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Unemployment Extension July 17, 2010 Update

July 17, 2010 by · 49 Comments 

Unemployment Extension July 17, 2010 Update – As millions of unemployed Americans keep on tracking the latest developments on the passage of a Tier 5 unemployed extension, here is the latest update on the movements of our politicians.

After my previous post about Unemployment Extension last Wednesday, July 14, 2010, West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin has finally chosen an interim senator to replace the late Senator Robert Byrd to complete the 60 votes allowed for the unemployment bill to pass. Apparently, it was his former chief legal counsel, Carte Goodwin who got the nod.

As such appointment, Goodwin will be sworn in to the Senate on Tuesday at 2:15 pm Eastern Time. Immediately after that, the Senate will vote on the much awaited unemployment extension bill. As a Democrat, Goodwin is expected to give his political party the needed 60th vote they need to break the current leading Republican vote and get the bill signed into law.

As written in the Senate Calendar, H.R. 4213 will be the unemployment bill which will be voted upon on Tuesday at 2:30 pm. This bill will give extension to unemployment benefits to unemployed Americans through November. This is the exact unemployment bill which the Senate voted last June 30 but lost to a ruling Republican “no” vote of 58-38. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid voted “no” that time just to bring back the bill for another vote.

Once the cloture on the motion to proceed to the unemployment bill passes on Tuesday, the Senate will then have to vote on passage of the “motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to the bill with Reid Amendment No. 4425” within 30 hours. By that time, the opposing Republicans could choose to keep the debate open for the full 30 hours, or they could let the Democrats proceed within the final vote sooner.

Once the final votes for the passage is secured in the Senate, the unemployment extension bill will have to go back to the Congress for a vote on a concurring to Senate amendment. As soon as the Congress votes favorably on concurring with the Senate amendment, the bill can be sent to President Obama to be signed into law.

The ball is definitely in the hands of Senator Harry Reid now. Let’s all hope and pray that he will prioritize this unemployment extension bill over other pending bills in the Senate. If he does, we should be expecting a passage of the much awaited unemployment extension bill some time next week. God Bless America!

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49 Responses to “Unemployment Extension July 17, 2010 Update”
  1. Kris says:

    This is ridiculous. Trillions for the banks that caused all this and nothing for those that are affected by it. This isn’t welfare. We had jobs and due to the banks and wall streets gambling, we lost them. Now they get bailed out and we can’t buy food. As far as I know though, this bill doesn’t even help me. My benefits run out this week so I fall outside of the limits of helping. With this much trouble getting this through, I’m not hopeful I will ever see an extension for myself. I’m glad I have a few close friends because savings runs out quickly, the banks have cut most of my personal credit lines although I’ve paid everything in full on time every month for years, and paychecks don’t look like much of an option. God bless America.

    • Concerned for America says:

      America is no loner a democracy, it has become a plutocracy whose lawmakers priortize the well being of the corporate machine over its people. Afterall, if Merryl Lynch goes under nothing will be there to fill the void, but you easily replaced pesants are, well easialy replaced. The only power the unemployed have is to vote, and obviously they are too busy trying to find jobs to make their voices heard. Until we all stand united against the corporations who control our Senate and House America will stay on the same sad path that has gotten it to where it is, a country where Bailouts > unemployment, and where 1% of its people control all of it’s wealth.

    • Reesa says:

      My thing is.. I don’t understand WHY the deadlines are the way they are cutting people off like they do? IF 1 PERSON GETS 5 Tiers or whatever it is- THEN ALL PEOPLE should get 5 Tiers?? I’m not against NO MORE TIERS being added. But, it is NOT FAIR to give some people a YEAR or more and others only 6 weeks or whatever it is!!
      Can ANYONE shed some light on this? Am I missing something?

  2. Rick Krejci says:

    Great article Tracy! It sounds like there is hope….in our time of need, don’t let Americans bleed.

  3. B says:

    By tuesday, we will have to wait another week for some dumb reason. A senator will get a paper cut and will hold the vote off another week. If this had something to do with there money or personal agenda, it would have been taken care of in june. I think they want us to get mad and revolt. You can only be pushed for so long before somthing snaps….SNAP!!!

