99ers Rally to Call for Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

Unemployment Extension: 99ers Rally to Call for Tier 5 Unemployment Extension – In an effort to catch the attention of the Congress to pass a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill, the 99ers, those unemployed individuals who have exhausted all the available tiers of unemployment insurance benefits, will be having a rally today, Thursday, August 12, 2010.

Dubbed as “Keep the American Dream Alive Tier Five!”, the 99ers rally for a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill will be held at the Federal Hall, 26 Wall St., New York City from 12pm to 1pm. Organizers are hoping their best to call the attention of the Congress to urgently pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension of benefits. Ed Scultz and other media will be covering it.

Currently, the Congress is in recess and will reconvene on September 13. There are actually two Tier 5 unemployment extension bills being proposed in the Congress. One is from the Senate which is from Senator Debbie Stabenow of Michigan which is known as the Americans Want to Work Act or S.3706. The said bill would provide 20 additional weeks of unemployment insurance for individuals in states with unemployment rates of above 7.5%. In addition, the bill also includes a one-year extension of two tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed workers.

Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives, there is another Tier 5 unemployment extension bill proposed by Rep. Shelley Berkley from Nevada. Her version would add an additional 20 weeks of unemployment benefits but only for those states with unemployment rates of 10 percent or higher.

We hope that the rally today by the 99ers will catch the attention of more of our politicians in the Congress. Tier 5 unemployment extension bill is urgently needed. Hopefully, the Congress would prioritize it over other pending bills when they reconvene on September 13.

If you are a 99er and you are living near the venue in New York City, participate and let your voice be heard.

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  1. A Tier 5 should enclosed those states under 10%. There are alot of people living in states under 10% who have no benefits. Don’t leave these citizens out.

    1. the 10% is wrong we all know it! They just want to keep screwing with us. College grads are not counted, most 99ers that can no longer claim are not counted, and high school grads are not counted. These people need to quit acting like one state or person deserves more than the other!!! It all sucks everywhere!!! NO JOBS!!!!

  2. One more comment, this is what we need to do in this Country. Open our mouths, make some noise. Protest on Wall Street, march on Washington. Be seen and heard. It’s what our parents and grandparents did when needed. For job growth, improve benefits, working conditions, better management.

    1. Dear J. Jones,
      I’m all for it if you can advance me to money to get there and still have a roof when I get back.

  3. Hello my name is Sekenus Boneparte me and millions of other americans are pleading for a tier 5 to avoid homelessness and to feed our family.

  4. i have been out of work for 2 years now…it is a sad sad time…over qualified because i have exp and am 44…two kids in grammar school…never ever thought i would be in this possition…praying for something,,…yet they go home at night lay their heads on there pillows worry free…wonder if they ever had to say ‘”no” to their kids for something as simple as mc donalds…..

  5. There are a handful of states whose unemployment is above 10%. Some people live in nearby states (such as Missouri) which fall below that 10% only by .8% yet they are actually competing for the same jobs. Why would these people be left out?

    Also, many people have dropped off the unemployment rolls after their benefits ran out. This gives the perception that unemployment is lower when, in fact, it is much higher. The gov’t knows the true unemployment figure is much higher than stated in these unemployment reports.

    The senate plan is much more realistic than the house version.

  6. Are any of you aware that the senate is in session??? After they adjorned for an August recess, (till September 13th) they came back in to session today, to pass a couple pieces of legislation 1)Border Security and 2)A Resolution Honering the Memory of FORMER Senator Ted Stevens. In the meantime we are supposed to wait months for them to decide if they will grace us with a Tier 5 Extension. I can see where their priorties lie, and it is not with the unemployed!

