Unemployment Extension Bill HR 4213 Not Tier 5: The Debate for 99ers Continues

Unemployment Extension Bill HR 4213 Not Tier 5: The Debate for 99ers Continues – The Unemployment Extension Bill HR4213 that was recently signed by Obama to become a law was half-baked. Although the law extended unemployment benefits to those eligible unemployed Americans who were still in their Tier 1 to Tier 4, it did not pave way for those 99ers or those that have received 99 weeks of their unemployment benefits.

Republicans continue to halt the passage for they claim that the costs associated with it would just add to the deficit of the government. In addition, some of them also claim that giving another extension to these 99ers is enabling them to not to look for work and to just depend on the unemployment benefits that the state would give.

Apparently, the reality is that a lot of these unemployed Americans are having a hard time to look for jobs. They are actually looking for work but to no avail. Hundreds of resumes are being passed everyday to prospective companies but only very few of those move to the next level of being interviewed. Worst, among those interviewed, only one or two would be called for a job offer.

There are hundreds of applications for every job available. There comes a point where education and experience are not the basis to find a job since more often, they are considered as “over qualified” and would be rejected right away. What matters for most companies now is to look for employees whom they can offer the lowest salary. The more the employee can accept lower salary, the better for them to reduce their costs.

What do you think is the best possible solution for this? Will it be enough to just pass the Tier 5 unemployment extension bill? Will this be a cycle of passing another tier, let it expire, then pass another? In my opinion, I think the government should clearly prioritize and address the issue on how to reduce unemployment rates by creating more jobs.

Below is the video of President Obama about his plans and actions on creating jobs and moving the economy forward in general:


60 thoughts on “Unemployment Extension Bill HR 4213 Not Tier 5: The Debate for 99ers Continues

  1. I think that you must support these people until the unemployment rate drops to pre -recession(depression) numbers …that is the only humane way to treat these unfortunates…by the way I wonder if these politicians ever hear or read any of our comments ? we all know most of them don’t care …but do they even hear us ?

    1. as long as they well feed and not w/o they don’t care. i can’t even afford my meds, gas for the car, and will be homeless soon. where are the bridges being built for the new infastructure i’ll need to sleep under one real soon. this is like the old west; everybodies packin, eating beans by the campfire. are we regressing not progressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Our government and the media CHOOSE to ignore us. NONE of these guys can even do simple math. They don’t seem to realize or remember that they WERE reporting on 14.6 million unemployed –that at least 4 million of them were long term unemployed without benefits–the ’99ers’– who were swept up in this recession and unemployment crisis at its inception–and that only 2.5 million unemployed are ‘FINALLY’ being helped with the recent passage of this bill, but only after having been TORTURED interminably by the ‘powers that be’ on the floors of the House and the Senate. The MEDIA doesn’t even have the decency to address this crisis at length until it is resolved. Mel Gibson has a better chance at more coverage! What does that say about what they deem important? People are losing their homes, their resources, their food, their dignity and their hope– in short order. What does it take to get their attention? Do we have to move to Haiti? Haiti got emergency attention and assistance within 3 days of legislation. Granted, they were being buried under rubble at the time, so it was a necessity– But what of the collapse of our own nation? Working stiffs and middle class–the cogs of this machine. Along with missing cogs comes gears that grind to a hault, with no hope of further movement. Without the cogs that are our middle class, you have the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ –and stagnation and collapse. Why do Congress and our President and the MEDIA choose to ignore millions of people on our own homeland? What happened to our beloved country?

    1. CynicLgrri—When you lose your home,resources and food…you lose your dignity ! History will judge these selfish monsters for what they are …but who has time to wait for history ? We are in a hurricaine and the boats are sinking with no rescue in sight …

  3. They seem to keep knocking my link off the comment section, maybe a link is not aloud. 99er’s are fighting and were fighting hard. Come to the below blog. It’s called………….. tier5tostayalive.blogspot.com

  4. What the hell makes the difference …. are they working on creating more jobs just for more employers to jump on the wagon and not hire the unemployed too? .. we need to force the employers to hire that we have now. Even all these new companies coming into the Northeast with the oil and gas rigging won’t hire people that has been out of work for whatever time period. So what benefit would their be to Us by bringing in new jobs? … and unless prices come down on food, gas and utilities.. Minimum wage isnt going to pay enough for a roof over our head and food on the table.

