Obama Signs Unemployment Benefits Extension Bill

Unemployment Extension July 23 2010 Update: House Passed HR 4213 Unemployment Extension Bill and President Obama Signed It Into Law- Finally, after three days of unemployment extension vote, the unemployment extension bill named HR 4213 has finally became a law after President Obama signed it on Thursday, just after the House passed it in a vote of 272-152.

Last Tuesday, July 20, 2010, we saw that the first unemployment extension vote happened when Senate voted to counter the Republican filibuster. With the help of Senator Carte Goodwin who replaced the late Robert Byrd from West Virginia, Democrats ruled the Senate vote closing at 60-40 vote for the much awaited passage of unemployment extension bill.

Two Republicans, Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Olympia Snowe, both from Maine voted with the Democrats to pass the bill while one Democrat, Sen. Ben Nelson from Nebraska voted with Republicans against it. Meanwhile, two Independents, Senators Joseph Lieberman from Connecticut and Bernie Sander from Vermont voted in favor of the Democrats to pass the bill.

The next day, July 21, 2010, the final Senate vote happened shortly after 7 p.m. when the “motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to the bill with Reid Amendment No. 4425” passed the Senate gathering the needed “yes” votes of 51 on a vote of 59 to 39.

And finally, one day after that, the unemployment extension bill finally passed the Congress after the House of Representatives voted for it on a vote of 272-152. Immediately after that, President Obama signed it to become an official law to restore the unemployment benefits for Americans who have been out of work for six months or more. The move finally ended an interruption that cut off unemployment benefit payments averaging about $300 a week to about 2.5 million Americans who have been unable to find a job after the financial crisis that brought the US into a recession.

In his statement, Obama said:

Today, I signed the unemployment insurance extension to restore desperately needed assistance to two and a half million Americans who lost their jobs in the recession.

After a partisan minority used procedural tactics to block the authorization of this assistance three separate times over the past weeks, Americans who are fighting to find a good job and support their families will finally get the support they need to get back on their feet during these tough economic times.

Further, Obama called on Congress to pass a new loan program for small business owners that would support the economic recovery of the US saying:

Now it’s time for Congress to act on more proposals that support our economic recovery, including passing critical aid to our states and support to small businesses.

Small businesses are the engine of job growth, and measures to cut their taxes and make lending available should not be held hostage to partisan tactics like those that unconscionably held up unemployment insurance.

Unemployment Extension Bill H.R. 4213, now signed to become a law, would extend the filing deadline for unemployment insurance benefits which expired last June 2 to until November 30, 2010 allowing unemployed individuals to file and move into their next tier of unemployment benefits. This is not the Tier 5 that most unemployed Americans are clamoring as it would not create additional weeks of unemployment benefits.

For those eligible unemployed Americans, this law states that 99 weeks would still be the maximum amount of time an unemployed individual could receive unemployment benefits for states with 8.5% and above unemployment rates and 86 weeks would still be the maximum time for those who are located in states with below 8.5% unemployment rates.

Furthermore, the Federal Additional Compensation Program providing an extra of $25 per week of unemployment benefits payments and COBRA would not be extended under this law.

54 thoughts on “Obama Signs Unemployment Benefits Extension Bill

    1. What about those of us who have been unjustly denied or cut off? Nevada DETR is the most corrupt organization I have ever seen! I have been out of work since 2007. I can’t even get a job at Burger King! 120 thousand dollars in students loans and I’m not even able to get a job flipping a burger! Oh yeah, that’s because they get tax breaks for hiring minorities! I’ve worked 2 jobs and educated myself for over twenty years and now I’ve been cut-off from student loans and unemployment! My family and I lost everything in Nevada and those people running DETR are eating steak and enjoying their view of the strip while we starve!!!

  1. What are people suppose to do after 99 weeks of unemployment benefits? Just go live out in the streets and rot with the bums that ARE too lazy to work?

    What a lot of people don’t realize it that we lost our jobs due to companies downsizing, outsourcing jobs, or just plain cleaning house for younger blood employees who they won’t have to pay as hefty salary or benefits. People who are in there 50’s like me are never going to get the jobs back that we were good at and loved. Now, we are suppose to be happy taking a part time, minimum wage, no benefits job and go back to what we did when we were teenagers. They need to create good paying replacement jobs with benefits to make things right. Until they can do that, they need to keep extending unemployment benefits.