    1. They are just doing this crap to make the president and the democrats look bad. I know that the 5 democrats that are backing the introduction to this tier 5 would pass it in a heartbeat for us all if they could while back in session. I blame it all on the republican party just trying to make our president look like he is failing us! While all along its their (Nay) votes that have held up every extension. Its sickening!!! No child that is hungry should be left out of this tier 5 because their state has a lower population! Lets see what happens in november and then we might get 5,6,and 7. Pray to God Sharon Angle does not get in office and try to take away social security! OMG the nerve of these republican idiots that just do not give a crap about the American middle class anymore! We all owe it to our fellow middle class Americans to get out and vote in november! Keep names on who votes no, then vote them out in your state! Life may change for many of us for the worse if we dont help the democrats gain some more seats. They are trying to help the unemployed, And they are the only ones (no republicans) submitted any extension bills for the unemployed, that I know of except for George Bush right before election time to help his party look like they were helping. He should have anyway, he put us in this mess with his Administration!! At least the democrats care enough to present the bills to try to pass them for us!!! Thank God for the democrats!!!!!!!

  7. Yes, by all means, organize and march. But, also, just as important, come November, vote out every incumbent, regardless of party, who decided it was more important to go on recess than address the urgent needs of their constituents.

    They did this — introduced two bills which should have been _passed_ months ago –because they think we are dumb enough to vote them back into office anyway.

    Let them know, come November, we were not born yesterday.

  8. why is this not surprising the fu– ass arogant congress body taking a vacation when we mostly needed them,how many vacations have these idiots taken,10 ive counted keep youre bullshit up congress i have a list waiting for november assholes


  9. is the 10 percent some kind of a sick joke? what is she talking about. thoses states are few most are 8 percent and above what land is she in? HELLO ANYBODY HOME? WERE ARE THE JOBS!

  10. Our Labor Dept has been stating for months there are 14 million unemployed yet initial WEEKLY UI benefit claims are stated to be at least 450,000 per week. Can someone please enlighten me on this? Wouldn’t that mean there are close to 2 million initial UI claims per month? Also, is it stuck at 14 million because those exhausting their benefits are no longer counted in the 14 million? I’m no genius but there is something very conveniently inaccurate happening which is allowing our elected officials to sleep too well at night.

    All unemployed thru no fault of their own need to be helped!!! Not just states with 10% or higher. I’m so disgusted with those we have elected who are fighting Tier 5. We must must must vote them out and I do believe we’re accumulating the numbers to make a difference in November.

  11. 10% or higher(?)!!Represenative Berkley is completely out of touch with the plight of the 99ers!! What an idiot!! Of course, Wahington is full of idiots who are completely out of touch with the average person. Maybe they think if they jerk us around enough we’ll just go away, or die. Sadly, some people have taken their life because they were so desparate for a way out of this mess and they lost hope in Washington to come thru for them. Tragic.

  12. My benefits ran out 3 weeks ago. Creditors are calling every half hour. I keep filling for benefits even though I have ran out. I do this because if you stop filling it looks like you found a job and the statistics go down in your state. Everyone should keep filling so the REAL unemployment statistics are right.

  13. True unemployment is around 20% and then if you mix in the underemployed try around 25%
    Lets see the group of unemployed nicknamed the 99ers have are growing at the rate of between 50,000 and 75,000/ week since July and by the end of the year will total 1.3 million minimum if counting since July, but wait that does not include the first six months of 2010 so therefore add about 1.2 million more people. That’s a total of 2.5 million people at the minimum . So wake up Congress, Mr. Obama and smell the coffee the 99ers are a group of people that as a whole will not go away. We will grow larger and we will not be ignored ! We will be a force that cannot be taken for granted come November !

  14. I live in Mississippi at over 10% unemployment. I am 57 and been out of work about 2 years. I worked since I was 18 and still want to continue to work, but can’t find a job.
    The only thing that is keeping me going now is unemployment insurance that is just about to run out, then I will become a 99er. I just hope and pray that if I
    don’t land a job soon, they will pass a tier 5 bill. I have a son who just
    started college and I presently can hardly support myself. Thank God that he is just blessed with good grades where he can get help with scholarship. All 99ers need help.