  5. Mr. President, please push for a tier 5 of unemployment benefits! Do you have any idea how hard it is to look for, prepare, and get to job interviews without even a dollar in your pocket. People need food in their stomach’s, clean clothes, bus fare, gas money, and shelter to shower and sleep. Without this it is virtually impossible to look for and attain work. Please wake up. We just need a little more time. Please. This country is going to crumble around you and that will be your legacy. Would you rather be remembered as the President that passed too many extensions, or the president that turned his back and didn’t pass them and the country fell apart. This will happen, I have a degree in Economics from the University of Hawaii, and an uncanny grasp on economics in theory and practical applications. I am telling you that you will regret ignoring this issue. ***This is a fax I sent to the White House today.

    1. I know what you are talking about not having money to go on a interview or to get food to eat. I am so stress out at this point, my blood pressure is high no health insurance to go the the doctor’s. I feel like I am about to loose my mind, after working for 30 years and now can’t get any help. I have been looking for a job since June 2008 over 500 resume send out and going door to door to fill out applications. It’s not about being lazy that’s not true, there’s no jobs out there. I have even applied to Temp. Agency’s nothing. Please let’s pass a tier 5 for those who really needs it. Also, I will be going to court next week for non payment of rent. Now what can I do. Let’s do the right thing for the AMERICANS at this time of need.

    2. Looking for a job is a full time job. You have no money and a lot of worry its hard to make a good impression when everything is against you. I’m a 99er it really sucks; depression, anxiety, stress, hunger get the best of you. What once was will never be again. I’ve never in my entire life asked for help. I raised my son with no assistance from anyone not even child support. Sometimes we didn’t have enough money for healthy food but we made it. I recently called a local church, no money for medication; she yelled at me it was awful. Please help the 99ers with a tier v extension let us have some sort of dignity. Respectfully Yours, D.D.

    3. I totally agree with you and feel everything you’re going through man. Same boat here, very hard to look for work with no money. In my case, no bank account, no credit card, nothing to back up. That is if you’re lucking to find yourself in the position to get hired let alone to compete.

  6. Its time for the 99ers to march on Washington and demand action.
    Employers are refusing to consider the unemployed and perhaps it is time for the unemployed to spill some blood after all the media reported that the long term are at the same stress level as one who has been in combat. CynicLgrrl is correct in mentioning that Mel Gibson has more coverage than the unemployed

    Who gives a rats ass about Mel or any other famous person! The media should concentrate on real news such as the unemployed , jobs, Washington and State Capitols as to what Our elected officials are or are not doing. What about stories from the rest of North America. Canada’s economy is suppose to be improving. What are they doing that the US is NOT doing

    1. I agree 100 percent, All 99ers lets stick together and march to Washington if we have to, whatever it takes. I want to work not depend on unemployment. Keep the e-mails, faxes and letters coming to Washington. We are still Americans too. GOOD LUCK TO ALL NOT JUST 99ers.

    2. we need to make a date and march on washington people. i will be there and i can bring alot of others.let`s set a date and quit talking and start walking, 10-4.
      are you with me, let`s show them how many of us are out here starving.

    3. These boots were made for walking and thats just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you. Get ready Washington here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Let’s be real people…NO ONE wants to hear about the millions of us who will lose everything! That DOES NOT sell newspapers or boost ratings!! Again, all they care about is their bottom line and not the 99er’s!!!

    Keep calling, sending e-mails and faxes to the President and every Senator and Congressmaan/woman urging for a Tier 5 until they are sick enough of us that they will DO something! We must make them hear us or we will all be living in tent cities like during the Depression!!!