    I feel if nothing is done about this, we are going to see a rise in crime, suicides, and riots. I’m sorry, but this is NOT the American dream.

    1. In response to steven lacey I agree with you they need to keep extending unemployment based on whats going on. Riots, suicides, and crime will indeed be in our futures. We have to fight for the 99ers, like I said yesterday at some point we all will be 99er, some of us sooner or later.

    2. i agree have already seen a suicide because of this and have even thought about it myself too atleast my kids would get government money till they were 18 and have food in thier mouths

    3. Yeah hear that Steven..20 yrs on the job,company sells and the new owners started
      cleaning house.New plant manager said as much(between him me and the wall)when he ask me what I thought about it.So I told him the same as you just said.

    4. Try not to despair, I am trying to see my way to start a foundation for advancing the plight of the unemployed, whereby there would be a well defined organization for the unemployed, older workers, etc. in place to ask for monies strictly to pool the many gifts and talents that these people have, and possibly be given, not loaned, a sum of money that could be used to start a business and possibly hire others who are also unemployed. I haven’t worked out the ideas yet, but as a taxpayer, I am horrified that our own government doesn’t see fit to help. I know that there are good, generous people in our country who would be able to support this foundation of hope, so that you are no longer in survival mode, but have the presence of mind to gather your strenghths and allow these strengths to build a life for yourself and others like you. I need to go through the steps according to the IRS, to start a foundation. I will be looking for philanthropic Americans who would be willing to help strengthen “our own”, by contributing whatever they can to see our own people make good lives for themselves and not have to wait until the government decides to help or not to help. Maybe you’ll be able to take back your lives, and look ahead. Maybe this is my chance to give back. My life was spared twice with cancer, and maybe, just maybe, this is why my life was spared. There is a silver lining ahead. I truly believe that. Now, my work will begin going through the steps of forming a non profit foundation, The Carol Hambarian Foundation of Hope. Send your good thoughts my way so I can begin the process. God Bless All of you.
      Carol Hambarian

  2. I owe this bill passage to God,he heard our prayers. Although this comes 1 day short of me being evicted. today I went to eviction court and I have until Tue midnighe to vacate the premises. I am not praying that it will not take the additional 2-4 weeks for us to see our money.I do not even have enough money to rent a u-haul to remove my things from my home. May God have mercy on the republicans souls, for they will surely have to pay for what they are doing.All of this simply because they cannot fully grasp the concept of working for an African American president!!!

    1. I wish you all the best and if you can call some of your local state agencies and see if they can help….

      Try to stay motivated.

    2. i already lost my home and everything i owned i hoping god doesnt have much to do with it …….im thinking im not his favorit son

  3. thanks democrats and obama, and good luck to Sen. Ben Nelson from Nebraska & all the republicans (except Two, Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Olympia Snowe, both from Maine)in the next election NOT!!! I truly believe that there voting will be remembered come election time.Maybe it will be there turn to be unemployed and see how they like it.

    1. You have to remember… Congree needs to be like the working American, then maybe they will relook at some of their voting!!

      For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they didn’t pay into Social Security, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that is being considered…in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn’t seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don’t care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop.

  4. I wanted to thank all of the democrats for working hard to help America survive. I also wanted to thank the republicans for screwing their chances of wining the election in November. Thank you for shooting yourself in the foot Republicans now the democrats will win with ANOTHER landslide. lol.

    1. Thank the democrats? OMG they are as responsible for this whole mess as the republicans. Do you seriously not see this? God help us all when so many are so easily fooled.

  5. I am glad for you folks but this is bullshit for the 99ers! We are really hurting out here! Looking for a job is hard out here. I am getting calls for “FUTURE” employment. Hell, where are the job you want to hire for now? I won’t forget in November, besides, we will be here again in November when there are more 99ers.

    1. Damn right Bikergirl we will be back in november when there will be more 99ers, and thats when I officially will become one- I got to college and still look for work. By the time I get my degree-(it still wont mean shit) because I will have to accept a low wage job if the republicans have their way.

  6. And one more thing, I don’t think the Republicans shot themselves in the foot. They left us out deliberately. The Democrats will pay for going along with that.

