Unemployment Extension July 20, 2010 Update: The Call for Tier 5

Unemployment Extension July 20, 2010 Update: The Call for Tier 5 – A lot of unemployed Americans are now expecting the much awaited unemployment bill to be passed within this week. West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin already appointed Carte Goodwin to replace the late Senator Richard Byrd to complete the needed 60 votes.

Carte Goodwin is scheduled to be sworn in the Senate on Tuesday at 2:15 pm and then immediately after, at 2:30, they will begin voting on the unemployment extension bill. That vote will be on a motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed. Once that passes, a cloture motion on the bill itself will be in order for Thursday morning. After that, another vote on the “motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to the bill with Reid Amendment No. 4425” will be voted within 30 hours before it can send over to the House of Representatives for the final vote and finally lined up for Obama’s signature.

Since Goodwin is a Democrat, it is expected that his vote will add to the Democrats to counter the leading Republican filibuster. Republicans continue to counter the passage of the bill since according to them, there’s not much enough funds and that it could just add a burden to the fiscal deficit of the government.

For the record, H.R. 4213 will be the unemployment extension bill that will be voted upon. This is not a Tier 5 unemployment bill. However, this bill proposes to extend the filing deadline for existing tiers (Tiers 1- 4) of unemployment benefits until November 30, 2010 and extend for three month the closing deadline for first-time home buyers looking to get the $8,000 tax credit.

The Government has used billions of its funds in bailing out Wall Street companies notwithstanding other funds diverted in various military operations in other countries. The unemployment extension bill must be passed immediately. Do we still have to wait when crime becomes an issue because Americans need to survive just to catch the attention of our dear politicians?

Join the millions of unemployed Americans in signing the petition for the unemployment extension bill to be passed. A project of the Democratic National Committee calling for Republicans to stop blocking the help for the unemployed is available HERE.

In addition, here is the speech of President Obama addressing the relief offered to the unemployed:

369 thoughts on “Unemployment Extension July 20, 2010 Update: The Call for Tier 5

  1. I can definitely relate to a lot of the postings here, I too was laid off in 2009. I worked in the HR dept for a major automotive company. However I was fortunate enough to find another job shortly after. I know what it’s like to lose your benefits and depend on UI which is less then your initial income. To the ignorant individuals posting asinine comments, try paying your mortgage, insurance, utilites and providing for a family on $350 a week. Who really wants to not work and do that? The reality of it is..there are individuals milking the system but I can almost guarantee you the number of people actually wanting their life back and wanting a job outweigh those individuals…I pray that you all stay strong and don’t give up..I know it’s easier said then done…But we all have a father watching over us and he may not come when you want him to..but he’s always on time..This too shall pass.. God bless you all

    1. you have to give the president credit for speaking out about the games there playing in the house and senate over passing unemployment extentions. the republicans could care less about a deficet their hasn’t been a repuplican president in the last 40 years who did have a deficet unlike president clintons huge surplus.i do however wish instead of saying some people have looked for 2 years he said the words pass a tier 5 or more you can tell he was hinting at it.without jobs and growth it doesnt matter how bad the defict is there wont be a USA and if they dont add more tiers your going to see alot of crazy stuff that is already happening like people stealimg food and at some point riots and a big mess we have only been around for 200 yrs we could very easily go down like the soviet union if ourleaders keep playing games and taking america for granted .the last time this happened it took 10 yrs and a world war before the last depression came to a end and it ended with a massive amount of goverment money put into the economy plain and simple

    2. yeah better yet how about 250. a week for me….crazy to live off that I get by on prayer and hope and chance.

    3. I’m bored to death at home…I can tell you everyone I know that is out of work WANTS A JOB not milking ANYTHING.

    4. I envy those that find work so quick it’s usually they knew someone that helped them get hired but everyone knows someone out of work so the job goes fast to friends of friends…thanks for the compassion. Although having no work for LONG periods of time waiting for another 13 weeks each time to know if you are going to have money in the very last couple days before it runs out is very hard…those that have been long term non employed are in a different state of mind than those that have savings and or only out short bits…

  2. they didn’t help the 99 weekers.its the same as feeding one kid but letting the other one go hungry. i dont know who to vote for because there both corrupt. well they better have a plan B and start opening homes for all who are going to need them. maybe the laim street media will then take notice..