  4. kojak284 says:

    Why do I have this nagging suspicion that harry reid will do an about face or someone else will change their vote…ok, I’ll try to be optimistic keep my fingers crossed. Due to get evicted by the end of next week , so this is crucial.

  5. kojak284 says:

    Can’t help it, but if this is not passed next week, then all the doomsday talk and innuendo about catastrophical changes in the way we use to do things will come to pass, sort of the beginning of real kaos…I’ll pray as well.

  6. Shelia says:

    We will pray that this bill passes, my unemployment ran out in May, the exact day the stimulus ended. Hey we paid into this sytem or I did for over 30 years, it is not there money.

  7. Ryan says:

    Fact there are NO jobs ! Obama not 5 people for every opening, but several hundred to 1000 applying for each opening. in an article about 3 weeks ago an Adecco manager was quoted that some of Adecco’s clients do not want to consider unemployed people.

    Strikes against the unemployed

    #1 Unemployed as per articles
    #2 Age most are between 40 and 60
    #3 Education too much
    #4 Entry Level positions consider recent graduates
    #5 must meet 100% of qualification listed where as in the past if one meet
    75% they would be considered
    #6 Companies are taking a long time to hire 3 to 8 months from interview

    Yet the Republicans wantto cut or extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich and end UI for the unemployed so they can balance the budget. These SOBs have no clue as to whatis happening in America

    • Bikergirl says:

      I just don’t understand the games these companies are playing. I was called to take a test for a company through a temp agency (Great! :)). She wanted to know if (which I don’t by the way) have any speeding tickets, arrest, etc. since I was 17 years old. Hell, I’m 46 now! I got one ticket for an accident! Does that make me a bad person? What if someone is now 50 and they got arrested for DUI at 17, should that count against them? This is the first time I have ever heard this kind of questioning! What is going on?

  8. Josh says:

    So why can’t this guy sworn in on Monday? Seems like there is another stall going on here. I do not understand, also why couldn’t Gov. Manchin already have someone on standby for when Byrd did pass? What was Byrd like 90? On the positive side I am relieved that they are finally going to get the 60 votes they, unless kojak is right hopefully not. I will be praying for you all on this devastating event. Have been unemployed since Nov. 2009. Also, I am a Licensed EMT and having a hard time finding something. These guys have been making me sick by saying there are plenty of jobs out there. Like someone mentioned early take all their credentials away and see if they can find a job while not collecting any kind of benefits that you have worked so hard for and paid for with your tax dollars.

  9. PAULA says:

    This bill needs to pass as the unemployed are hungry, broke, fearful, and ruined. I pray that the bill passes for the extension asap as we are clearly doomed if not. My heart is broken over this whole thing and I have been literally sick to my stomach wondering how we will eat and pay bills as time and money is nearly run out. PASS THIS BILL FOR GOD’S SAKE!

  10. rob m says:

    When a large percentage of congress is corrupt in one way or another, and hidden political agenda’s rule the day, the middle class, lower class and unemployed do not have a chance. Now just watch the crime rate and buy a 40. Cal.

  11. mr. k says:

    so the banks get the much needed cash to stay floating while the people get to wait and wait and wait? this just oes to show who really runs the country. money makes our country run; like gas in a car. so when the banks need money they simply get it. they don’t care about anyone else getting it, they’re just that self important.
    and now that tent cities are springing up, the “representatives” who handed trillions of our money to the banks are dragging their feet when it comes to giving us some of that cash.
    think about it, every dollar exchanged goes through a bank somehow. even if you dont use the bank, you gotta cash checks. if money is fuel and you need money to live and the banks controll the money; then by extension the banks have control of your life, your liberty and your pursuit of happiness.
    pull your money out of the bank, burn your credit cards. refuse to accept credit ratings and stop voting for anyone who gets kickdowns from the banks (which means just about every candidate out there) this is your country. take whats yours back. banks belong in the past. your candidates dont care about you. you are not a constituent untill you give that fat bastard money and the bank has more than any of you.
    and repeat after me “i am a free man, i am not a slave to my credit rating.”
    debt is the new slavery, the new fence to keep you pickin cotton; either jump the fence and say fuck the bank and fuck that bill collector or get comfortable and hey; welcome to slavery asshole.