  7. People who were against this obviously have never been unemployed in an economy like this before. I have been laid off permanently from my job since February of 2009. I apply to every job I can find and I have had 1 interview. I am either underqualified or overqualified. (Yes I have applied at fast food restaurants and other jobs that teenagers normally would work but they will not hire me because of my skill level and education) I am going to school to increase my skills so I haven’t been sitting around doing nothing like some people would like to think of the unemployed. I also have been doing volunteer work because I think it is important to contribute. So to all those who think this is a big party for us, think again. This money doesn’t even come close to what I earned at my job. I am just surviving, not having a good time. I think it is also important to point out that this money will go right back into the economy which will only help the recovery. It is not like we unemployed are going to be putting it in savings and sitting on it!!!! Thank God for those who voted yes on this bill.

    1. You are so right!! It is certainly not a big party out there looking for a job…I am a college educated woman who has worked for 20+ years, and not only am I overqualified, or underqualified but now I am to old as well….and the little bit of unemployment we get is nothing compared to what I made either!! It barely puts food on the table for my family…and it sure doesn’t go for anything but the bare necessities…however, at this point, I am so glad the bill passed…..every little bit does help at this point!!

  8. Perhaps the people who are benefiting from President Obama signing the new bill to continue their extension should pray for us too.
    We’ve been fighting very hard, and I’m sure our efforts help pass the signing of this new extension. It is a cry in the wilderness. No one is listening. Today I find I can’t purchase enough groceries. Today I find I can’t go anywhere at all but look at 4 walls. Not looking forward to the next few weeks while the Republicans turn away from us and go off on their merry way to enjoy themselves while they destroy us. In 6 months it will all return and people will be clamoring for help. The Government had to do more for us to get back our lives with secure jobs before cutting us off to as they say – determine our own fate. That is harsh.
    They are heartless. Too many Americans suffering. I listen to the talks in Congress and in the Senate, they are ignoring the important issue of helping the millions that will go without. Democrats should give an inch and pay for this so we can be Americans and not a 3rd world country.

    1. Carol : you are correct we will be back clamouring for help in november because they eally didnt acknowledge the 99er’s at all. And to ad insult to injury they say we must wait to recieve a letter to get ack owed benefits, Hope I can hold the eviction man off until then.

  9. The Job Market is getting worse, not to be negative, the proposed small buisness loan bill will not create any new jobs. Everybody is hording all money they can muster due to this climate. Employers will not hire (anybody but unemployed family) banks will not lend (to anybody but broke family) and the private sector is still playing “how can i rip off the comman man”. There is no future for anybody here, even those who have a job and savings will find themselves losing it all soon just as the unemployed from 2 years ago have. The Gov cant keep assisting the people of america, wage wars, and line thier own pockets, its just not possible.

    Solution: Inovation and Revolution: Let the Fat Cats know we as a people will not take this lying down. All those companies that rip people off to no end must be brought down, all those politians that work against the people for thier own benifit will be brought down. The staus quo has held strong for too long and its time for real change (not obama change). I would hate to think violence is the only option, but they dont listen to words, they dont care if we die on the streets, and protests havent accomplished anything for a long time now, just gestures the Gov finds cute. They try to keep us busy, tired, fat, and stupid in hopes we will not have the energy to rise. Dont listen to the lies, and to all you students out there, do your own research do not become the cattle they are making you, do not accept there is only one answer because your professor told so

  10. I’m thankful the extention is back but I do agree something has got to happen for the 99’ers. I’m not there yet but as of October I will be. So something needs to give as Jobs are NOT coming any easier to find.

  11. Thank goodness they passed the bill into law, however, even with the extension, I will still have 2 tiers left when the extension ends in NOvember that I will not be able to collect (assuming I haven’t found a job by then!!)There is so much talk about how to pay for the extensions, etc…the answer seems so clear to me….how about helping the AMERICAN people first and formost!!! I realize it is crucial that we as a country help others, but NOT at the expense of our own people!! We need to close the purse to everyone else right now and concentrate on helping American citizens who are losing everything, or are on the verge of losing everything….I know there are many hardworking americans who have probably taken paycuts, had their hours cut, and have lost benefits all to keep whatever job they have…how about cutting the pay for some of the government fatcats….I would just love to see any of them survive making even $10 an hour…that is my answer…help Americans, and only Americans for a while…that means everyone else has to take care of their own…I certainly don’t see any of them rushing to help us when we have any kind of crisis…where were the other countries rushing in to help with the gulf oil crisis….

