99ers Need To Stand By as Senate Will Be in Recess

Unemployment Extension: 99ers Need To Stand By as Senate Will Be in Recess – 99ers, the unemployed individuals whose unemployment benefits are not included in the recently signed HR 4213 unemployment extension bill, are on waiting list as the Senate goes on recess for more than 1 month from August 9 to September 12 as indicated in their calendar here.

Are the 99ers’ demand for Tier 5 just falling on deaf ears of the Senate? What does this mean for the 99ers? This just means guaranteed more days of suffering. More days of no electricity, and even no food and no shelter for some. More days of having hard time to get a job because aside from the fact that most states are being plagued by high unemployment rates, the lack of funds to use for transportation and in paying phone bills for potential interviews contribute to the situation.

While this may just be a recession for some, this is definitely a depression for all 99ers. How can the Congress managed to be in recess without passing any unemployment extension bill for these 99ers?

We’ve been reading all your comments here and it’s really depressing. This shouldn’t be an issue of politics. This should be an issue of survival. We are not talking here of just ‘numbers’ representing the budget deficit that the government may incur in passing this bill but numbers of actual and real people whose lives may go astray if this bill is not passed.

So far, two Senators have expressed their support in passing a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill for the 99ers. Those are Senators Chuck Schumer from New York and Debbie Stabenow from Michigan. We are in union with the 99ers in pressing the Congress to pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension of benefits.

Below is a testimony that as unemployment extension run out for 99ers, social services agencies begin to take children. We hope that someone from the Congress, especially the Republicans, would be able to watch this video.


31 thoughts on “99ers Need To Stand By as Senate Will Be in Recess

  1. With the Economy not expected to improve until 2012 at the earliest ! and perhaps 2016 at the latest, the unemployed need a Tier 5 NOW ! Not in November or when ever Congress gets off their butts.

    1. Yes this going to become national tragedy. The unemployment numbers are complete utter non-sense. If you count those that have fallen off unemployment and those that did not qualify in the first place (1099 workers or workers that didn’t qualify quarterly) the numbers would be around 30-40%. These are the numbers that they don’t want Wall Street to know since it would cause widespread panic and sell-off. That is the true numbers but they hide them like the plague. The other skewed number is that I keep hearing the politicians saying that there is only 1 job for every 5 applicants. What a joke! I’m sure all of you know that is complete non-sense also. I recently finally got a call back from a potential employer that I had found online. He told me he had run the ad that morning at 8:00 am and by 11:30 am he had received 213 resumes. He stated that because of that he picked me out of the first 20 for an interview. That is the true numbers. I have 3 more checks left on my fourth tier. After that I don’t know what I will do. I know if I’m still around in November I will vote out as many crooked heartless politicians as I can. I am not holding my breath for tier 5 for I know that it will not pass. Just get ready!
      What happens when 20+ million unemployed people and tens of millions who receive some form of government assistance each month suddenly receive no money? How safe will America be? How angry will people become? Can you imagine long lines of people standing outside Walmart begging for food? Can you imagine being robbed at gun point for groceries as you exit a food store? Can you imagine gangs holding “gated communities” hostage within their gates until their financial demands are met? Can you image hospitals and doctors offices closed because there is no insurance and people cannot pay actual costs? When the government tells a huge number of people they will no longer receive government assistance, what choices will they have for survival? Consider Greece again (even though there has been a temporary respite for Greece by the European Union, the drama is not over – keep an eye on it).

    2. I am a 99er, unfortunately. Actually, I live in Colorado so I received 13 less weeks in all. I have been without unemployment insurance since mid February. Since I was laid off my husband and I have lost our home and are now renting a house. We have also had to sell one of our two vehicles. We are a family of five, my husband works 40 miles from our home. Now, when he is at work I have no transportation for my family. If I have to pick a child up from school or have an emergency I have no way to get anywhere. Needless to say, this is heartbreaking. I am forty years old and have worked very hard for my family. To see all of it disappearing…well, it’s devastating. The worst part is that things are not getting better at this point. I am desperate for a job. I want nothing more than to work and I pray every day and every night for that. I do not expect anyone to take care of me. I have worked since I was fourteen years old. The issue is, what do those of us who desperately want to work do if we cannot find a job? Most of us have worked very hard to have a nice home and live a decent life and now the basics are not even attainable. We are losing the things we have worked so hard for and we can’t do anything to change it. Working is the only answer and we can’t find jobs. I worked as a clinic manager and am now applying at Costco and Starbucks and Pier One and can’t even get an interview. I’m terrified of the future. We are days away from losing what we have left and it’s unfortunate that Congress would leave knowing that there are many families just like mine who cannot wait another day, much less another month or more. Please help. Someone please help.