  3. we need a tier 5 so can you help the 99 ers out and past a tier 5 because it’s not far to extend unemployment extenison and it doesn’t inclued us 99ers thank you donna marckese

  4. Thank you american senate for working so hard passing bills such as Jubilee USA Network Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passage of Jubilee Act to Expand, Reform Poor Country Debt Cancellation and sending our jobs to other countries.

    We are no longer taking care of our own and while your families eat steak tonight millions of americans that have worked over 20 plus years and paid dearly into this system will suffer and become homeless. Oh just to make a point these are the 99er’s and people who have no jobs because their are no jobs you made sure of that when you passed bills allowing your friends and business partners permission to send our jobs over seas for a better profit.

    Oh and stop blaming the president he was voted into this mess which was created many, many years ago.

    I can’t say god bless america but I will say shame on you. What it will cost you to fund tiers 5 thru 10 will only be a drop in the bucket compared to the pork you have already funded for years to come.


    A Proud American that has worked over 42 years and I’m only 58 years old paying into a system that has now failed.

    God Bless our Children they will pay with their lives.


    1. Tearing up reading some of the posts of people in the SAME AMOUNT OF STRESS that I’m in. Already used up 4th tier. Here is the truth in a nutshell. I’ve been watching the competition for jobs since 9/11 they have dwindled SINCE THEN first it was 200 resumes per job not it’s gone up to 600 to 1800 people looking for the same job how do I know I ALWAYS ASK. One person got about 500 within two days 500 resume that is for one job. One online application ‘REACH’ helicopter help told me they took the application down because so many people responded. I can’t stand hearing you must be bilingual right now. I missed SEVERAL jobs for that reason alone. Saying I have to know Spanish is ridiculeous but if we need to expand our knowledge to communicate I think we must as other countries learn many languages. Us that need 5th tier are normal parents that worked for the system, I use to be one out of 5 out of hundreds that would get interviewed with my broad background. Now in ever sector they aren’t hiring, retail, restaurant, winery, everywhere I look they aren’t hiring I tried to work for Macy’s even though I have tons of retail and buying experience they emailed back I didn’t have enough experience total BS. The online applications only allow you to apply for one job each time then the eventually get rid of your resumes and don’t consider you for others. You get lost in the database they are not really useful I believe. Also, I am highly AGAINST checking credit for jobs that is an invasion of privacy and needs to be STOPPED NOW. How dare you look into what I buy and what my bills are to decide whether to hire me that is utterly personal an invasion of privacy and is a line that should not be crossed of personal information. I have looked in many states, cities, been on CNN 30 Minute Pitch and still no job. I have gone through phone books calling all companies in my area for work, still resulted in nothing. Here are the websites I utilize, MANY AGENCIES in many cities (all with not much work), http://www.indeed.com, craigslist.com, winejobs.com, monsterboard.com (now just a bunch of junk these days), government websites (mostly old jobs that don’t exsist), local city websites. Put up the 10 Commandments again!

  5. Do not push for tier 5. I agree that it is horrible to be out of work and without benefits. I had to work part-time with no benefits for three years to get back to where I was. However, I know of at least 10 99ers who do not want to work AT ALL unless they have exactly what they had before (a few were offered jobs that paid less and they TURNED THEM DOWN and they expect us to pay for them?) Get real–we have to accept less or get re-educated in something else in the world economy if the jobs we had can be done elsewhere for less. That is the heart of American capitalism. Most of our jobs are NEVER coming back and the sooner we stop accepting handouts and move to where the jobs are the sooner we will be happy and productive again. I am not saying never accept handouts–unemployment insurance is important and should be paid out; we all pay into it. Once you get to 99 weeks it becomes welfare. Don’t we all agree that welfare is not what keeps this country moving in the right direction?

    1. km…you need to just go away. Wait til you lose your job, and you probably will, then come back to this forum and post about the difficulty in finding a new job. Being the moron that you obviously are, your idea is that people should just pick-up and move south of the border or over-seas to where corporations are sending our jobs, right? Well even that takes money, just like gas for running around town searching for jobs or going to the library to use the internet to apply for jobs. You see organizations don’t want you to show up at their door, you have to apply on-line, which also cost money, paying for an internet provider if you have a computer. One thing affects the other…can you understand any of this? And most of us have gone back to school and changed our career fields to no avail. One thing that we are facing here is the fact that this is an employers market, not an employee market. Employers can be very selective in hiring since the job market is saturated with people out of work. So what if you know a few people who appear to not want to work or have turn jobs down. They do not represent the majority, so stop condemning the lot of us. Go somewhere else and be a jerk!