  12. aj says:

    Lost my unemployment over a month ago I was only on tier 2 and I can’t afford gas for my car. I will never vote again, every politian has their own agenda and no one gives a shit so now either do I.

  13. jim m says:

    I have been unemployed since 12/31 and have looked every week without any luck yet.
    I don’t understand, I want to work and I was paying into the unemployement fund for 20 years at the job I had been at. My employer decide to make everyone “independent agents” and not salaried employees and pay all our own taxes healthcare ect. So I lost the job after making him money for 20 years with no 401 K or anything fromthe company.
    I will continue to look until I have a job but after paying in with every paycheck for 20 years, and I have a wife and 3 kids uner 10 years, I would think that my contributions would allow ne the help beyond the 6 months of state benefits that ended the first week of July!
    I want to work and I will find a job but I need this help until then.

  14. Maggie Woods says:

    I feel like I have fallen in the ocean and people on a cruise ship have finally seen me but they will have to wait until Tuesday to throw me a life preserver…surely the sharks won’t have gotten me by then…oh wait…the cruise ship is carrying the sharks! Enjoy your weekend FAT CATS…don’t worry about us…we will be just fine. I can’t wait to let you personally experience unemployment yourselves. Let’s vote these slick willies OUT!

  15. mike says:

    they wonder where this money will come from,stop sending money to all these other countries.I know some terrible things have happened in other places but terrible things are happening in OUR country.lets take care of our own before we send all this money other places.

  16. mickey says:

    I dont see extra weeks for 99ers. OMG there will be crime and death now.

  17. Javier says:

    Does anybody know if the bill passes will people get paid benefits since the day benefits finished on or will they give benefits starting on the day the bill gets signed?

  18. carmen says:

    I just cant believe that this once great country has abandoned us. They are quick to take our money but will not provide any kind of assistance when we are in the dumps. Shame on all the Senators who have turned their back on the unemployed, those whom we voted for and gave our tax dollars to before we lost our jobs. Even though America has forsaken us I trust that “the Lord is my provider and I shall not want.” I will pray daily for each and everyone of us who has this need.

  19. PREACHER says:

    Have been without job since March 09. Have looked for work consistently. Only 20 and 30 year olds get any jobs for corporations. If you are over 40 and lost your ‘corporate job’ your on your own now. That seems to be the reality of the situation. Maybe the musicians and ‘stars’ can throw a benefit…’UNEMPLOYMENT AID’ and raise money for us. I predict increased crime and a terrible future for this country and every country. It sickens me that companies like McD are profiting in these times. It’s terribly messed up. Help us Lady GAGA and Miley…help us please.

  20. Art says:

    I need help. I can’t make it on my own. I need help! I am not smart enough. I am not able to work hard enough. I can’t find a job. The jobs are not there. I have looked. I have looked. Send me a check. I need help! Send me money. I need help. Send me money. More money. More money. Keep it coming. I need more. I neeed more. I can’t make it on my own. I’m not smart enough to make it on my own. I need help. Send me money!

  21. BigCat says:

    Obama has created jobs. Thousands of temporary Census jobs in Q2! What a joke! Since they were temporary, and those workers are not eligible for UC benefits, those folks don’t hit the unemployment numbers. 99’ers too drop off the roles because they fail to continue to file. Unemployment is FAR worse than the “Annointed One” (or the mainstream media) thinks. The UC extension contoversy has been an issue in the Senate since June 30th, and NOW Obama finally speaks out during a well orchestrated interview on NBC? Knowing the bill will pass next week? Opportunistic to say the least. Where was the Executive Order to keep the Senate in session over the 4th of July weekend and week until they reached the votes needed? Seems his only ‘muscle’ (his mouth) gets used when it suits him best. What a fraud!

    On his behalf though, Obama did go out of his way last week to create a new position (in his administration) which we all need desperately in America during these desperate financial times – a National Food Czar. Someone to tell what us what we can eat and when!

