Undeniable Truth About the Richest Man on Earth – Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim beat Bill Gates on the title “Richest Man on Earth” this year.  The difference between Carlos Slim and Bill Gates’ fortune is half a billion.  For fifteen years, Bill Gates had this title all to himself and this made people curious on who Carlos Slim is and what does he do.  Not many people know him and we are going to tell some facts about this very wealthy man.

Carlos Slim is a Mexican engineer and businessman who focuses on the business of telecommunications.  When you tap an industry like this and you hit ‘Bingo’ you would really get rich as people can’t live aside without getting hold of cellphones and internet connections.  He owns the Telmex Companies in Mexico.  Last year, 2009, he was ranked as the worlds third richest person.  But this year, his fortune amounts to a total of 53.3 billion dollars.

3 thoughts on “Undeniable Truth About the Richest Man on Earth – Carlos Slim

  1. and, when you convert that to mexican pesos and what you can do in Mexico with just one dollar alone… it is way more than that!!

  2. Prior comment demonstrates the trouble USA economy is in. Smug and arrogant to think that our USA dollar will remain strong when all those DOLLARS are going to Mexico to be spent in Mexico for Mexican infrastructure. If things don’t change soon 20 years from now Mexico will be laughing at the value of the US dollar. From what I have seen. At present and on average. The Mexican has a far greater work ethic than the American. That is because of the new “ME” generation that believes they are entitled to everything for nothing. If you pull those bad grades from the average, then we are back on top. USA has an ugly generation coming up and if you live here, you know it’s true.

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