    2. KM I’m sure you meant well but there are some very desperate people out there who need a Tier V. I am also on another website called unemployed friends. Today we found out one of the regular bloggers, who has exhausted all his benefits, attempted suicide. He shot himself in the head. He was walking to businesses to fill out applications because he didn’t have any gas and his family was living in a shelter because they have lost their home. A few days ago he applied at a McDonalds in Hershey, PA and was told they preferred younger employees. This fellow is 60. He is on life support with 3 bullet wounds in his head now and probably will not make it. Before I go on, if anyone wants to make a snide or ugly remark for shock value don’t. This could be you or one of yours sometime in the future and what goes around does eventually come back around. A story about this guy will be on CNN in the next few days. They do monitor and read our remarks. He had worked steadily for over 40 years and was laid off. So, don’t base your thoughts on what 10 people you say you know have done. Open your mind a little. There are people suffering terribly who want a job. Another person on that particular blog goes to the library everyday to log on to the blog. We found out yesterday she is living in a tent in the woods in Grand Rapids, MI. She too is out of benefits and has mentioned that she has lost all hope and the will to live. We currently have people in Grand Rapids trying to find her before she too tries to hurt herself. 58 people on the blog have either attempted suicide or succeeded. When you lose your job you don’t just lose a paycheck and benefits. You lose a sense of who you are and self worth. Suddenly you feel like a nobody.And to see someone like you and others who post here say such horrible, insensitive things are like being hit in the face with a glass of ice water. It causes you to lose faith in others. Also if you make stupid, snide, or insensitive remarks you need to remember that your remark may just be the one that pushes someone over the edge and causes them to do something they shouldn’t like try to kill themselves. It can happen.
      So KM, climb out of your ivory tower, open your steel trap of a mind and have some compassion for people other than yourself.
      One thing that we Americans can do is to demand that American made goods be made available in stores. Of course it can’t happen because everything is made overseas which is where the jobs are unfortunately. Stop buying cheap, poorly made, foreign junk. Listen to what your Reps. in Congress are saying and watch how they vote on the issues. Pay close attention to your Governor and Senators stands on issues. If they continuously vote against helping hard working Americans that need some help, vote them out.
      And KM remember, someday you may be sinking in the unemployment boat. I never thought it would happen to me either. If any others would like to meet some nice people google Unemployed Friends. If you are thinking of going there to make nasty remarks, think again because they are removed. We all have become friends and really support each other. And if someone here is thinking of hurting themselves because they feel hopeless and depressed, tell someone and get some help. Please.

    3. KM I totally DISAGREE with your attitude I’ve looked for PT/FT for over a year in EVERY FIELD looking for low pay in ANY FIELD…and there was nothing yet that is not true people that people are holding out for something better. THAT IS UTTER BS. You are selfish and have NO IDEA OF world economy right now. WE don’t have money to go to school and most of us can’t get unemployment if we go to school because the subjects covered for unemployment WE ALREADY have that knowledge. I am fine with working in a cafe, retail but NONE are hiring. I have tried in multi cities and states and so have others and you have a LOT OF NERVE. WE paid into this system. You are probably the type that had mom and dad to run home to. A lot of us DON’T. Welfare does not pay your rent or your bills and if you make more than 500 in child support you CANT GET WELFARE. GROW UP

    4. Cindy AGREED there is a lot going on that people aren’t aware of also the stress is making health deteriorate. Hormones out of wack due to stress. There is so much people don’t know and some complete idiot like KM gets on here without any WORLD KNOWLEDGE probably has rich parents to live with that can’t understand we don’t have that option or type of family to run to. Yes there have been multipe suicides KM do you care about that have you thought of all the people that have lost their homes already and more that continue to? That part about people hiring the really young is true. They get lower rates and they know they can work them longer and control them because they are young and controllable. I say get out of California.