  12. I am not excited this bill passed, I am pissed it took so fucking long. I am 100% behind Change as for I think we must wage a war to win back our country. I say take the fat pigs who raped us on Wall Street and line them and their families, the worthless greedy above the common law legislature and don’t forget Bush and all of his illegal and criminal cronies and we shoot each and everyone between the eyes. Bye, see ya, burn in hell! And all of you in Nevada I pray you have any choice beside Sharon Angle and Reid as for both are as wicked as they come, they are drooling to take us to third world level. This is a planned recession/depression and anyone with half a brain can see it was created by the mega corps and wealth to bring us to third world desperation so that they can come home with their trillions and live on our soul and we will be the slaves that grovel for $1.25 an hour like the Pakistani’s or where ever. I think everyone one of you need to do some homework on the so called conspiracy theories out there, I have and I see no conspiracy only facts hidden by the US government. Study about the FEMA camps, the martial law that Bush has in place, the Patriot act that has made even something like protesting a treasonable offense punishable by death, the secret prisons, the effects of Flouride in our water( more poisonous than arsenic and a waste by product of alumium production which is sold to our country for 20 thousand time profit and causes a submissivness), the Bohemian Grove ( where all our leaders do mock child sacrafice to the God Mollock who is Satins right hand man) or the fact the planes that hit the towers where military not commercial, or where is the plane and body parts at the Pentigan in an 18 foot hole. I mean they are playing us and are really just waiting to declare Martial law and millions of us, who like the unemployed are usless to the mega rich will be euthenized like Nazi Germany. Don’t laugh until you do your homework. Do your self a favor and what ever you have left invest in guns and ammo and bottled water and canned food. Learn to make bombs and shoot accurately. Have a plan. This is the beginning of a war and the only way to take back what is ours is through bloodshed. I am a 99 er I worked 38 yrs and lost everything. I see nothing but poverty and dispare or the greedy retirees with their 2800 thousand foot homes, three Mercedes and and still collecting SSI and voting republican. I URGE EVERYONE TO VOTE THIS YEAR AND VOTE IN ANY PARTY BUT DEM OR REPUBLICAN, GO GREEN OR LIBERAL ANY THING TO CAUSE AN UPSET. IT CAN’T BE WORSE AND NEVADA PLEASE BE WARY WATCH YOUR ASSES ANGLE IS A RAVING SELFISH RICH BITCH HOPE SOMEONE BLOWS HER INTO PIECES BEFORE SHE IS ABLE TO REEK HAVOC. OUT OF TOUCH WHORE. OH AND IF ANYONE DARES TO CALL YOU LAZY OR WORTHLESS JUST POP THEM IN THE NOSE AND MAKE SURE IT COUNTS THEY ARE ALL WEAK IGNORANT SOB’S AND JUST WALK AWAY AND DENY EVERYTHING.


  13. I’m thankful that we will get our benefits back but the 99ers need help right now.
    I don’t know why everyone can’t get together and go to Washington and protest in a civil or if need be non-civil way. Everyone of all backgrounds, race’s etc our always at each others throat. The media one day makes black’s mad, the next day white’s mad or the spanish mad etc. And who controls the Media politician’s and Fat cats. The one thing WE of all race’s and backgrounds have in common is we need MONEY to live our live’s. Money comes from jobs and their are no jobs. The statement that there are only 5 applicant’s to every one job is a down right LIE!!.
    I applyed for one job and the employer said to me he had over 800 resumes sent to him for a 13 dollar an hour job. I’m hearing that most people are saying that the average is about 200 to 400 applicants for a job 10 dollars an hour or more and theres about 30 applicants for every 7 to 8 dollar jobs. So our goverment is LIEING.
    We give million sometimes billions to other countries and we have to beg and lose our houses, cars sometimes family because they make us wait to long. OK well what i’m saying is the number one thing that the politicians will be scared of is UNITY
    If all race’s and backgrounds(Who are out of benefits or not) come together for this cause arm in arm protesting together in Washington and in all cities with signs that say we are united for this cause the politicians will be in the toughest spot they have ever been in. If we can come together at say a football game (all race’s and backgrounds high fiven) because we hate DALLAS OR SOME OTHER TEAM we can come together on our fight to live until more jobs are created. think about it. We have to organize and fight these fat cats that leave on vactions it seems like every other week and let people lose everything will they have fun. The Senate will go on summer vacation again in August until September 13th. By then the 99ers will be almost without hope. We are in this together people because if we don’t find a job WE will be the 99ers. The President must step up and do something and don’t get me started on SNICKERING NANCY PELOSI SHE HAS TO BE VOTED OUT SHE THINKS IT’S FUNNY THAT THE 99ERS ARE OUT OF BENEFITS THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN (THERES NO JOBS!!)
    If they go on there summer vacation the 99ers have had it people. Boy I’m I mad>>does it sound it? We must stick TOGETHER who cares about differences when your out on the street.

