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UFO in China this 2010: Is this a UFO Sighting Over Chinese Airport?

July 16, 2010 by · 72 Comments 

UFOs, up until now, are still a puzzle to many of us. Do they really exists? This is the most pressing question we have. Are these UFOs the so-called space ships of aliens just like in the movie E.T. or Extra Terrestial by Steven Spielberg?

While one of the most famous controversies about the existence of aliens and UFOs are the wonderful crop circles, the recent UFO sighting is claimed to have happened in China particularly over their Xiaoshan Airport.

According to Chinese airport officials, the UFO was picked by their radar last week July 7, 2010 at about 9 p.m. in the evening. Since they couldn’t exactly identify what they had seen, they grounded flights in and out of the airport for about an hour causing passengers to be left stranded.

Below is the video showing the alleged UFO seen over Xiaoshan Chinese Airport. What do you think about it? Is this a UFO?


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72 Responses to “UFO in China this 2010: Is this a UFO Sighting Over Chinese Airport?”
  1. Fluffie says:

    It is just a man-made wormhole, to be used for time travel.

    • Head says:

      It is a space vending machine! Think about it, its over an airport…. hungry people just off a long plane trip or about to go on one. Flashing lights to get everyones attention… they know China has become an economic powerhouse, so there is plenty of money to be spent…. it is sooooo obvious….I bedt its full of super delicious space chips from the planet Lays and space soda from the carbonation belt. Let’s just hope that they are not space jews, or we may not be able to afford it.

  2. nielsenkc says:

    I think its some werid Man made craft to scare the crap out of other countries.

    • Chris says:

      This is’nt some natural phenomenon or a military practice. First off if it WAS a military test why would everyone freak out and panic and shut down the airport? It was’nt till after all the shit went down that the military was like hey um just ignore that flying thing, its us….just doin some tests. Another thing which truthfully freaked me out was the fact that recently over Moscow the exact same thing was seen taking off. Just like in the video above there was a secondary wake during the “take off” now of course the gov’t says it wasnt aliens but a spot light being put in place for a shopping center. thats the biggest bull shit iv heard, the “spot light” shown at the end of the news reel is some cheesy ass added in shit. But the whole thing is dumb to argue about, belive what you want but the gov’t (of any country) will not publicly announce that aliens exist.

  3. Ruffie says:

    Yes it is a UFO… Alien Spacecraft?

    Here’s my answer… Okay, it was in the air for a series of time so it COULDN’t be a meteor or the like.

    The gov. says it has a military connection so that could either mean that it’s like in the shows; how they hide the evidence or… it’s a military aircraft that they don’t want to reveal to the world so they have a strategic advantage. ONE FLAW: in public, over an airport, almost perfect lighting, and there’s a strobe light. that’s no military “undercover aircraft”

    So! It’s either a work of some crazed mechanic or… well… the real thing! I personally can’t tell you anything other than the facts at the moment. There’s been honest stories all over that’ve been told to me that prove something that there’s alien life! (Stories of spacecraft in the sky back in 1932 that broke in three opposite directions and each went uniformly at 45 degrees in a certian direction)

    Conclusion: It’s VERY likely there’s alien life as it’s a big universe, and what we should be thinking about is what stance they might take on a civilization rather smaller compared to theirs… (or less advanced)

    • migz says:

      iF iT is aN aLieN UFO.. wHy Do ChiNeSe aViaTioN auThoRitieS oR aiRFOrCe MILiTaRy foLLoW The SaID UFO in the sKy uSiNG cHoPPeRs oR oTheR aircraft To kNow wHaT iT ReaLLy WaS.. IDIOTIC EARTHLINGS..

    • hmmnotconvinced says:

      i cant belive people actualy think this is a millitary aircraft or even a alien ship of sorts,i mean come on seriously have u listend to your selfs latley its crazy talk.if anything its clearly something entering the earths atmosphere and creating the hazing effect due to extreme heat as it enters the earths atmosphere and most likley it braking up and fizzeling into nothing but a rock that will crash down some were on the surface or sea some were.airport closure its for the protection of the people that are suposed to be flying. would u go up in a plane if the aviation authorities said sure u can fly but beware the mass object crashing into the earths atmosphere it could take down the plane your on resulting in the death of everyone on bord of course not. the same way they wont fly if theres ciggerette ash in the damn sky from a giant smoking a fat stogy.
      people make up these stupid fantasy storys and idiots belive them.
      like most of the videos u see or pictures for that matter there rubish all blurry out of focus u cant make out if its a football or a chicken and mushroom pie someone has throw into the air and taken a quick photo.
      fact is the universe is so vast and massive there is 100% life other than human out there some were but wether that life is intelligent is unkown.
      there is no physical eveidance to support any claims that of there being intelligent life that visits earth from “far far away” most of these things that are seen in the sky are due to space debry satalites or any number of things hitting the atmosphere or just retards that make things to fuel the imagination of some rather disturbed people. if you want to belive in something belive in injoying the tiny fraction of time u have in this strange vast wierd yet fantastic they say lifes short injoy it while it lasts.