    I feel better already 🙂

  22. michael livingston says:

    Like most Middle-Class Americans, I just want to beleive all my time & $ spent for that AS Degeee/engineering Honors Grad 1977; BS Business Administration–again honors grad WMU/Kazoo 30 + yrs of experience in the “Real World” :1ST 10yrs after college in the independant family owned property/casualty/flood/life/health /insurance(which was sold by my father in 2006 because it became economically unfeaseable–constantly lowering commissions, increasing expenses and most of all unfair competition from the so called “direct writers i.e., progressive, Geico “15 minutes could save you 15% of your auto ins. premium” They can quarantee this because that’s the AGENT’S COMMISSION!!!” So. you can call an 800# when you need service or are unforunately involved in an accident
    The next 20 yrs I was continualy employed in the Medical Laboratory industry in the State of Florida, Starting as a courier/phlebotomist and woking my way up through customer service,Sales, and Management of bloood drawing centers throught Florida. Even supervised the required medical laboratory testing of incoming inmates for the entire Department of Corrections–Statewide Orlando & Miami recption centers with over 50 county CI’s.

    Now here in Michigan, I went through an accrediated Medical Academy for Nationally recognized certifications as a Phlebotomist and EKG technician., thanks to Michigan’s “No Worker Left Behind program”–Found some independant contractor work–but but no offers for REAL JOBS!!! I earned the Certifications back in Oct 2009– and have been steadily applying,interviewing (only to be told I’m “Overqualified”) since then.

    I love my Home State & only came back because of my wife’s nasty little Renal Cell Carcinoma ailment. She (Praise God) has made it to thr 5yr C-free marker, and would like to return to our “Adopted Home State of Florida” However, like most Americans, our 401K’s, home, and my very good job had to be liquidated.

    I worked Full Time thru Junior College–starting in 1975 and have worked full time from then 1975 till my lay-Off from the Auto Parts Indusrty( thats all I could find here in 2006) that’s 31 years paying into the system not counting the summers of 1972,1973,and 1974 summer factory positions(full time –againd deductios made for Unemployment ins, Social Security, and medicare taxes. I’ll be 53yrs young on the 29th and seriously wonder–when I turn 65 in 2022–will I be able to have health coverage thru medicare?

    • michael livingston says:

      So please “Representatives” throw a dog a bone! pass tierV so people can finish their re-training and not have to live in their car(or worse the street)and eat @ the local “homeless shelter”.
      You know, we (& me) probably shouldn’t complain; in China their busting their asses in factories making all of our clothing, technology, and just about everything else consumable, under military styled management 60-70 hrs/WK for about $100.00 per MONTH!
      No wonder their young factory slave workers are commiting suicide at alarming rates. And if you dare complain over there–Anyone remember Tinneman Square?

  23. michael livingston says:

    And is anyone else glad that we do not live in Haiti?

    We need Love–Not greed!!! The whole World does!!!

  24. Rollo says:

    Harry Reid Is The Savior or The Devil in this Debate. He Must Choose which he Wishes to Be…

  25. onnyx says:

    The problem is so many will owe much of it to late and overdraft fees….

  26. Tracy says:

    I have been looking for a job for almost a year. The last interview that I had….ummmmm there were over 100 people interviewing for the same job. I was a paralegal but have applied for jobs such as Burger King.. anything to go back to work. I’m in my 40’s so it’s gonna be hard for me to get a job (even though I have more experience) because most employers want younger employees. I have three kids and if they don’t pass this next week, we will be homeless. Sigh

  27. jms says:

    Tired of waking up every day with a knot in my stomach. So miss the carefree Clinton days when we all had some money and life was good or at least comfortable….non-suicidal. Have my daughter and her husband and 3 kids living with me because his unemployment from his “Caterpillar” job ran out. Life was good for them once too. Good as in, bills paid food in fridge…none of us has ever been rich.
    My husband, a truck driver, just recently was able to find a job ( at 54..not an easy task)after being laid off for over a year. We ourselves were in the process of trying to get our lives back on track ( he’s making less at this job than previous one)now I have 5 extra mouths to feed since they have spent the last of any savings they had. How can congress even think about cutting off peoples unemployment. These aren’t lazy bums who don’t want to work… THEY WERE WORKING and would do anything to have their old lives back. WHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSE TO DO ? All these people deciding other peoples fate have never spent a day in the unemployment line and never will.