  15. Perhaps the “unemployed” should stop their frantic job search for just a moment to consider where jobs come from. The very entitlement attitude that is being shown by “99ers” is what has over time caused the financial mess that we are currently in and keeps new jobs from being created because it causes such a burden on those that create the jobs (I am not talking about the govt.).

    These may sound like harsh words but they are true and if the masses do not start taking more personal responsibility for themselves the entire system will collapse under so much dead weight.

    Stop looking for a handout and let your hunger drive you to produce something that is needed. This is basic economics.

    1. In no way shape or form do we have an attitude of entitlement!
      There are no Jobs out there !
      Most of us have been applying to two or three jobs a day for two years+.
      Workforce/Careerlink/ DOL requires one to apply companies within a 90 to 120 miles radius of your region

      Weeks 0 – 26
      any position that matches your previous job description

      Weeks 27 – 60
      any position that matches weeks 0 – 26 and positions that match university/college/ degrees or training back ground

      Weeks 61- 99
      Same as Weeks 27 – 60 plus anything a person can be trained to do with in a matter of 3 months regardless if the unemployed has a background in the field or not.

      So long as the positions pays at least 80% of the pervious wage
      Last week I had a preliminary group interview and the participants were informed that for every position at the company there are about 300 applicants, but only 60 percent get put into a pile for consideration of getting asked to the preliminary. Of those that get invited to the 1st stage only 45 to 50% pass. The company has been conducting interviews since Jan 2010

      Then you have companies like SONY that refuse to consider the unemployed regardless of how long they have been unemployed or qualified the person is

    2. I can see how you can be this ignorant when you are not in the same position! Just take a moment to reflect and put yourself in my position! I worked my way up for years in the company I worked for as admin to leasing agent and in the prime of the recession I was laid off! Every day since then for the past two years I send out at least ten resumes, sometimes even more! I sat down with books from the libruary on how to make a great resume and my old manager and made a great resume for myself. I have years of customer service and sales experience as well as a current student! I have a 5yr old daughter and a single parent! Out of those two years I got called to about 6 interviews!!! SIX!! and then nothing even though I follow up with thank you letters and invested in a great suit! I am bilingual and work well with excel, power point and many other computer programs! and no job still! What do you expect from me? WHAT? I have now exhausted my benefits and am about to lose my truck I have tried to pay off for the last 5yrs when im 3mo away from payin it off! I don’t know how I am going to pay this mo and the following rents! Your asshole words are not helping so do us a favor and open your mind to the real situation here!!

  16. The 10% level being proposed is ridiculous! Those that have dropped off the unemployment rolls aka the 99ers are not counted once they lose their benefits! They need to count them, as well- unemployment should have to provide the numbers of everyone that ran out of their benefits at the 99 week level, to show the true numbers! McDermott, who is a Senator from my state- Washington, is sponsoring the 10% or higher bill, and it will leave out his own state- we are at 9.5% according to the numbers they track, not the true numbers. I wrote to him yesterday telling him that. I even suggested that people would be willing to do community service volunteer work for those unemployment checks if an extension was provided, I know I would be willing to! I’ll “earn” that money by doing volunteer work. I just want to work and get some income to pay the basics before I am to homeless. I will lose my car, so I won’t even be able to live in that. I have two checks left, no savings left, live alone, and no family to help. Most of my friends are in the same predicament- unemployed and over 40- we are in a lose, lose, lose situation. We should start finding out where these lawmakers live and start setting up tents on their lawns to show them how many of us there are, that are smart, hardworking Americans that just want to work, and aren’t the drug addicts just living off the system- yeah, right, we make so much off those unemployment checks we can just live it up- by living it up I mean paying bare minimum basic living expenses. My idea of a vacation for the last couple of years is to send hundreds upon hundreds of resumes out and stress about how I am going to live. I can’t afford the money to do anything fun- even if it’s free, it’s costs gas to get there, and that has to be saved for any job interviews that I may get called for. Those have been a joke, as well- I have had two in two years, I felt they went very, very well (I have a Human Resources background) but never heard back. I am used to having headhunters try to steal me from my employers my entire working life, now those same people won’t even talk to me, they say companies are being very picky and specify no one that’s been out of work for any length of time is not acceptable. temp agencies won’t even let me come in! There just seems to be no hope left. I will not live on the streets, so I don’t see how I will survive this. I am 49 years old and feel like I am at the end of my life, unless we get a kickstart from our government to help us feel like we count again!