    5. Cindy thanks for exposing the truth of the desperation that a lot are going through. a lot are losing hope and feel they will be on the street at Christmas as extensions last usually 3 months it is very stressful. You can’t afford California prices for rent on unemployment. We had to move to another town 3 hours away just to survive and we still if there is no V extension have NO IDEA what to do. Like I said I’ve applied everywhere. Too many people applying for the same job makes it impossible 1800 nurses applied for 6 months in Concord I was told this by a friend two days ago. One of my dads friens was hiring, he got over 200 resumes in ONE day and all the grocery stores I’ve been to said they have STACKS AND STACK OF RESUMES but not hiring. I’ve had companies tell me people call them all the time for jobs but they aren’t hiring. I bet your ok with money going to AFrica and HaitI KM but you better pay attention to how much money leaves to other countries after people with VISAS move here make all the moenyh and then go home after years. Also, this is OUR emergency I’m tired of moeny going out of this COUNTRY when there are kids here that need college that can’t afford it. People think in order to be philandropic it has to be done in AFRICA rolling my eyes have you been to the slums around the USA? Help those kids have you seen the kids at ORANGEWOOD in OC or FIVE ACRES IN LA? THEY CAN BE HELPED by adopting them. IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD these kids need help. Your local foster parent location in your city HELP THEM…

    6. Are you about to lose your home and/or vehicle km?? Why in the world would you urge anyone NOT to pass the Tier 5 extension? I do understand that some people “milk” the gov for whatever they can, but that does not mean everyone does this! I have accepted less, much less, and I have a degree. The problem now is I cannot find ANY work, whether I’m over qualified or not is not the point, the point is that our economy is in serious trouble! Also, becoming a “99er” does not equal being on welfare! Have you ever been on welfare km? Trust me, it’s not fun, nor easy to prove how broke you are! I do agree that welfare is not what keeps our country moving, but neither is cutting of the thousands and thousands of hard workers just because of a certain amount of weeks! Everyone has their own opinion, but what helps is PROGRESS, and without help in times of need, we will not see progress!!

  6. It is a shame that millions and millions were left out of their lifeline who exhausted benefits. But the individual that was with the president they said he will get benefits ! How he has been laid off for two years! The ones who exhausted and will not get any lifeline are probably the ones who are hurting the worse it only makes sense if 26 , 34, 45 and 99 weeks could not find gamefull employemnt there is still a job issue in this country! ALL unemployed who are not getting any new benefits since this last new passage needs to stay on congress and president to show there are more that a few that need to be in this Bill they left out!

  7. After reading the replies to unemployment extension I am here to say people who are employed has absolutely no idea how hard it is to even get a job for a person over 56. I was a top Director in the consumer products industry. I have been out of work over a year and a half. NOTHING IN THIS WORLD COULD EVER PREPARE A PERSON RIGHT NOW IN THESE TIMES TO HANDLE THIS STRESS. To all the comments on “just get any part time job”…hell the college kids can’t even find work. I would love to have any job. When I walk in that door, after sending out 200 resumes and getting one interview (very fortunate in these days)and they see my age, there are no we’ll hire you, or, second interviews because they don’t want to hire someone with over 15 years of experience, they want gold. The cream of the crop, young, vibrant, cheap and there is no health concerns at the age 30+ bracket. All in all, an older interviewee has more work ethics in one fingernail than a young fresh face. We worked our asses off to get here. We were let go because there was no business, the company can’t make money if it can’t sell products.
    So we are losing everything we ever worked for. Our savings, our houses, our 401K retirements, our entire lifetime of self-esteem and pride of working hard and keeping our credit scores perfectly high. What happens to our older not yet retired people in the great USA? All these months weeks and days of searching applying and hanging onto the hope that this will all turn around has come to an end. What do we do? Live with our children? We are now Penniless! Our dignity is gone! When I think of all the jobs here going overseas it makes me want to throw up. It could of been our job, each one of us, the unemployed could be working. We don’t care at this minute what kind of job we have, WE JUST WANT A JOB!
    Think about what it means to those who work getting. that paycheck every week. what if you didn’t get that paycheck? Where would you be? We have to have a means to survive. Our government has to provide Manufacturing and any other business the means to hire. What makes this so horrible is all YOUR TAX DOLLARS ARE BEING SPENT IN OTHER COUNTRIES. So we now make them rich and as a tax payer you are giving other countries jobs, money, and the means to survive. Fight for us, the people who built these USA companies. We helped to make them rich, and with just a flick of the pen, they can Fire At Will! I’ll be in the line with 2,000 people to get a part time or full time position as always, see you there, if your under 50 you’ll get the job, think about that when you are a republican.
    Billions of dollars overseas, help the corporate world become richer and screw all the people that cost a little more in the USA, money money money, its all so horrible that corporate America is only out for the buck. Doesn’t it make you proud to be an American? Keep paying for those tax breaks for the rich, in the long run, you’ll also be paying my food, healthcare and I won’t be able to help your state fix the budgets because I’m not working and they aren’t able to get much from my unemployment.Pray for us, we have no where to turn.