  28. Kathleen S says:

    ALL 99ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET ONLINE AND SIGN THE PETITION!!!

  29. Kathleen S says:

    *ALL 99ers!!!!!! SIGN THIS PETITION for a Presidential Emergency Extension! PLEASE!


    • Stan H says:

      I’m a 99er,and petitions wont do any good.The politician know about us, but don’t give a damn. All they worry about is putting money in their own pockets.

  30. shelly36 says:

    well they are really taking there time on this one but when election time come they are out there campaigning for those votes. go to sch.for a better career and cant even get a job in the field just that need to be paid back they are going to be on there best shit come election time putting in all the foot work for the vote im not gonna give them they’ll pay close those num.since they dont seem to care about the ones they are faced with everyday with the unemployment rate but every dog will have its day im understanding u cant be on it forever no one is asking for that well i’m not just a little help considering we have worked for years and as soon as we need our gov.this is what we get but alot of money can go into other countries i’m not understanding when we are hungry too..

  31. jerry GIbson says:

    They don’t care they are still getting paided I am a father of three that lost my job Oct 2008 I’ve lost my house due to forclosure and now face losing my only vehicle because they cut unemployment off I want a job but can’t seem to find one I’ve applied every where and nothing not even an interview so they have to do something or people are ganna have to start stealing or something to get by

  32. belinda says:

    Hi, i have worked most of my life. i have 20 years plus. in trucking. i lost my job over a boss who wanted to pay me unemployment over working me. i was the only girl there. he wanted a guy. i did my job, worked everyday. clean driving record. now, i see jobs calling me for work. but they are giving jobs to people that have good paying jobs already. i also have put in for jobs,that tell you they are looking for people. but arent. i spent 12 days putting in for ups, from a work sight that told me. they were needing people. so i went to the local ups, to find out. they to have people layed off. Joe, looked into this for me, big man at ups. to find out. that their are sights, out their. that say they need people, but dont. so maybe a few of us are finding these sights, with hope on getting work. but they just get your , dob, ssn. and no work. i live in Ky state, i have a home, 7 years its mine, i dont think ill get it payed off. i have seen so many people i know, with small kids, sell everything, ref.stove, car. now walking down the streets, with babys, going no where. this keeps me up all night. what are we all going to do. i have been off work july 19,2010 26 a teacher, factory worker, drive semi. painter,wall paper. but no work. maybe because im 47, fm. single.

  33. Nikki says:

    Ah yes…Obama slaps if face on the TV just at the right time. Where was he over the past month??? Why wasn’t he pushing them to pass this bill when those losing their benefits on June 5th needed it? No, he decides to open his fat mouth a couple days before a vote that is expected to finally pass. Well, in my eyes you are no hero! Neither are all of the actors and musicians that came to our aid. Where is the benefit for us? I will never donate another fricken penny to any other country again! I myself am ending my first 6 months of unemployment. As everyone else, I have applied for numerous positions. I had my first interview over 2 weeks ago out of all that I applied for. I have called them back for a follow up, only to be told we will call you back…never heard from them.
    I read a job fair was going on in Ft. Lauderdale this Sunday. The only way you can apply is if you have a child under 18 living in your home. What the hell is that??? And all of those “tax credit,” questions at the end of almost every application I have filled out…benefits companies by paying them back up to 95% of the income of new hires as long as they have received food stamps, public aid, etc. No wonder I can’t get a job! I have worked for the past 25 years, paid taxes and the first time I need assistance…all I get is 6 months??? We should get the same tiers as everyone else has. If the government is going to pass should apply to everyone. When you run out of your first 6 months…you start the tiers of emergency assistances. I just feel it is complete B$LLSHIT…that we can send billions, trillions of dollars to other countries…and for those that have used 99 weeks of benefits (what a couple hundred a week,,wow) may not get any further help. The people running this country are so F’d up! There pockets are nice and thick though. Next election…we should vote in normal, every day middle class people. We vote…so in all reality..we control who wins!