  8. It’s not about being lazy in finding work….. unemployment checks only pay some of the important bills to keep us some what afloat. They aren’t checks that allow slack or enough to plan a summer vacation until a person is ready to get a job. They keep us at the minimum while searching “EVERYDAY” for a job that is available. Hundreds of company’s have acquired my resume….. NOT ONE has called or emailed back for an interview. Not One. Now you tell me that I just want to collect my bare minimum unemployment check so that I can be free of duties and take my time until i am ready…….. Absolutely rediculous. Put yourselves in our shoes for just one moment…. then go back to your steak dinner and decisions of where it is you want to take your summer vacation and be pampered. We don’t have a choice. Not for one single thing.

    1. L I am sorry for your dilemna. I suggest going to your community college’s career center for advice on your resume and job search strategies; yours are not working for you. Keep the typos out, too (somewhat, companies, one, ridiculous.) I am not picking on you, I truly feel that you can succeed based on your passion, I am just pointing out that when you are competing against many other people these types of errors will get you thrown out immediately. Also, sending out resumes over and over isn’t really working in this economy. There are much better strategies that have been proven to work. Keep positive as you are!

      As for many of the 99ers, they are slacking. I know of one person who didn’t even start looking until she was around 85 weeks. Another is selling real estate full time under her husband’s license while collecting her unemployment checks. Unemployment insurance is necessary and good but it is not meant to be welfare. Two years of support is keeping some people (I am not saying all) in a state of welfare mentally, physically, and emotionally. That cannot be good for them or for us as a country.

    2. I too am well aware of the continued, endless, yet fruitless job search. I have for over a year now been out of work and constantly applying. I have a Masters degree and yet the few jobs I have interviewed for all turn me down, I seem to be over qualified and they want even consider me. Even after I have explained that I am more than willing to take a reduction from my past salary. Our glorious government is now going to take the last little income I have, why not I have lost everything else. I have lost my home and my car. I now drive an old car that all I can say is that it runs, and live in a small efficiency apartment, but that want be an option after a few weeks when my unemployment benefits run out. I receive just enough to pay my rent and by some groceries. Good news is I have already lost 75 pounds and I know soon I will lose much more being jobless, homeless and hungry. So before anyone starts trying to tell us that have been unemployed long term to check our resume or go attend a community college… I have done more in my 50 yrs than most can imagine and now I am literally at the end of my rope and there’s no hope in sight.

  9. I the bill that was just passed did not pass a tier 5, who in there right mind wants to collect unemployment, we the 99ers wants to work, so create jobs and how long will it take. If there’s not jobs how can we work, I have been looking since June 2008 nothing has come this way. What should the Americans do without any income, please lets work together and create some jobs or help us. People will be losing their homes I am sure it’s not a good feeling being homeless. Get it together if not its not going to look good for the future.

  10. Fantastic for the passing of the Unemployment Extended Benefits bill. However, this does not extend benefits for all of the unemployed. What is the Government going to do for their constituents, to extend the unemployment benefits for All of the millions unemployed? When is the Tier 5 extension going to be passed? As well as, how are all the unemployed going to feed their families, house their families? If the Government can find money to bail out the banks and Wall Street and send to foreign countries to help them. Then there is no excuse for any Government official not to ensure all of the unemployed have their benefits income in order to survive until the job market picks up. Not doing so is just as President Obama said, “It’s Criminal Politics!” Pass the Tier 5 and 6 or however many Tiers it takes of extensions until all American citizens get back to work. It’s time everyone starts flooding the White House, and their Senators and Congressmen with emails, mail, and phone calls daily and Demand Action Now!

  11. Bottom line is we must MARCH and we must be seen in Washingtom all 4 million of us 99ers . The waiting time is over it is time to have buses from every state invading Washington . What better do we have to do ? Sit home and send out resumes and go out and look for jobs to no avail .