    1. I agree we have to organize, have any ideas how to get people together to act? There is a facebook for unemployed ohioans but there are only 7 people on it. What state are you in? I am willing to get involved but I am clueless on how to get others to act. everyone is asleep or brainwashed or complacent. Seems these 99ers who are going to be homeless would be very willing to act.

  14. I live in TX…Can someone help with my question? I have only exhausted tier 2, I still have tier 3 left…Has anyone had their money already added to their unemployment account yet, cause I havent and Im worried. Im aware that it will be Aug 4 before we get the money but it should have already been added on our account right?? Also, is there anything after tier 3 available in TX. I have only been on unemployment for 24wks this is crazy but we can get a max of 86 weeks in our state???

  15. Someone plz help me !i finished Tier one thru four. And before they stopped it i was on EB and i still have money left on it. Will i b able to get the rest of my funds?

    1. first of all you all need to stop panicking it is not going to happen smoothly at all. When the extensions stopped many who worked for UE where laid off, they all must be rehired but there has been nothing passed to help states survive their deficits so it is going to be a nightmare. Over 2.6 million back logged, half a staff and outdated systems that where just being adjusted for the extra 25 dollars that we no longer receive so that must be reprogrammed. Just face it. The US government are a bunch of worthless pieces of wealthy shit. By the time the kinks are worked out we will all be broke again and still not have jobs. And for the one who was writing regarding the true amount of unemployed you are close. The facts are that anyone on extensions, of any kind, all the 99ers the self employed, the part timers, the ones who took severe pay cuts and benefits loses, the ones who are supplementing with temp work all are not counted. The actual amount is closer to 22 percent or above, one job per each 48 people. Economist expect another more sever repression within two years and not to be to even close to below 7.5 percent for another five years minimum. Each month for over two and a half years over a half a million people are laid off, and over 150,000 enter the work force via college grads,high school or age 16. So far since Bush buried us with lies, knowing we where in recession we have lost so many jobs but yet they brag of creating apx 300,000 on three years. S0 those of us over 50 forget it. You will never see a decent job again if any job at all. So thanks for paying taxes and working hard, you have just won a card board home on skid row. RISE UP AMERICA, START THE WAR THAT IS SO LONG PASS DUE. BE WILLING TO BE A TRUE PATRIOT AND EXTINGUISH THE TIERNEY OF OPPRESSION AND CORRUPTION OF WEALTH AND GOVERNMENT. Be willing to kill and be killed. There is no honor is slavery. Again I stress to do some homework, at least listen with an open mind to people like Alex Jones and such. There is a free documentary site online, just type documentaries online and find some of Alex Jone’s documentaries. Be brave to be called a freak but know the truth and you are ahead of the game. You may actually survive what is coming, martial law and FEMA camps await us. The mega rich want us gone, 2/3 of the world population is wanted dead, that is just enough to leave enough to serve their needs. How many valuables have you sold for a penny on the dollar to rich mother fuckers just loving they can take your grandmas 20,000 dollar vase for fifty bucks so you have water for a month.
      Bush could have handed each and every adult 220 thousand dollars with the first bout of bailout money. We all could have paid for a home and a new car and shopped and started business and paid taxes and given to charity. But no he bailed out criminals. The congress works so fucking little, how many vacations in just the past four months people and earn 267K a year and 67K for the rest of their miserable lives. We can cut the deficit by extinguishing these worthless pieces of shit and not worry about paying their bloated pensions. We can take back this country but not with words, it will take war. We have millions and millions who no longer have anything to loose, home grown terrorist created by the corrupt government. Can’t wait, sadly to say. We are either going to have to dare to open our minds to the real truths even if it mean we take criticism and are called crazy but we will at least have a clue and can prepare.
      So don’t worry, your meager few bucks are coming. And when they are gone they will be gone. So take what you can, buy lots of guns and ammo, lots of bottled water, and canned food, gas to get to the high country and be ready for civil unrest and chaos. Anarchy will rule. Not a bad thing, we are smart and civiled and it will be a peaceful way to live. Study true anarchy and understand it is a pure form of democracy, it is not each for them selves it is like minds will govern like minds and each mind set will find a community they will relate to And law will be a natural one, and a thief will either be abolished form this community or that or face loosing their hand. It is so complicated out there when you know the truth, it will anger and depress you, but we need to do this to survive, it is like grieving for a child. WAR IS UPON US< OUR GOVERNMENT HAS AN AGENDA TO BREAK US, TO POISON OUR WATER, FOOD AND SOULS. THEY ARE IN THE MIDST OF DESTROYING US AND I BELIEVE KILLING US, THEY ALREADY IMPRISON MORE THEN ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, AND MORE AND MORE INANE KNEE JERK LAWS EVERYDAY, SO IF YOU ARE A FELON YOU CANNOT VOTE, OR CARRY A WEAPON, THINK ABOUT IT. Doesn't it even peak your interest/ AND NO I DON'T WEAR FOIL ON MY HEAD TO KEEP OUT THE VOICES.