    1. I’m in the same boat, same age as well,my wife’s medical exp is helping me to survive.
      Did you think about going into the medical field, there are jobs in it.
      Or just to get something coming into the coffers, going business to business offering to office clean, buy the supplies from 99cent store.
      As hard as it is to do try to keep a positive mind because stress mode is tough on the body. Don’t let temp agencies or anybody stand in your way.

  17. Do you want to no just how much money and free vacations our Congress makes?

    Staff Salaries
    LegiStorm remains the exclusive online home of congressional staff salaries. This is the only spot on the web where you can find out who’s making the big money on Capitol Hill and who’s toiling for peanuts.


  18. Why pass a bill for teachers, firefighter, policemen or other public sector jobs. Allow course of action to determine if state budget cuts are needed since all states are broke. If relevant, cut jobs and see if “get a real job” would prevail. WE fund these position as taxpayers and WE fund the politicians position as taxpayers. —Under/Unemployed Tax Accountant.

  19. Extending unemployment insurance benefits to the “Tier 5” unemployed is essential.
    As we spend every moment searching for a job, a loss of Tier 5 UI assistance is forcing us into losing every asset that has enabled us to afford food, gas to drive our cars to job interviews, losing our homes and destroying the lives of hard working American’s who are trying to cope with unbelievable personal and financial losses.
    Please keep this issue “front and center” until these careless politicians grasp the level of financial desperation into which we are being dumped.Extend Tier 5 UI coverage to the “99ers” who have given so much to their country and their former employers.

  20. Now, where did a new bill in the house, come from? Lets see, maby by fax, is this going to be a shoot out, or can we gust say, take it outside, boys! People we are in a good time, right now, time to say hey man–what about me, sorry to all that have lost all tiers, but where did this new bill come from?? I am reading this post again, to see the sucker up-er, two bill’s by a different congress, oh ya better than tv, go for the guggy vein, then when the suits come marching back to dc, they say no, sound like a who shot jr, tv show, my brothers and sisters, i cant pull a wrabbit, out of my hat, but the next 2 months will be the show–cspan– will have more than all these cheese dick, news programs, la tee da, step in obamma, he will have to do something, im sure its in the works, la tee da again

  21. I think if jerry springer, and a black woman, hell throw in bill gates, problem solved, more bang for you tv buck, they have lots of chairs, empty in the senate, throw a few around, then see the poll’s,

  22. Folks here is the link to the new organization who held the Rally August 12 in New York City. UWAG, Unemployed Workers Action Group. Here is the link to their website: http://www.UnemployedWorkersActionGroup.com

    Join them it is Free. They plan on possible having more Rallies like this one in other states.

    And if you need a ride to a Rally here is a great website to check out. It lists van pools and ride shares in every state.

    Find a regional or national ride share, van pool, or carpool resource on the ride share directory.

    Take Action To Create Change!
    Creating One Voice For 15 Million Unemployed Workers
    – One Member At A Time

  23. MURDERERS!!!! This shouldnt even be a fight for survival. This extionsion should have been for everyone. Just another perfect example of sellfishness on the governments part. They are lergally murdering people and should be held responsible for anyone who is pushed into a corner and does the unthinkable. When do we take back what is ours in the first place? WHO DO THEY REALLY THINK WE ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS THAT WE CANT FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY ARE REALLY DOING? HOW CAN YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON BABIES WITH NO PLACE TO LIVE? THAT IS INHUMANE. AND THEY CAN LIVE WITH THEMSELFS. MUST BE NICE NOT TO HAVE A CONSIENCE. Did anyone bring children to this rally? The government needs to get a look at the faces of the babies that they are starving to death.