    • hmmnotconvinced says:

      hmm after watching another better video it is plain to see that it is actualy a rocket or shuttle being launched into space the explosion type event mid flight is the rocket boosters i retract my last statement about it being debry.
      its a rocket launch.

    • Cool man says:

      Maybe this is like some kid from another worlds science fair project. Maybe he wants to know how humans react when they see something that can not be explained. Or this could just be some kind of light anomaly like the northern lights.

  4. Beth Mahoney says:

    Lets see our government tell us there is no such thing as UFO’s now. Not that I am glad their here, I wish they would go away. But they are here and have been here for a long time, I am just nervous as to what they want..

    • kojima says:

      Beth, I would love to speak with you further.

    • hEADcRASH says:

      No, no, show evidence to prove otherwise, and no. .. Oh, and really? You are truly that worried? You should really look into getting a hobby.

    • a.dub says:

      The government hides ALOT of things from us, for example the 1947 UFO crash in New Mexico. . I think our government knows and does not want everone being scared,.. but obviously whatever it is (if they exsist) is not going to bother us because they would have already. . its plain to see they got the knowledge to do nearly anything they want, and im guessin its not you Beth Mahoney

    • Zack says:

      Emit is right. a.dub, fear is not (or at least is no longer) the reason for keeping it secret. There are 2 major reasons we are not told the truth. If we are told we are being visited, people will ask how they traveled so far. Well, it is not with fossil fuels. Then people will know that it is possible to travel vast distances at speeds thought impossible w/o fuel. They will demand we use this technology, and there goes big oil and trillions of $ going into the pockets of a few.
      The disinformation that keeps us in fear of them is unwarranted, and stems from the fact that if we are scared, we will keep giving all the tax dollars we can to the military industrial complex to keep making a few other people rich. These are the some of the same people that hoax abductions, and plan a false flag War Of The Worlds type invasion.
      Research and learn the truth. They are not to be feared. Clue: disclosure project.

    • Homer says:

      If you really believe UFOs don’t exist, why are they portrayed in ancient Egyptian pyramids and temples? Why has there been documented “evidence” for centuries? Also Google “Battle of LA”. You’ll find America firing at a possible UFO during WWII. Check out this link: “”

      God bless.

    • Josh says:

      They are not hiding it from us for ANY of those reasons. We are a Christian nation, and where do aliens fit into the Bible? See. Try explaining that. They hide this stuff from us because they like having the control of saying we are going to “heaven” or “hell”, when in reality they should be telling us the TRUTH! There are a LOT of instances in and out of the United States of UFO sightings. The only country that still denies the existence of UFOs is… you guessed it… the good ol’ U.S. of A.

    • kojimi YOU ARE JUST A creep!!!!!!!!!!!!LEAVE HER ALONE PED.

    • bellacat says:

      wow i am to but y they just be flying around America they should have a reason right just like that show V but i wonder y its taking so long.

    • Tledg says:

      Why would anybody believe we are the only living things in the universe. It seems people who want more evidence or think it’s people building secret crafts to scare us are in denial. Believing in a God, for which there is no physical proof, seems alot less likely than Aliens but millions of people around the world blindly follow some sought of religion. Go figure.

    • hmmnotconvinced says:

      lmao clearly its a hoax the same as every other picture or video u see.
      id be very very suprised if it was a real genuine picture of a said “UFO”
      the blurryness is consistant with every other picture u see of said “UFO’S”
      photoshop its a great toy.i realy wouldnt be conserned about it. at the end of the day IF it was a real UFO im pretty sure it would have been shot down long before anyone even had a chance to take a picture such is the nature of mankind. dont you think that if there was real small grey aliens visiting earth that the world would is it even posable for governments to contain such a monumental thing from the world its not physicaly i said in my comment above i do belive in life other than human just not little grey men that come to earth and just float around in the sky and fly away again.

    • sum-ting-wong says:

      You look like a nice person. You’d probably be a good piece of ass too, but leave the thinking to someone else. You obviously have blond hair not only on your head, but your money maker and your taint.

  5. emet says:

    truth: they are

    question: why do we have to assume they have malicious intent?

    three: what are we being prepared for? these ufos have been surfacing all over our planet. hint we are all together in this… they don’t see us as having national boundaries… we are the human race…

    this is extremely significant…

    • morgen says:

      “three: what are we being prepared for? these ufos have been surfacing all over our planet. hint we are all together in this… they don’t see us as having national boundaries… we are the human race…”

      “this is extremely significant…”

      Actually this statement is not significant or even relevant. If “they” are and have been studying us then i’m sure they are well aware of our borders. Couldnt imagine the logic with going through all the trouble to learn us and know some fundamentals about this race. Nevermind any half wit looking at our earthly society as a whole from space or otherwise would note clear diffrences physically and socially. Theres really nothing special or significant about anything you said. Thanks though

  6. migz says:

    iF iT is a UFO.. wHy Do ChiNeSe aViaTioN auThoRitieS foLLoW The SaID UFO in the sKy uSiNG cHoPPeRs oR oTheR aircraft To kNow wHaT iT ReaLLy WaS.. IDIOTIC EARTHLINGS..