    2. teton what chance do you think we have of getting people to take action against a corrupt government when you can’t even get them to stop buying their gas at bp. The people in charge have done an excellent job of keeping peoples attention averted with bird flu, mad cow, the fight on terror (lmao) ecoli in their food etc. while they take away our rights. I mean look how they had the entire country so afraid of terrorists that they voted their rights away when they voted in the homeland security act. WAKE UP people. It is time for action !!!!! Don’t besatisfied with the meager unemployment you are getting for the next 6 months. If you do not want to work for minimum wage the rest of your lives you must wake up, check out what bills congress is passing behind your backs. It is so obvious that everyone in washington is a puppet fot the corporate giants, the ultra rich. I do not understand how anyone can still believe that voting in another politician will fix anything. Please for the sake of our children and grandchildren take action to stop this corruption and make a government OF the people FOR THE PEOPLE.

  16. I fear that oboma may feel this bill makes him look good enough and forget about us 99rs it;s the silly mental hurtal that conserns me giving more than 99 weeks might be to hard a mental fence for our goverment even though it makes no difference people should be able to collect for as long as it takes to get a job. all those rich bankers who got handed billions aren’t worrying about money its alway this way push around and neglect those that deserve it most and those that make or break the ecomomy the middle class .I dont see us getting a tier 5 for one thing nobody in the goverment is even talking about it i dont see anytime soon its sad i used to be so proud to be a hard working middle class amarican i felt if i worked hard i could achieve my dreams just like jefferson wrote 200 yrs ago now it seems were expendable just another poor fool.im a licenced electrician for crip sake if i cant find work its bad even in 89 when we had a crash like this i found work in weeks less than a month




  18. Well, my husband and I are in the same situation as most of you. I can’t be mad at the Dems nor the Reps. Neither is at fault. The Dems passed it for us, yet some of the Reps had a say in it also. They (Reps) only wanted the money to not raise the national deficit. The Dems have a funding held aside, for which this emergency crisis could have been taken out of. No need of pointing fingers, just thank God that it’s passed and signed. May God Bless America.