  34. Hopeless in SC says:

    I have 29 years experience working in offices and doing inventory. Now I have to live with my mother (and we don’t get along good) because I can’t pay my bills at my house. She is paying off the last 600 on my home so I don’t loose it – but I have no lights, water, or gas for hot water/heat. As a 45 year old single woman – this is worse than the abusive relationship I was in before separating from my husband. I have been looking for work and even applying to places that I never would have before all this. Something needs to be done – STOP SENDING MONEY TO OTHER COUNTRIES AND HELP THE US CITIZENS!!!! We are becoming a nation of homeless people!

  35. Sharon says:

    I hope that something is done soon. I just used my last benefits last week. I have been searching for work on a daily basis and been on numerous interviews with no luck. Also, the new thing is to hire people with jobs and not the ones without. I have worked all my life and lost my job because they can no longer fit it into the budget, but now it’s my fault that I have know job. So I’m just applying for jobs for the fun of it. I am also in school, but what good is that going to do if our Government is not willing to help us. People have gone to college and received degrees, ran up a bill trying to do better and now they can not use the degree and have student loans to pay back with no income coming in. Voting is for the birds in my book and so is the Census. It never meant anything then and it sure doesn’t mean anything now. In addition, unless you have a bunch of children or at least one, you can not even get assistance from welfare. What is wrong with this picture. I am not looking for a handout in any kind of way. I just need a little bit of help now that they have screwed us all and it is not our Presidents fault either because this has been going on for years now. They all seen this coming and it was so easy to use the race card in order for Americans to place blame on the wrong person and not get to whose really at fault here. This mess is higher than our President could ever be. God is our only answer here, but if we don’t start trusting him to fix this mess, we will be lost forever people. Open your eyes for once. I have had enough and I am sure you people have as well. Finally, this breakdown has no color to it because it is affecting people of all colors and all races everywhere in America. So it doesn’t matter what color your skin may be people because, out of work with no income means just this Americans..out of work and suffering.

  36. Mr. Revolt says:

    It’s time to revolt… It’s time to burn down the banks to ashes (burn baby, burn)… It’s time to put a bullet to every member of congress, politician, CEO’s of banks/corporation, who are against the well fare of the people… It’s time to stop voting, since politicians are out-dated (OBSOLETE)and do nothing for us…
    We the people need to take back our right to prosper, with out the interference of corporations and government… Now is time for action and less words!

  37. Mr. Revolt says:

    It’s time to revolt… It’s time to burn down the banks to ashes (burn baby, burn)… It’s time to put a bullet to every member of congress, politician, CEO’s of banks/corporations, who are against the welfare of the people… It’s time to stop voting, since politicians are out-dated (OBSOLETE) and do nothing for us…
    We the people need to take back our right to prosper, with out the interference of corporations and government… Now, is time for action and less words!

  38. Mr. Revolt says:

    It’s time to revolt… It’s time to burn down the banks to ashes (burn baby, burn)…

    It’s time to put a bullet to every member of congress, politician, CEO’s of banks/corporations, who are against the welfare of the people…

    It’s time to stop voting, since politicians are out-dated (OBSOLETE) and do nothing for us…

    We the people need to take back our right to prosper, with out the interference of corporations and government… Now, is the time for action and less words!

  39. sharkeater says:


  40. Hopeless in SC says:

    Come on people … let’s put the blame where it should go … it’s not BP’s fault that we don’t have a job … and stopping voting is not going to change things either. Our elected officials need to get off their fat rear ends … stop giving the rich more tax breaks … and take a pay cut – we have paid their salaries for years … now it’s time for them to STOP giving themselves raises … STOP sending our tax money out of the country …. and to the President … step up dude – where were you a month ago? Don’t chime in at the last minute … DO SOMETHING TO HELP OUT AMERICANS!!! But then again … if things don’t change you won’t be voted for a second time …. so what does it really matter .. right?


  41. Mary rose says:

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  42. Mary rose says:

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  43. Alice says:

    Great to see what the Congress and House spent on food. Too bad us 99er’s can’t eat like that because if we got our extension then maybe they would have to cutt what they spent. I can’t eben afford bottled watrer but they spent over 600,000.00 on it. Must be nice. This and many other frivilous spending for them and we cannot even have the essentials to survive. God Bless AMerica

  44. Kevin Quinn says:

    Dear Jesse,

    This is a blog that you will want to see. “FEMA Camps for the Homeless”

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