    3. this is just plan mean. i bet if passing the teir5 bill brought some kind of funds to the republican party teir5 wont be an issue.its time for all of us to take notice on who we vote for. people in this country seem to vote for the most hart less person, and then when it comes time for them to recive some help they cry foul. so let this be a lesson for all of us 99ers. we need to demand any elected offical that except funds for reelection or any other reason should be removed from office. you see the point im trying to make is that this is our country that they are getting rich on our sweat and blood. its time we let them no.

  2. The Damn Republicans are behind this obtruction along with the likes of turncoat Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska.He is only concerned for Ben Nelson.Something should be done about this injustice.The country club attitude on capital hill will continue with their cavalier attitude as long as we keep electing so many of these cronies for the wealthy self interest groups.Thankfully we have some Democrats on our side such as Senator Schumer and Stabenow.However,if the Rebublicans make any real gains come this November you can kiss any hopes of a tier 5 goodbye.They(Republicans) will be only concerned for thier rich buddies.As far as Ben Nelson,he is Democrat by name only!

  3. Recess again come on people this country is crumbling and you take off for recess. 99ers need this now not 2 months from now. Do something.

  4. It’s not only the republicans; there are only 2 democratic senators that are speaking up; and the rest are hiding; so when November comes and they cry that they need our support, we won’t hide, we just won’t vote for them. Keep a record of those that are refusing to speak out on our behalfs, and on election days don’t vote for them, vote for whoever is running against them.

  5. I will be come what you guys call a “99er” in one week. A single mom, have gone back to college, have looked for a job consistently for almost 2 years, yes EVERYDAY. I am so tired of hearing that we are just being lazy. I would have to say most people don’t find struggling to pay there bills a fun thing to do. Every time I have gone to an interview, they have had 1500+ for 1 position. I have been told I am overqualified, do not have a degree (hence returning to college) and what it comes down to is employers are hiring people who will take the least amount of money, yes even minimum wage, and why wouldn’t they? I have applied in Washington State and Oregon, I am highly skilled, was laid off after 13 years at the same job and have never not worked since I was 16, up until I was 38..yes almost 2 years ago. I am trying my hardest and am getting no where, and can’t believe that our government is turning their backs on those who need help the most. Yes go ahead and fund the war, and the banks, etc etc, complete political manipulation…shame on all of you..hey maybe you should throw in a raise for yourselves and take a vacation for a month, while we try and figure out how the hell to pay our mortgages and the rest of our bills…no worries government….thanks for the help…thanks for watching us all sink! At this point even though it’s easy to point fingers…yes republicans, I am now questioning the democrats as well…or our entire government…how can you guys sleep at night? Shame on our government for looking the other way and sending money to other countries, or bailing out the banks and big businesses….maybe you should all take a cut in pay and get paid what unemployment pays and see if you guys could survive for 2 years. Yeah, that’s what I thought! I will remember in November, as will millions! No recess until tier 5 or some type of assistance is created for the “99er’s.” Even if you help those who are proven to help themselves (going back to college!!!!) do drug testing, whatever it takes. I don’t want to lose my house, amongst other things, I don’t know what to do at this point. HELP US!

    1. Being these, ahh… I can’t think of a name for them, care so much about the banks, if your mortgage is at all upside down, quit paying it! At least put it at the bottom of the list of what to pay with what little money you have available. That is the best way to get back at them between now and election time. Good luck and may God Bless.

  6. It’s not republicans or democrats,, its the damn policatal system, they are all in it together, one congress mans office said yesterday, they are just tired of trying to get the votes, what do we pay them for. and how many weeks vacation do they get,, some have only been there 2 yrs but get months off.. come on,, replace all dems and repub’s this nov,, we need 100 new faces,, vote out the local, state and federal postions in your area,, its all corrupt…..Even the CHANGE president could do a executive order to make this happen,, but he’s not going to do it either.. With us 99’ers off the books that’s why the unemployment %’s are coming down, if they add us back they will increase the %’s again, they won’t do this so close to Nov. elections,, so it is just a politcal move,, they dont care about you and I any longer..and we shouldn’t care about them either…Hell with the T-PARTY, DEMOCRACTIC PARTY AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY,,,, I think we should start our own party the “KICK SOME ASS PARTY””I am pretty old but I think I could take one or two of them.