    1. Not their fault? Then who’s fault is it? Whose fault is it we are unemployed in the first place? Who’s fault is it that there are no longer decent paying entry level jobs out there? Who’s fault is it that even if you have a job you can not afford health insurance? This has been coming for a long time people. This depression didn’t happen overnight. It is a direct result of actions by our government both republicans and democrats. Everything they do in washington benefits big business and the rich. You don’t see this?……….(beating my head against the wall)

  19. I also agree. I’m a 28 yrold female with a beautiful 14mth daughter wanting to live the dream again after losing my son to a drunk driver 9yrs ago. I started tearing up when I was reading some of the above. I suppose because I have been in the same situation. Lost my job as a Respiratory Therapist and have been looking for work for the past 6mths. Well I had 2 surgeries. So online then two months; 3 less kidney stones later and cancer gone I hope. I went from that to putting in job applications for waitress work I did 10 years ago, knowing I would make a quarter of what Ive worked so hard in school to achieve. Oh and bills like student loans Ive received for the past few years. So all when I was about to lose my car, no food, clothes on the sad side, and a bum apart which is too small. But can I get my Respiratory job back without have to travel 100-200 miles. I’m sick to my stomach. So I am a big supported in the saying ” This rich get richer and the mid class to poor get poorer. I do hope for change before its to late. But can one man do it. With the climate change, the oils spills, the crazy earth quakes, or all the wisdom of words that the world ends in a couple of years. I dont know. Makes my heart hurt. LOL But really can I spend my life like the rich do but with out drugs and not having my everyday ruined by calls and worries about repo or losing a home. Does everyone who does there best, treats others like the would like to be treated, and loves from the heart deserve the life we are to live. Or is that just the dream the tell you when your little that most work so hard to get that suffer so much while trying to achieve comfort. These or some of my thoughts. Enjoy your day the sun, trees , birds, and leaves, the laughter all around.

    1. Miranda, always live and treat people with respect; live with no regrets. I know in my heart that what goes around comes around. They will have their judgement day. We cannot let people or government sour or spoil our lives. God is the person I most want to please; without prayer and our chuech families; we have nothing. On our judgement day we know exactly where we are going. I pray for an extension of unemployment for all of us. We are “BLESSED” with or without money. “GOD” is on our side.

  20. I think this is so sad! What about those of us who have been feverishly looking for work, taking refresher courses etc.!!! And have reached our 99th week! What are we to do???? .
    Mr. President…

    1. I would like to offer an opportunity for anyone out there that is unemployed at the moment. We have a large need to fill sales/MIT (Manager in Training) positions for our company, FOCUS Consulting Group. We are a sales and marketing consulting firm with a strong focus in Internet marketing/Lead-generation. All sales/MIT positions are on a 1099 status and compensation is merit based. Everyone is started out at 8% commission plus bonuses,an average sale is around 5,500 dollars. A sales person should be able to close around three sales a week. Upward movement through our company is very rapid, as we are needing to expand quickly. If you are motivated and are in need of a job, email your resume to: focusconsultingdenver@gmail.com

      I wish all of you the best and hope that things will turn around soon for everyone!

      Best Thanks
      FOCUS Consulting Group

  21. This is for everyone to keep in mind God always has our best interest it is the devil who wants to tear us down & make us have doubt in the Lord. For when we doudt the Lord the devil has won it is him the devil who destoys us & people that are weak in faith that blame the Lord.

    “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jer 29:11

    I had to go on a leave due to a pregnancy, I was able to work but not the job I had due to the weight I was required to carry, I reached my max leave time then lost my job of 9yrs. I thought I’d get the company disability while on leave since I was not able to do the work due to the pregnancy but did not qualify due to some crap that I’m not really sure I understand. I had a friend tell me to apply for Unemployment didn’t think I’d get it because I wasn’t really fired but I qualified for UIB & now have not be able to find a job then especially 1 making what I was making. But I trusted in the Lord & He has been there providing for us each time I think how r we going to make it… we do. It is already to worry but keep ur faith you will make it. I would rather have faith & believe than not to have any faith & not believe it is so much dark for those who do not have faith than those who do. when you have faith & hope you have something to live for when you don’t you have nothing to live for and for those you have nothing think they are nothing. But i am here to tell you, you are something you are 1 of a kind.

    I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Ps 139:14
    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jer 1:5

    1. Hard economic times are about to every taxpaying American. What the big corporate giants have done is unconscionable; “Greed” is the #1 motivater for the ultra rich crooks. Oh, and “POWER” ranks at the top also. Greed and Power in the wrong hands can be devastating to many; they have way too much money and some of us are reduced to food stamps. Theres nothing wrong with having money, I never obtained a job from a poor person. I’ve had great bosses through the years; some would give you the shirt off their back. Thats when people had morals and actually cared. Those times are gone; most of the big honchos belong in prison or in front of a firing squad. Big corporations do not pay taxes; they are located off-shore, off the coast of Bermuda in the ocean, of course most of our jobs were relocated to Juarez or China. They never quit looking for ways to save money for their selfish selves. They make me sick Why can’t the 99ers have their measely check of 300 dollars a week doesn’t cover the bills. We are not living high on the hog!!!!! Please extend the benefits we have already lost enough.

