UK Election Results 2010: Hung Parliament Expected

It was one of the most unpredictable and exciting general election in the United Kingdom. So far 601 out of 650 seats were already declared as of the moment and it all looks that UK Election Results is pointing towards a Hung Parliament with Tories as the largest party. Such surprising incidents during the elections were the following:

  • Labour is categorically defeated by the Conservatives.
  • Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP and first minister of Northern Ireland, lost his Westminster seat.
  • David Cameron has almost certainly failed to secure a majority, although his party came first in the popular vote and in the number of seats.
  • The promised Liberal Democrat surge failed to materialise.
  • Several high profile scalps were claimed. Peter Robinson, the leader of the DUP and first minister of Northern Ireland, lost his Westminster seat.
  • For the Liberal Democrats, high-profile personality Lembit Opik and Dr Evan Harris, the party’s outspoken science spokesman, both lost their seats.
  • A small party lik Greens had their first ever MP elected, in the form of Caroline Lucas, party leader, in Brighton Pavilion.
  • Education secretary Ed Balls hung on in Morley and Outwood by just over 100 votes but former Home Secretary Charles Clarke narrowly lost to the Lib Dem candidate in Norwich South

With most results in, the Lib Dem vote is up 0.9% on 2005, Labour down 6.5% and the Conservatives up 4%. Turnout is running at 65.2%, a modest increase on the 2005 general election. The current tally?

Conservative: 291

Labour: 247

Liberal Democrat: 51

5 thoughts on “UK Election Results 2010: Hung Parliament Expected

  1. shocking isnt it ??
    David Cameron was so sure of himself just a few months ago –
    this is what happens when you underestimate the British Public !

  2. We enter a new era of British politics where no one party will have a majority, we enter an era of Partnership Government, this is the message the people have sent , a people who want full say with their vote which they have never got with the first-past-the-post-system.

    Coalition government has been very successful in European democracies such as Ireland and Germany. The people have declared that they want a change of government and that they also want proportional representation, that is, that they want David Cameron and the Conservative Party as the government – to be watched over by another party which seems to be Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats , and that they also want proportional representation.

    But what type of proportional representation ? Single – member constituencies with the single transferable vote might perhaps suit the Conservative Party and the Labour Party best, multi-seat constituencies would suit the Liberal democrats best .

    We now have to get down to the nitty-gritty , the detail of what the parties want, what they are entitled to, what they are prepared to offer and accept, and what would be best for Britain and/or for the people .

    Michael McGrath, Kilkenny , Ireland

    ( Expert on proportional representation systems )


  3. The UK needs a government, it also needs a change to a proportional representation system ( P.R. ) of election.
    P.R. will take ages to implement in the UK ,with most elected MPs wanting to study proposals and make submissions as their jobs depend on the electoral system and few are going to vote themselves out of work !
    But they need to concentrate on coming up with a government fast . The most stable goverrnment possible is a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition with active Lib Dem participation as the junior partner.
    It is in fact the only government possible , as any combination with the Labour Party would be subject to the whims of Northern Irish, Scottish , Welsh parties – and could even be brought down by a sudden show-up to vote by the 5 Sinn Fein abstenionist MPs who would simply love to show up and vote to bring down a hard-worked-out Labour combination.
    They can’t create such a massive upset ( that could send the P{ound Sterling reeling ! ) with a Conservative-Lib Dem government which would have a solid majority and could even go the five years full term .
    Therefore Con- Lib Dem is your only real option .

    Michael McGrath ( Ireland )

  4. We need the Lib Dems to demand orderly withdrawl from Afghanistan and Iraq in time for Christmas .
    Although I am known as a Peacenik Druid , I do think that this would only represent common sense , reality and cop on , and I think that there is no mandate for continued foreign military adventurism by the UK .
    I have been out in Iraq and Afghanistan as a photographer , lately in Pakistan to photograph and report on the awful flooding , and
    If you could only see the lovely people we make war upon , ‘twould bring tears to your eyes .

    Michael McGrath
    Ireland ( hometown : KIlkenny ) .

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