  24. Just like I stated on another website………………

    You folks should have saved your money and you would not be in this position. How many of YOU 99ers shopped at thrift stores, dented can stores, day old bread stores, drove a 25 year old car, and never ran the A/C before this recession problem????? Until 2 years ago, I grossed over 150K a year with the wife’s income. My family of 5 lived on just under 30K a year in Upland, Ca. I OWN my home (worth over 600K) and my 25 year old car. My children (3) are all 4.0 students and have earned their way into Ivy league colleges on scholarships. I have managed to save over 1.8 million dollars and because I am a frugal investor, I am now worth over 4.3 million. YES, I did loose close to 1Mil, BUT, I still have over 4 million dollars. 95% of my friends lived well beyond their means and are now broke. IT IS ALL THEIR FAULT!!! One must learn to SAVE 30% of their income at minimum. If all of the country had done so and not bought new cars, boats, shopped at whole foods market, purchased clothing at Sax, take vacations, you would be in the same position as me. And BTW, I am DEBT FREE!!!! I am now purchasing homes in Riverside County, Ca for 25% of what they were 2-3 years ago. I will then rent them for at least 1300 per month (this is on the low side). SO, after I purchase 7 of these homes for appx 140K each, I will collect 91K per year in rent. After investing just over 1Million dollars, this will give me a return of over 9% for doing nothing but investing my hard earned money!!! If many of you had lived like I have, you could be doing the same thing. ALSO, after my 26 weeks of UI, I turned down any more payments as I paid into the system for only that 26 weeks. I don’t take what I have not earned.

    Something you 99ers are not thinking of, the MAIN reason tier 5 will NEVER happen is according to my math, there are appx 1.3 million people who qualify for the 99ers situation. IF a tier 5 bill is passed, the unemployment rate will go up no less than .7%. This TODAY would have unemployment at over 10% and the election of our Dems would NEVER happen. This is probably a great thing so I hope you get your extension. Then the GOP will take over and get the economy going again with tax cuts for people like me, so I will invest my hard saved money to help business grow and I will benefit with more money in my pocket!!!

    Please do not misunderstand me. I am VERY good at what I do and I have not been able to find employment for over 2 years. I have had 5 interviews out of state which the prospective employer paid for and I am still unemployed. My gripe is that people need to be more frugal with their income and quit trying to purchase things you can’t afford. For example, if you go on daily walks, bring a bag so you can pick up any cans or bottles you might see. Look for lost change and other valuable items on the sidewalk and street. I will bet I have picked up over 1K in the last 10 years on my walks. It also makes you neighborhood nicer to live in.

    Just something to think about…………

      Yes, the exaggerated importance that a rich person may attach to his material wealth is simply a figment of his imagination. Actually, riches can contribute to one’s ruin. Have you noted, for example, that the wealthy are commonly the target of criminals? Often reports are heard of their being kidnapped, held for ransom, and sometimes murdered. Or this occurs to loved ones of theirs, ruining the family circle.
      Riches also contribute to calamity in other ways. It has become common for the children of the wealthy to reject their parents’ materialistic way of life. They may even reject their parents, resulting in untold family sorrow.
      But more serious yet is the effect that riches can have upon a person’s relationship with God. While perhaps not rejecting belief in God, they tend to relegate Him to a secondary place in their lives. Really, they trust in themselves more than they trust in God. Such an attitude leads to eventual ruin, even as Jesus Christ showed in his illustration about the rich man who was overly occupied with satisfying his own desires.—Luke 12:16-21; Prov. 11:28.