    1. Tom HUGS….please try to find something to alleviate the stress as a single mom I know what your going through. Join a cheap gym to relieve the stress I recommend this to EVERYONE, also yoga you must do things to alleviate it and try not to stay up until 3am or 5am like I do looking for work. I’m tearing up because I know what your going through. 24 hour fitness….it is the only way to stay sane. If you are up too late your hormones will change and cause problems with us being out of work we have weird hours the doctor told me go to bed as close to sunset as you can and before 10pm it’s very hard to do that being out of work and always on the computer looking. Reading the news is what we do in between which is another stress. Find a partner for tennis or walking get AWAY from the computer you will be glad you did. I’m sorry Tom for the lack of work out there I’m 41 and I see the same thing happening in terms of hiring decisions. I just think all of us need a big hug and please join a gym to help with stess and thank me later for advising about it….get out of expensive cities find a cottage, studio, share rental to manage the money situation and rent some cities are too expensive to live in right now.

  8. HEY KM, can all of those 99ers come live with you and your family? Every heard of stereotyping? That’s what you are doing. I know dozens upon dozens of people that will beg you for a minumum wage job. People need the help they are entitled to. It is their money…HELLO

    1. TOTALLY I would take some 8 dollar job in a cafe and have fun with it instead of my boring cubicle job of 25.00 an hour I use to get paid….you know how many jerks I had to endure in the business world….’out of work almost 2 years’..still managing beign a single mom. I was denied 6 weeks of unemployment due to 14.00 overpayment…homeless for 2 months….living with an ex-crazy-mother in law that told me I was a burden and made us sleep in a trailer at 30 degrees weather….horrible…I wish this stuff on NO ONE.

  9. I am 60 years old a nam vet ,I am also have epoleposy.I have been married for 40 years and have two perfiect kids and four also perfect grandkids.I have worked since I was twelve and punched a time clock since I was fifteen.I have been laid off for two years If the people in charge do not pass tear 5. I will be homeless soon.There is no hope for me other than a tear 5.Plese help. I live in Michigan.

    1. it’s almost 2 years for me too to tell you the truth the job market has been dwindling since 9/11. It is world wide and last I heard Germany and Spain were at 21% unemployed. HUGS

      There are millions in your same boat….that will be homeless INCLUDING ME! My resume is over 3 pages long…..

  10. I have been unemployed for about a year. I object to the opinion that crime will increase due to not getting a check. All tho frustrating as this time has been with bills,house,kids,food,ect.Ive found thru this hardship a resolve I was slacking on (back when my daughter had lukema) and learned to accept the things I am faced with. One thing ive learned is there is NOTHING I cant do if I only have the internal drive,resolve,and belief that I alone will make my own life better.
    GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER CARE FOR YOU 100%. The only way to change anything in government is replace everyone there after their first term.I dont care if there a jackass or a elephant. Has anyone noticed the same boob’s are there for years and nothings changed for years? Running government is simple just like unemployment.You have a certian ammount of money comming in and you ballance the Budget.Times are tought in the USA.Bisiness is shrinking.Government should be shrinking back to the Constituion size of government also!

  11. Well you can set up some tent cities or maybe have DWELL MAGAZINE design a cool home for the soon to be homeless families set up with it’s own eurorail or hydro train/electric cars and and area of non poisoned dirt from pesticides and fall out and we will make the best of it….the tent cities were torn down what are you going to do for 2 million plus homeless? NO thanks to your modular crap homes. Life is too sort for such dreary things. Put up some YURTS for us some cool studios. Us 99ers will have to give notice and have no where to go with or kids.

  12. EVERYONE “extreme stress” this economy is causing you need to vent it out with working out. It’s the only way to stay sane join a cheap gym 24hr fitness you can network and get circulation going. I’ve been looking for 2 years gaining weight the only time the stress was manageable was when I made myself go out and get AWAY from the computer still looking for work but spent some time relieving the stress with working out TRUST ME ON THIS…if you don’t your hormones can get out of wack due to stress and staying up late makes the hormones wig too…TRUST ME…

  13. Please ask God to help you endure during these times. Please use this time to soul search and grow. Do not end life. I know how hard it is. The grace in dealing with the hard times will help in the long run. Find nature and help your mind find some tranquility being out of work I feel isolated so I know how hard that is too…

  14. I just went on unemployed friends and it said the administrators are forbidding any more unemployed members you know why because most likely it will reveal the TRUE NUMBER OF UNEMPLOYED also if the nation is at more than 10% they are force to do extensions they aren’t counting the self employed anyway so that numbers are already higher…so just why would it be forbidding new members at unemployed friends that is really weird….