  7. The Republican’s get so bent when Obama wanted to vacation in Hawaii or if he’s shooting hoops. However, they can take off during their vacations and vacation where they want (Rush Limbaugh was in Hawaii and got sick and no one complained about that)and leave us here trying to figure out how the bills are going to get paid.

    According to Sharon Angle I should just take a job making min wage. I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology. When I applied for min wage jobs I was told, ‘Well what if when the recession starts getting better you leave for a better job?’ or ‘You were making 80k per year how are you going to live on 23k per year?’ or ‘I’m not so sure you are going to be reliable because you are probably going to keep looking for another job in your field.’

    I can’t win to lose. Then I have a two year gap on my resume and everyone wants to know why? If I tell them I have been unemployed they look at me as if I’m some lazy person who didn’t want to work. I was told by a recruiter that having any job is better than just having a gap. Really? I mean really?

    Then there’s the question of a credit report. I applied for a job I really wanted but they thought I was too much of a risk because my credit has faltered over the last two years. So…I was laid off because of corporate greed and I’ve fallen behind and that is going to keep me from obtaining a job? Welcome to America.

    I’m very sick and tired of the top 2% trying to mislead the middle class and use us as bait for their upcoming elections. If their actions continue there will be no middle class. It will be rich and poor. It is time they work for the people and not themselves. I’ve never seen the degradation of the senators like I have in late. The affairs, the lies, the entitlement.

    Personally I think it’s time they fall off their pedestals. Stop sending our jobs overseas, stop age discrimination in this country, let’s take care of our own people FIRST. This is not America. This is something entirely different. I’m losing my hope in my country and fellow man.

  8. Please contact all congressional representatives today – as many times as possible

    you can also read this article which has links to other Examiner’s websites and a wealth of phone, fax, email and other contact information for the members of House and the Senate as well as media outlets.

    If we organize and work together, we can make something happen in an effor to save the middle class from continuing to become homeless!

  9. To everyone that is on unemployment and is responding to these blogs. Congress is getting ready to go on a month vacation. The GOP filibustered the small business bill that is loans not spending and in the bill if you don’t use the money for new jobs you lose the loan. They are going on vacation with 4 million people have used up 99 weeks of benefits and have no means of survival. The suicide rate has gone up do to people not having ways to pay their bills or feed their families. So what can we do? Go to Senate.gov and look up any Senator that has help cause this situation and has gone on an unnecessary vacation. Flood their home offices with calls and faxes. They would scream if Obama took a month off.

    To anyone that believes the unemployed are sitting on our butts, let me tell you what is going on. Two major things:

    1) When companies were forced to lay off workers their goals didn’t change they were still in business to make a profit and if they had share holders they still had their yearly projection that was promised to the share holders. So what they did is just made the people they kept work harder and longer. Maybe had some people that were in management get back to physical work instead of just supervising. So if they hit their goals with less workers there is no incentive to rehire until their goals are too high their current work staff can’t reach it. So less labor and hitting quarterly goals creates larger profits.
    2) I been in management most of my life and wither you are a manager of a small business or a big enough business that you have a Human Resource manager. Hiring can be very stressful. They are looking for a person that will be right for the company and stay and help the company succeed for a long time. So when they are looking at applications and interviewing people they have those criteria’s in mind plus they have a pay scale in mind. So they are not going to hire someone that was making $90,000.00 for a $45,000.00 a year job . Why? It is not just because they might be over qualified; it is will this person stay with us for the long term? or until a better paying job comes up. Yes, during the interview most applicants will say they are looking for anything right now and will be a loyal employee. The interviewer knows that as soon as that person gets called back to their old job or is offered a higher paying job they will leave 99.9% of the time. So part of there job of hiring is to find a person for the job that will stay and keep turn over down. That means be very careful who you hire because every person you hire cost a company around $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 in training. ½ of that amount on the new hire and the other half for the person spending time training the new hire, plus the hours of paperwork done when there is a new hire. So every time you lose that hired person the company takes a loss. By the way high turnover is #1 on the list of losing your job as a manager or HR manager.

