UK Election Results 2010: British Election 2010 Results Update

UK Election Results Update: This is the latest news about the 2010 British Election. British Election 2010 marks another historic event as Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, David Cameron of the Conservative Party and Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrat Party squares it off to be the next British Prime Minister.

UK Election Results will be available within days.  Last British elections the Labor Party has 356 seats representing 35.3% as against the Conservatives with 198 seats representing 32.3% and the Liberal Democrats with just 62 seats or 22.1%.

Meanwhile the Scottish National Party, encouraged by their victory in the 2007 Scottish parliament elections, have set themselves a target of 20 MPs in British Elections 2010.  Also, they are hoping to find themselves in a balance of power position as the UK Election results become clear.

Survey wise however, the Conservatives leads British Election 2010 with 35% with Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party statistically tied.  In 4th place are other parties including the newly emerging Scottish National Party with just 9% support.

The Conservatives needs additional 116 seats from their current seats in order to gain control of Parliament, however it seems clear that the UK Election results will not make that possible for them.

Currently, there are no official election results in the British Election 2010. However, several analysts have expressed their idea that this UK Election will be the closest election in the UK in 35 years.

5 thoughts on “UK Election Results 2010: British Election 2010 Results Update

  1. So funny. This see through Repub look a like Cam’ron can’t even win when the economy is down (though recovering under Labor). Looking at him on videos, it is so obvious what he is, an agent of the companies and banks. But yes, their “Empire” has bitten them fatally. And their desertion of their “colonies” to join the EU in the 70s has done the same: half the population must be Polish by now.

  2. Gordon you are like an itch that won’t go away. How much longer has Great Britain to put up with you? Not that there is a “Great” in Great Britain any longer. Do the right thing and get out of Downing Street before you do any further damage to what used to be a fine country!

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