  22. I live in Georgia and have been getting the run around from my nearest unemployment office. My regular unemployment benifits ended on June 2, 2010. When I called my nearest office they told me to keep certifying and if congress passed something I would get a letter in the mail. So since June 2, 2010 I have certified everyday and called the office every week. I have been submitting resume’s online and applying for jobs online. I can not get out and look for a job because I have no gas or money. I have two small kids that I have to feed and keep a roof over there head. I am now two months late on my rent and have no food. I was so excited when the HR 4213 passed because I thought that I might get some help. When I called my nearest office on July 26, 2010 after calling all day and only getting a busy signal I finally got someone late afternoon. They told me that I needed to keep certifying and if I qulified that I would get a letter in the mail. They were still processing all the information they had received on HR4213. So today July 26, 2010 I called the office in Augusta Georgia and they told me that I would not get anything that the HR4213 only applied to people receiving extensions and not someone receiving regular unemployment. Can someone please help me? I dont know what to do or who to call. One unemployment office tells me one thing and another tells me something else. I will be homeless next week and begging for food for my kids. Please tell me where I can find a complete copy of the HR 4213 signed on July 23, 2010 and who can I contact for answers and what should I do next. Please help…………..

  23. My only concern is if there are employers viewing these threads, why don’t they consider hiring those of us who take our lives seriously and take pride in the work we perform. We are all professionals looking to grow everyday….hire us dammit! The employers may be overlooking quality talent by only replying to resumes that display work history and education, but do not express passion, determination, and willingness to succeed.

    I, too, have sent my resume to numerous employers throughout my 99 week time. I am still unemployed. WTH!!! I am just as frustrated as the next individual, but I remain hopeful. I have grown to realize no matter how much we voice our opinions, legislation is under the direct votes of the political parties who represent us.

    So until unemployment is extended to the 99ers, I just want a decent job with a salary that will reflect my responsibilities so that I can afford to take care of my four children.

  24. When will we see a check? been out of work since July 09 and cut off from any help this June…3 kids to support, car in repo live in rural area not on bus route…help!!!

  25. well you wanted change, now you got it. Just keep your heads up and continue to give God thanks for what we do have, and through faith things will change. God said ” If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from your wicked ways…Then will I hear from heaven and forgive your sins and will heal our land.” GOD BLESS AMERICA

  26. Let me through an idea out there. Maybe everyone can chime in on the pros and cons…I have been unemployed for too long so this doesnt work for me but I think it should have been considered.
    I would have been very willing to give all of my benefits to a company so that they may hire me, at the end of my benefit, say 99 weeks the company would have the option to get rid of me. Give the business a tax benefit to keep me until we weather the storm, make it a tough pill to swallow if they lay us off. Listen I know I have not thought about every pro and con but dang what is wrong with that idea? I would keep my skill set up, not have a gap in unemployment, and it would keep people motivated and feel more positive about life. I have had 4 interviews in a year, absolutely ludicrous!
    FYI I was in construction management at 65k salary with 10-15k bonus each year. I am willing to work for 1/2 of that….

    1. Sean that sounds like an idea you got,on the surface anyhow and would really merit some looking into.

  27. I don’t understand how this works! If I have received 99 weeks of unemployment this will not help me? I have been unemployed for two years, I can’t even get the jobs that I was doing when I was in my teens and twenties much less at my current age, way older if you are wondering. How do I even go about finding out how many weeks I have already received? I know I have exhausted all my benefits months ago, that I know with every passing day I don’t eat.

    1. You can estimate how many weeks by logging into your states Unemployment benefits online and take the total that you have received and dividing that by the amount that you received weekly. This will give you the total weeks you have already received.

  28. I Just recently recieved a letter stating i have been requested to subit an IB-1 form. Being i am on the tier 5. i worked out of Illinois but i live in Indiana. Its impossible to get ahold of these people. does any one have any thing they know about this form? would be greatfully aprecciated

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