  12. America can pay lots more to other countrys that need help, same goes for bank bailout, auto (s) Senate is paying for these two issues (LOTS MORE) than it would cost to help the unemployed (99ers)… If everyone only knew where a lot of your tax dollars go/how it was spent, you’d flip out…!!! Like last, read a news paper talking about a senator buying a 40ft Yacht cost, ($250,000) using tax payers monies…!!! Im just saying, there is a ton of money being spent that could be stopped or reduced.
    Why don’t the senate set up a food drive like in Haiti, don’t get me wrong, i feel bad for Haiti, but they eat very well in my opinion thanks to the senates votes supplying a LOT of money, more then what Bill 4213 passed cost tax payers, Bank & Auto Bailouts,,,*%#@!#^ I wont even go there… but some of the other senate payments approved make me sick when i read about the unemployed in the U.S going without basics when money is being spent on things that should be adjusted…
    If the House & Senate can’t get unemployment extended for the 99ers and everyone else till the economy picks up, (VERRY SOON TOO) Im going to get geared up for things to change from life as we live it know.
    Please Extended Unemployment for the 99ers…

  13. I had a friend …and he wrote …” The beat goes on ” …Mary …If you can see this …E-mail me…charlie…

  14. It seems the emotional appeal is not working. When I take this case to my Senator, I want to speak their language. One of the arguments against supporting the 99ers is that it adds to the deficit. Can anyone develop a cost/benefit analysis for helping the 99ers? Also, since they think the 99ers are lazy coach potatoes, it would also be helpful to show the rate of job shrinkage compared to the number of unemployed during the recession to date.

    If you can produce this data, pls. send to hope499ers@gmail.com

    Also, please go to LinkedIn and join the “Support the 99ers” group. And, please continue to flood Congress with letters and phone calls! Thank you and God Bless.


  15. In God’s name how can my own people turn there back’s on me now. I have worked hard and paid my tax’s willing my hole life. I was laid off in the beginning of this mass. But can’t seem to fined any work within my field. I’m a general supervisor of construction and the best at what I do. I have looked for work so much and so hard it sends me in to depression and anxiety, but I keep trying. In the past 2+ years there has been day and even week where I had little or nothing to eat. I have depleted all my clothes and shoes. I’m only holding on to my home by the skin of my teeth. Please Please do not stop my only means of survival now.

  16. they say if they pass tier 5 it will just keep us from looking for jobs are u f***ing kidding me these checks are barely enought to pay my damn bills and put food on tables. I cant wait for the crime rate and rioting to begin, then we will see what they do.

    1. I do understand were some of you are coming from, but the reason some people feel it is enabling some people because it is. I have two friends that have been on unemployment for about a year and half and they both keep saying they are just milking it for what it is worth and they will keep trying to get extensions until they can’t get anymore, so in all reality, they are not even looking for a job. Please do not ask me how they are able to survive off unemployment checks but the reality that all of you must face is that there many people like this out there that is messing it up for the ones who really need the extensions and who are seriously trying to look for work and cannot find it. Also some people are only willing to work certain jobs. If you are person who is really in need, then you should do whatever it takes and work where ever to provide for their family, even if it means working at McDonalds are Wal-Mart. Some people’s pride gets in the way and refuse to work those kinds of jobs. I wish all of you the best who truly are doing everything to look for work and hope the help will continue with you all, but the ones who are just lazy and beating the system do not deserve another extension on anything because they are only messing it up for the ones who need it.

  17. KM,
    Nice, condescending advice. You are assuming we don’t get advice, we don’t redo resumes, we have typos? Do you think we are idiots? Just because you know two or three lucky people who don’t have to look for work does not mean the other 1.5 million are doing the same. You are once again suggesting that not getting hired is OUR fault, not the fact that there are not enough jobs. I have two degrees and have been volunteering to make connections. I taught a resume writing course, and I can’t get a job. Trying to get hired when you are in your 50’s is impossible in a good economy. But comments like yours add insult to injury. I work just as hard now between volunteering, networking, writing dramatic cover letters, running to the post office when the applications cannot be done on line, etc, etc.. I am not sitting home in a state of “welfare.” Wow, this country has some preconceived image in their heads about the unemployed. That’s where the problem lies . . ..in ignorance.

    1. You’re right! The problem in this country is common sense is NOT common! You can’t take a few lazy ass people and say everyone is like that. Small minds create small minded comments!