    This doesn’t stop us from looking but just shows the reasons why we are not getting call backs from resumes or applications. It is just the facts, a SUBWAY owner isn’t going to hire a person that was making $50,000.00 a year and train them when they can hire a person that has worked in that field or prior work history pay scale is close to what he is offering. He just can’t waste time with turnover.

    Lets not forget the 99ers – Also don’t forget who caused the delay in the extensions vote them out!

  10. ************************************************************************
    Fellow 99’ers, just like you I’m not looking for a handout. How can we force a bill that forces employers to hire applicants over 50 first or be penalized? If they decide not to hire us then they would have to disclose a detailed explanation. Just like an “Older Aged Affirmative Action” bill. Age Discrimination is being swept under the rug and we have to fight back. All ethnic backgrounds prevail with this. Lets Roll!

  11. ************************************************************************
    My fellow 99ers, republican or democrat it’s all the same thing. By having two parties our government has divided Americans. The Government just wants your hard earned tax dollars and their cushy little government jobs. They just want to get re-elected!
    As Americans we enjoy our freedom and life style and the Governmet wants to control that by controlling the economy and throw us bread crumbs to get our vote. Today’s economic depression was by design, it didn’t just happen. PLEASE SEE THE BELOW LINK that fully exposes their Strategy… Let’s not be fooled again and take our country back! Spread this around till we break them down!

    “When people fear the government – that is tyranny;
    When government fears the people – that is liberty.”
    — Thomas Jefferson

    The Government condones and practices –

  12. ************************************************************************
    The time for a revolution has come… The unemployed are being punished for something we didn’t do. The big money crooks are living in splendor on taxpayer money bailouts we didn’t approve while we are forced to live in unpleasantness at best. Let’s throw those bums out of office and get some new blood, we can do it as a team!
    Our Government can only control us by dividing us. Don’t let them. Don’t let them send our children off to die in another BS War for nothing more then oil money. I’m a fellow 99er and will do everything I can to throw monkey wrenches in this BS System.
    Don’t trust the Media as their only lap dogs for the govt.
    Republican or Democrat, it’s all the same thing, two parties divide Americans. We need a leader that has the right connections to start the revolution… this will separate the men from the boy’s… We have our work cut out… ready to roll!

  13. there going to wait hear how much complaining theres going to be and what shakes out
    its like a poker game who will hold on and who will give up … we will see.. if theres to much pressure they might have to come back from vacation

  14. I think it is dispicable that we worked all our lives in America and paid into our country. There is not a day that I worked and taxes were not taken out of my pay check to pay for federal and state tax, never mind all the other taxes that were taken out. The reason we can not get jobs is:

    1- The american contractors and bussiness should stop hiring illegal immagrant’s they hire them @ less then minimum wage and no taxes are taken out from there pay. Who is better then them they do not spend the money here they send it to there country. So you tell me how can America ever come out from under. They need to be a stopped it is about time, let congress get there head out from the ass and pass a bill that the contractors will be fined and after 2 fines they will shut them down. Maybe then there will be jobs for all of us that are here to make this country a better place. If we did not pay taxes we would be in jail like Al capone.

    2- Why do we always have to help other countries. think of our own country where families are losing there homes that they worked so hard to get, losing there lives , families. It is a shame that congress has cold water running through there veins all the republicans and democrats. Some body should stand up for the American people and help us instead of trying to help all others. Let them walk a day in our shoes with there families and feel how we feel that we can not survive. We paid into this they are not giving us a hand out they owe us we do not owe them.

    3-Like they are taking a stand in Arizona the illegals we have to take a stand her. we have to protest on the steps we have to Be HEARD FROM THE TOP OF A ROOF. ON DOOR STEPS OF CONGRESS, EVEN BETTER ED SHULTZ. ALL I AM SAYING IS WE HAVE TO BE HEARD WE DID NOT DO THIS DISATER WALL STREET AND THE POLICTICIANS AND THE BANKS DID SO WHY DO OUR FAMILIES HAVE TO SUFFER. WE HAVE TO TAKE A STAND AND UNITE TOGETHER. SORRY IT IS IN CAPS I AM SO MAD @ THIS COUNTRY. They will not hire is if u have a degree, many year of a trde or over 50. They will I will get in touch or call me. When you call them or the ads in the papper and leave a name they do not call you back. Let congress send out all of the resumes and see how far they get and what they wil do w/o any funds coming inn.
    they are having a rally in N.Y. for the 99ers on 8/12/10 form 1-2 25 Wall Street we all need to be there and stand up for what we believe in.

