patients and now im just getting more and more pissed off. We blog and blog and blog and for what? This so called government still has not heard a word about us and if they have they prove evryday that they just dont give a shit!!! It just doesnt matter to them. Has anyone else passed patients and are now just getting more and more pissed off? I am 1!!!!

  9. I was listning to the news tonight. They mentioned that massachusetts unemployment dropped to 8.8 percent. Are they once again not mentioning that it is because of more and more people exhausting benefits?

  10. The best way to purpetuate the economic recession we’re dealling with is to cut off all of us 99er’s. Every cent of the unemployment we recieve is going right back into the economy via car payments, grocceries, gas, utilities, mortgages, insurance etc. It’s exhausting spending hours every day scouring the internet for jobs that we qualify for, because I can’t afford to use the gas in my car to drive around looking. And training? Yeah, I’d love to go back to school, but I can’t afford to drive to a school to take classes, even if the school is paid for. My job was taken from me, I didn’t quit, get laid off, fired etc…the entire corporation shut it’s doors and shipped 90% of what we did overseas. I feel that, in all honesty, those of us who had this [outsourcing] happen deserve some sort of special attention, because we’d still be working. I’m 36 years old, no insurance, my resume is bouncing all over the net at this point, and I get replies like…overqualified for applied position. I don’t care if i’m overqualified, i just need to make at least 10 an hour FULL TIME, and good luck finding full time work in this state. Thank you Senator for trying to do something for the people!!
    I wouldn’t say that if i didn’t mean it. WE NEED HELP, AND WE NEED HELP NOW BEFORE THIS GETS WORSE….

  11. I am a 99er. I lost everything when I got cut off in June 2010. I got a job but I can’t get caught up. I am going to lose my car if I can’t do this. Question. Are the ones that are cut off at 99 weeks and were with out unemployment for a couple of months going to get money retroactive between cut off and till they got the job? It could save my life right now. I am suicidal.

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