    2. to: just a cheap guy
      Guess what, KI had enough saved to cover 18 months of expenses, thats been gone for 5 months now. I send resumes out everyday, have had 1, I repeat 1 live interview in 13 months. Is little puks like you that do not help anyone at all. Karma is going to strip all your wordly possession away. You obviously never Served in any military branch like millions before you, you coward. May you CHOKE on the next bite of food. Dare ya to post your town and address…we can come visit you and live off your efforts

  25. “These Are Federal Emergency Issues Contact Your Congress & The President Now So They Have To Work Through Aug Break!!!”
    Enough is enough! Legal U.S citizens unite! Help take the steps to save our country take our jobs back and stop this illegal immigrant invasion. Support our cause before illegal immigrant criminals have more rights than us. This is our last stand! If other online articles report unemployment is around 20% and there are 310 million in the U.S census reports. Then there is as many as 62 million people in the U.S that are unemployed & are able to work fulltime. Do we have to reach 150 million unemployed before we take action? Also we must take steps to lower local city and state councilmen salaries too they are all robbing & hurting the people they serve. So please read and sign this online petition. “Petition to Reduce the Wages of Congress Men and Women from $174,000 per year to $50,000 per year at “change.org’. ” Link is below!


    Pass it on!

  26. The sad thing is, I didn’t meet the extension because I only received 20-weeks of my original claim then was bounced from the state fund to the federal fund 3 separate times causing me to go in that tier 5. The state told me that each transcript I received indicated a bump in a new tier; funny I only received 2! But they should be held responsible when they don’t inform or educate us on this. The representative told me she knows the system is screwed up but nothing they can do. I’m screwed and have been out of work for over 2-years with no luck placing at entry level being a former Sr. level exec. I was clouded by the excitement of it being passed that I forecasted my expenses counting on this…I’ll be the next statistic on foreclosure and bankruptcy! I’ve held out as long as I can.

    Really upsets me that we’ll bail banks, car companies and foreign banks; France with the most recent extension out before our Government will save/bail the folks out who drive the economy in our country…the American citizens.

    1. I am in the same boat…I worked for 20 years and only received 5 months benefits. Then when that was expended I was hoping I was up for the extension only to be told they threw me on a new tier and this will not help me ONE BIT with my bills, and home. I only have a part-time job, that pay goes mostly for gas to get to the job. If I make more that $76 a week I don’t get any bebefits paid to me, but if I make under, which is impossible, I only qualify for $55 a week. And that will not pay my bills. This “new tier” goes against my new part time job which I have only work for at for not even a year, they are giving me 12 months of benefits on it, which does not make sense! Why didn’t i get a year from my 20 year job??? Unfair!!

  27. How can our leaders go on vacation knowing there are families not eating and losing their homes due to being unenployed. Remember those names when November rolls around!!


  29. Are you kidding me? 10 % and higher .. im in pa. where its 9.5 and your telling me im getting the shaft again?…. .. F*u*c*k this s*h*i*t .

    1. fed up if you scroll up to the top of the page you will see that there are 2 bills for tier 5. I live in Arizona where we are at 9.6 unemployment rate and yes that would be devastating to not include the states with 7.5 percent and higher.

  30. Now they want to give states at 10% or higher the tier 5. These morons are playing head games once again! Their are 18 states with unemployment rate at 7.5% or higher that desperately need this new tier as well. There still are no jobs in these states so why punish these people known as Americans! Our Polititions have no problems protecting the rich and helping other country’s in need but when it comes to us tax paying americans who would rather have a job they would rather SHUN us! We will remember everyone of you polititions who ignored our time of desperation when November rolls aropund, you can count on it!

  31. Here is what we need to tell every blogger and media outlet!

    Harry Reid sent the Senate home till 9-13-10 without a 99er bill or the Small Business bill. Help remove Reid as leader of the Senate. Then he brings them back for a $600 million bill for border protection, which was a campaign issue in his state. His campaign is his high priority not the families that are going without.

    If you are a 99er or someone that has lost your benefits due to the Senate sitting on their hands. You can’t just blame the GOP. Yes they have blocked everything but there is a way to stop them blocking those issues. Senator Stabenow has a new bill for the 99ers but says she won’t offer it until after they go on break. That is what I am talking about, vacation is more important. Pelosi is calling the house back to pass a small jobs bill. This is for State workers (teachers, police and fireman). So Pelosi is showing toughness but Reid wants his vacation. By Reid coming back for the border bill proves if he would have done that for those two very important bills they would have passed.