    Sorry for writing so much I am so furious with this so called land or opportunity America

  15. How ironic, that this plea for assistance for the 99ers appears on a web page that for me at least carried a Google Ad with Fred Thompson which read, “I need your help– keep the Bush Tax Cuts.” Yeah, let’s help all those who make over $250,000 a year by giving them a tax cut. That way, they can feel good about themselves when they give their housekeeper or lawnman a ten dollar tip at Christmas.
    Meanwhile, over 2.5 million 99ers get to suffer further indignities every day while Congress is on “recess.” Funny, when you are out of work, you never feel like it is recess. No holiday feels like a holiday, every day is filled with dread and fear and waning hope. And anger. With despair and irrational action likely to follow.
    So enjoy your recess, and try real hard not to think about those you are ignoring by failing to extend unemployment assistance to those who have been out of work for so long. May you walk in our shoes someday.

  16. Congress takes one to two weeks off for major holidays; Easter, July 4, Memorial Day and a month off in August. With all that time off, you would think they would know what problems we Americans are facing with this screwed up economy which they have created. I have no job, no health insurance and my money is dwindling down to nothing. Without money for rent, utilities and gas for my car; this is what the government created. The poor die and the rich reap the benefits. I am very angry and depressed. I hope Congress enjoys their long, long vacation which will be their last. The media spends so much time on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding which I could care less; or on Mel Gibson’s irate behavior which is nobody’s business. In August, the media will be shifting their focus on angry 99ers: looting, shooting, protesting, and complete mayhem will erupt. Children are starting to be left on relatives or government doorsteps. GOD help us all. CONGRESS MUST PASS TIER V FOR THE 99ERS.


  18. I think a particular day should be set aside for all who need a tier 5 to get out and protest. Getting the word spread throughout the country would be the hard part. But it could be done. If people know the date they’ll get out and protest, rain or shine. ONE LOUD COLLECTIVE VOICE WOULD BE HEARD. And the Senate would have a hard time trying to ignore it!!

  19. its sad how America helps out every other country when people within are starving and broke, every penny USA shells out should go to its people, not to other country’s that hate us and could give a shit less about us..we need to make our own people that lived here there whole lives strong and secure, we need to give our own the peace of mind…we need to look at the big picture people.the only way to make us strong is for everyone that lives in the USA (the honest hard working people that deserve it the ones who lived here forever. The good people!) We need to take care of our own!! god bless America!! and god help us all!

  20. From MIDDLE CLASS to POVERTY. Financial GENOCIDE for millions. Soon many of us will be nothing more than scared workers for the 1% ruling class, stripped of our ability to stand up, and living with hat in hand. Cant you see its already happening? If our Represenatives really cared, they would do something. But lets face it, they dont give a damn. You will do something about it? Yeah right!!! That is why Congress gets away with crushing us like bugs. They know how passive most of us are. Get used to being poor.

  21. If you are a 99er or someone that has lost your benefits due to the Senate sitting on their hands. You can’t just blame the GOP. Yes they have blocked everything but there is a way to stop them blocking those issues.

    To make them (GOP) pass a benefit package for the 99ers and anyone that has lost their benefits the Democrats can force them to not go home until it is done. They also blocked a Small Lending bill for small business from community banks, this was a lending bill to create jobs and didn’t add a dime to the deficit. So that needs passed before one of them goes for over a month vacation. So when I say it just isn’t the GOP it is Harry Reid also he could be tough. If he thought it is more important for those that have lost than those that have allot and are going on vacation.

    So flood Harry Reids phone lines and fax machines until he gets the message. If you don’t help then you have no right to complain. Here are the contact numbers:

    Washington: Phone # 1-202-224-3542 Fax# 1-202 – 224-7327

    Las Vegas: Phone # 1-702-388-5020 Fax# 1-702-388-5030

    Carson City: Phone# 1-775-883-7343 Fax# 1-775-883-1980

    Reno: Phone# 1-775-686-5770 Fax# 1-775-686-5757

    Do not call if you do not have a calling plan that lets you call anywhere in the US without being charged for long distance. Use that money for your family. The rest of us have no excuse to complain then do nothing. Remember they go home for vacation Friday the 6th so call and call and call till then. If he does go on vacation without fixing these issues then flood those state lines more. By the way I am not a 99er but believe they paid their taxes and help build our country and now need our help.

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