  15. Something recent I heard was drug testing the unemployed that would cost money I swear people do not think these things through I don’t smoke, rarely drink no drugs and this is OFFENSIVE!

  16. I’m seeing world readers that is a cool feature. Please write in comments what your unemployment rate is in your country on here so we can see.

  17. I dont even know what to say anymore. I have already lost my place to live. I am crying and my heart goes out to the familys that are now visiting the loved ones in the hospitol because of the stress of loosing everything. I have already lost everything with no money for 3 weeks now. My license was expired until a friend helped me get it back. I still am without my pharm tech cert because i dont have money to renew. I have not had my own place to live in for 6 years and was living in basements. Still i worked even though i had nothing. Paying taxes with no health insurance or dental because i couldnt afford it. I as well as everyone else am paying taxes on my unemployment. And still i have nothing but continued to work and pay taxes until my job was illimanated. I worked with special needs people and worked with high behavior individuals. They lived better then i did and as much as it bothered me that they had all health insurance, a nice place to live, good food and free meds I had to remember it was not thier fault. I was expected to go out in severe weather to pick them up and was told that if i didnt i would be let go. What has this country come to. Because of the economy it didnt even matter what conditions you have to work in, suck it up and live with it. I have no food and or health insurance but because i never had much im just getting on as i always have. Worked and had nothing and now not working and have less then nothing. We need not only tier 5 but also we need to start screaming for affordable housing and everything else that goes along with it. I would gladly set up a tent with anyone living in the woods. Im thinking congress does not care. As my friend says “GOD DOES NOT SLEEP” Take care everyone and know my heart is with you.

    1. It is so hard for me to say this, but, I am a believer in God, but more and more I am beginning to believe you Willie.

  18. For all the asinine people who think people in my shoes are “miling” unemployment, heres my short story and time frame. I was making 35k a year and lost my job in Feb of 2008. Since then unemployment has given me 350 a week, which is by far less than half. 350 a week BEFORE taxes people. I have applied to damn near every business in my area, and even outside my area, SEVERAL times to the point I know I am annoying some people with my constant applications and phone calls checking on the status of my application. My son will be 3 in November, and I cannot afford to pay my attorney any more money to continue fighting for custody rights so that I may at least spend time with my own son. His mother comes from a VERY wealthy family, and they have all laughed in my face saying I will not see my son simply because I cannot afford to pay my attorney $300 an hour to fight for me. Put yourself in my shoes all you parents, how would you feel? Do any of you have any idea whats its like to knwo that if i had more money I could see my son, other than that I cannot because SOMEHOW his mother was allowed to leave the state he was born in and take him even further form me. My cell phone has been disconnected due to lack of payment, and because his mother is very immature, I cannot get a hold of my son even via telephone to hear his voice. Like I said, put yourself in my shoes. No I wont be back on here to read any comments you worthless losers who can obviously afford to blog all day sitting on yer parents wallet, so keep them to yourself, and just THINK, what would you do?

  19. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-s3706/show

    The bill to create Tier Five has been introduced. It is bill S.3706 Americans Want to Work Act!!! Senator Debbie Ann Stabenow (D-MI), is a co-sponsor and champion for this bill and the 99ers. Hang-tight everyone and give thanks and praise to the Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father because He will never leave nor forsake those who trust in Him. The battle is His!and we win!!! Check out the website above.

  20. ********9 9 ers********–You have got to read this T i e r F i v e– bill S.3706, that hase been introduced by Senator Debbie Stabenow and her other co-sponsors!!

    It is an excellent piece of lesgislation!

    Go to the site and click on the bill!!

    http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-s3706/show. I certainly hope I have clarity on what I read, but I think the bill is adding even more benefits for us?

  21. The good news is that Glenn Beck has called the 99er movement socialist and anti capitalist; as well as other things. Why is this good? Because it means that the Republicans are getting worried about the growing power of the movement and its effect on the November elections. He used the term “anti capitalist” which translates from Republican Speak into anti Republican and there he is right. The more they fight the more we must push back until all of those Nationalist Socialists are out of power forever.

  22. I too have been unemployed for a year and a half. The jobs are few and far between. I say all the unemployed people including myself, pitch a tent at the White House!!

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