    To make them (GOP) pass a benefit package for the 99ers and anyone that has lost their benefits the Democrats could have forced them to not go home until it is done. They also blocked a Small Lending bill for small business from community banks, this was a lending bill to create jobs and didn’t add a dime to the deficit. So that needs passed before one of them goes for over a month vacation. So when I say it just isn’t the GOP it is Harry Reid! He hasn’t shown to be tough. If he thought it is more important for those that have lost than those that have allot then he wouldn’t have gone on vacation.

    So flood Harry Reids phone lines and fax machines until he gets the message. If you don’t help then you have no right to complain. Here are the contact numbers:

    Washington: Phone # 1-202-224-3542 Fax# 1-202 – 224-7327

    Las Vegas: Phone # 1-702-388-5020 Fax# 1-702-388-5030

    Carson City: Phone# 1-775-883-7343 Fax# 1-775-883-1980

    Reno: Phone# 1-775-686-5770 Fax# 1-775-686-5757

    Do not call if you do not have a calling plan that lets you call anywhere in the US without being charged for long distance. Use that money for your family. The rest of us have no excuse to complain then do nothing. Reid did go on vacation without fixing these issues so flood those state lines more. By the way I am not a 99er but believe they paid their taxes and they help build our country and helped pay for those in Washingtons easy lifestyles , now they need our help, you might be in the same situation they are in today.

  32. It’s pathetic and embarrassing that our very own have us in a position such as this. Their priorities lie in November’s election. Many of the unemployed may not have made it to NY, but they can make it happen in their own cities. Hang flyers, organize and rally.

    And Vote ‘Em Out in November!


  33. Are the politicans kidding giving a tier 5 for states over 10 percent. With so many people that are no longer counted because that have lost there unemployment, this number is unreal. The people will have their voices heard in the voting booths this November. Please help us with tier 5 without all the negatives…………………

  34. Most Americans are to fat,lazy and ugly to work..Lets face it,there are farmers in our rural areas who need help picking their crops.So to the unemployed,get off your butts and get to work…You are right,most Americans don’t care weather you are educated or not.Its all about you useless work ethic…If you get dumped from a job then go entry level,even if stoop labor is involved…You are not special.Take the jobs back from the illeagals,that’s who you compete with now…If you want to be a bum then get a tent and migrate with the weather..Just don’t pollute our public places cause we don’t want to see you…God bless America…..

  35. What most people don’t seem to realize is that a large percentage of the 99ers are older people whom have worked 20, 30 and 40+ years and paid into the system and now, no employer wants them. We’re too old for Welfare (no young children still at home) and too young for Social Security. We’ve worked our entire life, applied for every job we saw (even if lousy pay) and we are just tossed aside like wilted lettuce. What are we supposed to do, just go away and die? It seems like that is what everyone wants.

  36. To DWW:

    I’m sorry, didn’t mean to make it sound any certain way. I understand, my fianances are also very tight right now. I understand that. But, people in the country really should open there mouths more. That’s part of the reason this country is in the mess it’s in. That’s my opinion.

  37. Correction from my previous comment. My finances are also tight right now. I understand that and didn’t mean to offend anyone. I’m in the same boat. But people can also open their mouths, voice their opinions in other ways.

  38. My finances are also very “tight” right now. My mind is going faster than my fingers. Sorry, this is what this situation does to the mind. I have so much going on right now. I don’t see how people can say people like us want to stay unemployed, aren’t looking for a job. It’s the worse situation to be in. I’m single, self-supporting, have a home, bills. All I want to do is work.

  39. Hello,

    I am looking for a 99er in the Washington DC area to partner with me. I own a small consulting business engaged in reducing operating expenses for companies. I am looking for a sales person who will help me grow my business. I am great with numbers and cutting expenses for business, but I am terrible at sales. If you are interested, please send me an email to jcunningham@alliancecost.com.

    Jo Cunningham
    Arlington, Virginia

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