    2. Ignorance, yes, theres plenty to go around; from the very rich to those that think they are. I’ve never seen so many compassionless people in my entire life. Ninety-eigth . five percent of the unemployed were not abusers of the system. Alot of them had been on their jobs for 20 or more years; they know nothing about the system or how to manipulate it to their advantage. The abusers of the system are the reason this country is broke; this has been going on for many years. This is why most of the programs are broke. The people who have worked hard their whole lives and paid their dues are having a hard time getting assistance. People have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. The only humane thing to do is an extension to the tier 5 for the millions of 99ers. What the h-ll is wrong with our “elected” officials; wake up and smeell the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. If you want to voice how you feel and what your going through go http://www.whitehouse.gov and the click on the contact us tab(in the upper right hand corner on the homepage)then a window will open up where you can express how you feel about Tier 5 or whatever. You will be directly speaking to the whitehouse and President Obama. They even provide a comment#, switchboard# and a fax#, If we really want to make a difference in this fight for a Tier 5 benefit level lets go directly to the source the President and you can also go to change.org and signup the petition for Teir 5.

  19. This person that are going to court this week to keep there apartment are in the same boat I am in oh well we can not meet for coffee because I don’t have any money. This is so sad to treat people this way that have been working all there life. I am with everyone that has been looking form work and believe me it’s nothing out here in New Jersey or New York. I have been sending out resumes and going door to door I have drop my standard way down and went into White Castle, Berger King, Wendy’s, Pop Eye Chicken, and all the other chicken places and all of them tell me the same thing we are not hiring. They take one look at me and right away they want someone younger. We have to keep on trying we can not give up the fight. I hate to say this but, the other day I was thinking about robbing a bank. I need help and I do not want to sleep in a shelter.

    1. We have been having a lot of bank robberies where I live lately and both have been by women. Sad!

    2. im with you on that bank robery thing, ive benn thinking about going back to my country wich is cuba, can you belive that im better of in a third world contry, i might steal a boat and scape from here because i dont even have money to get a ticket to go back, or i might go to imigration and tell them send me back or else!!!

  20. I am so piss right now while everyone out here can not afford a buy bottle of water 1st Lady Michelle Obama was opening a bottle of Champagne during a ceremony in Pascagoula Miss. I bet this was not a cheap bottle of Champagne and just think of the meal they had afterward. We are hunting and they do not care. I will remember all of them in November the discision I will be making will not be who to vote for it will be should I vote. The President need to do something I understand he walk into this mess but, it’s his mess now he has to do something and very soon.

    1. And we most likey paid for that bottle and ceremony. I thought things were supposed to get better with this administration?

  21. Check out ALL247NEWS.COM

    Update Tier 5 and the 99ers. Senator Schumer confirms Tier 5 Bill in the Works for 99ers.

    1. I hope you are right Carol, but, I don’t believe anything comming from Washington until I see the damn results! They play too many games!


  23. My husband is a 99er,he is also a disabled vet(but only rated 70% so not enough to support a family of 4)I can’t work and leave him with kids because of all the meds he is on for PTSD. So of course no one realy wants to hire him even if they could. At the urging of some doctors he filed for disabilty, this week we filed for food stamps. Both not something we wanted to do, but had to do. And the state jobs around here for work on the bridges and infrastructure, mostly hispanics employed. Not being racist…just real

  24. FYI for those in massachusetts on tier 4 im at about my 86 week soon to be a 99er and had their checks stopped July 7, 2010. I spoke with a UA person, stating I will get retro pay from July 7th, 2010 and I could get approved for 20 more weeks of extended benefits, Ive been unemployed since October 2008. (Sad)…..also UA person stated I do not have to wait for no letter, just keep doing my weekly teleclaim and they are going to test system this week and try to get checks going out the following week. Hope this info can help some one.

    Stay Motivated.

    1. Thanks for the info, I’m in limbo since late June trying to get tier 4 started. The last few weeks have been rough, and to not know anything other than “you will receive a letter” is ridiculous!!!
      I’ve been e-filing all along, so hopefully that will speed things up. I’m a month behind on my rent for the first time in my life, I’m 40 yrs. old.
      A tier 5 would be a godsend for me right now.
      I’ve worked in manufacturing my whole life, and finding a job is rough, one that pays enough to cover my bills.

  25. First of all let me tell all guys that are crying and screaming out there for handouts to go get a job !! If you all were starving so badly, you would do anything for work.—the problem with America today is you people are so fat and lazy and spoiled that the only jobs you want to search for are those that do not require any manual labor. Sitting on your fat arses typing into a computer !! Go to the able body labor pool and dig holes with the jigaboos like I had to do when my baby didn’t have any pampers or formula. This is why America is turning into a third world country like that smart guy MMoreno said. You guys see the coup d’etat that is happening. You idiots see how the government is turning into “the corporation” and you see how the new world order is coming to fruition but you choose to sit there and cry Boo Hoo–shut the hell up and get your guns and your canteens and all the ammo you got and meet me at the town hall—then let me see who the true Americans are. Prove me wrong that my beloved country didn’t turn into a giant, fat, homosexual haven. Prove me wrong that you schmucks are made of more than just Big Macs and Whoppers. In the meanwhile, shut the F-uk up and gets to digging with the niggiz.

    1. Here in massachusetts it has been alot of suicides, and robberies lately….sad so sad.

      Trying to stay motivated

    2. U SOB…Do u realize what an ignorant FUCK u sound like Richie C??????????????? I AM NOT FAT OR FUCKIN LAZY AND WAS LAID OFF DUE TP THE COMPANY DOWNFALL LAST YR! Jobs are not readily available like they used to be before the economy took a shit u ignorant ass fuck! I suppose if all of us where making our money FELCHING like you, we’d all have jobs too! Fuck u u homosexual fuck! I hope u lose everything u have and only be able to find jobs that pay LESS than unemployment pays u fuckin PIG! Rot in hell!

    3. Hey richie rich…Come play in my neiborhood. We can play hide and seek… FYI they will never find your stupid ass. I have plenty of friends to come visit me in jail. ASSHOLE

  26. Middle aged people can’t take manual jobs without hurting their backs or having a heart attack: that’s why they won’t let people become policeman or fireman once they’re 33.

    The professional people such as engineers and lawyers are considered “overqualified” for jobs paying less than $80,000/year. They won’t hire us for any lower paying job. Plus people on one income can’t survive working at Burger King: it’s not enough to pay the rent.

  27. cc: richie c. As a matter of fact i’m not overweight or underweight never asked for a handout before. i’m 54 a woman and have been working since i was 12 years old. my last place of employment for 25 years. i’m too old to be hired and to young to retire. we worked for unemployment this is not a handout; supposedly insurance for times like these. i’m not lazy and could probably work circles around you. keep your mouth shut unless you reason to complain.

  28. ***Attention 99ers****

    Keep reporting your unemployed status as long as you are seeking and available for full time work. Research suggests this information is included the official unemployment rates. All research suggests not doing so allows governmental officials and angry, exploited, underpaid, overworked employees to claim long-term unemployed people are all lazy or too discouraged to continue looking. If the long-term unemployed are not counted, the illusion of improvement exists and needs get ignored.

  29. im going to go back to cuba this country is fucked theres no jobs even at mcdonalds, im a highly qualified medical student and i cant even get a job fliping burgers is a shame it really is.

  30. So the Republicans are now fiscal conservatives and want the tier five paid for do they? Alright, here’s an idea. Why not end the Iraq and Afgan wars? Do you realize how much money that would save? It’s not like we really need to be there. Yes I’m patriotic, six years in the army during Vietnam, but the money is needed by our people now. If the Republicans need to have a war let’s put that money towards the Economic War and marshal our resources to help house and feed Americans. I am all for defending this country from terrorism but what we have done so far has clearly not worked.

  31. The 99’ers are us older people that have been forced out of our jobs so those company can hire at lower pay scale to raise their bonus at end of the year,so we must bond together and fight, let vote those so called leaders OUT this next election.

    1. Does it bother anyone besides those suffering. I’m a 99er , do they think we’ll just go away. I’m in my 50’s no one seems very interested in hiring me.America just shits all over you, after working and paying taxes all my life and defending this country ,I deserve better than this!!!!!!!!!!!

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