    • Serpentz says:

      Serious? Where did you learn to type like this? Idiotic? You’ve just described yourself. STAY IN SCHOOL!

    • hmmnotconvinced says:

      this is the national chav trate all chavs TyPe LiKe ThEy THiS THey thInK ItS CoOl

  7. Shan says:

    I would like to believe that this is an actual ufo and not some hoax or man-made craft,to finally actully know that their other beings out there besides us would be amazing.. Although at the same time I wouldn’t want them to turn out have some hideous agenda.

  8. Gary says:

    By the looks of this so called “spacecraft” I think this thing could be somewhat an extraterrestrial craft. The shape of the craft did seem rather futuristic and out of this world and it’s powerful halogen like lights did seem to portray main features of a space craft. Still I’m not saying that I’m dead sure about it because there have been lots of hoax’s or reasonable explanations for some UFO phenomena but I do believe that out of all these proclaimed hoaxes or explanations of UFO’s being nothing but visionary illusions or space related activity (meteors for example) at least one of these events has to be a true happening.

  9. fred says:

    Your Moron’s….this is a meteorite entering the atmosphere…it leaves a trail of vapor that hangs in the air for a long time after it passes….

    • Jiminy Cricket says:

      I think you meant “You’re morons” – The word “your” implies possession, as in “your feeble minded reply…” “You’re” is a contraction of the words “you” and “are”. Here’s how you use it in a sentence “You’re not going to get anywhere in life because you’re lazy and never learned anything about grammar.” Similarly, using an apostrophe “s” after the word moron … wait, maybe you were trying to say something about “our moron’s …” something, but what? Our moron’s pants? doughnuts? party hat? What does it mean? Who is our moron? Is this a communication from some alien life form? We mean you no harm!! Please, spare us from your hideous agenda Mr. Alien!!

    • hmmnotconvinced says:

      gotta love the grammer boys they always pic up and complain about that crap “get a job go out and have fun”

  10. Mike says:

    Yay! The Predators are finally here. We need you, Arnold! Stop screwing up California and help us fight them off.

    • Zack says:

      Yeah… a meteor with windows or side lights, and lights that shoot right to the ground, that hovers, then moves again! Have you seen the pictures and read the testimony?

  11. DaFox says:

    It was a secret rocket launch or ballistic missile test. The flared con-trail is what you would see from the side from a rocket engine cluster with “steering” exhaust tail cones, where the thrust is directed back, but angled slightly to the side.
    Video of it here:

  12. gina says:

    @Zack- too funny…obviousy he has not read anything or looked at the correct pictures. Maybe he never learned to spell either lol

  13. Pluto says:

    we are coming to get you. you shouldn’t have changed our classification from planet to dwarf planet. (seriously guys? aliens? come on.)

    • mike says:

      try having an open mind. The universe is huge and already created life once…aka us. There’s no reason to believe it can’t be done again. Also…cave drawings of ufo’s…explain that one.

  14. invader zim says:

    fools! we warned you that the irken armada was coming with operation impending doom 2. you should have listened to dib!

    • Zim says:

      Dib’s still a moron. Though, he was right about the aliens. Mwahahaha! Gir, quit playing with the waffle iron.

  15. Sportkin says:

    The British government and DPTO who design warcraft. have invented invented Pulse Technology. This “unclassified information”

    P.S If you know of anyone looking to get into and play more sport, please tell them to sign-up at Sportkin.
    Sports unlimited! Thank you

  16. Johnny says:

    Every person has an answer that they believe is correct, but the fact is until you can prove it is or isn’t aliens, it’s just a simple UFO.

  17. John says:

    I think it may be pulse technology or other from the US skunk works. About a quarter of the way into the video, the craft appears to change speed or attitude due to the atmospheres reaction. See contrail change. The altitude appears to be 35-40,000 feet minimum. Speed appears to be high subsonic or low supersonic.

    I believe the US has much in the way of new aircraft that it’s keeping hush, hush about. Think about it, every 10 years or so, something amazing comes out of that facility.

  18. alexa says:

    seriously? now we know how these guys feel 😀

  19. larry says:

    If it’s was an alien UFO craft do not be afraid……..Any species that has the technology to warp space could wipe up all out in a hour and we have never been bothered by any UFO………However I do believe it’s really some kind of military craft test flight which is what most UFO’s are………

  20. Amandaaa says:

    I’m not going to get my hopes up thinking it was an ET just because of how twisted. Everything is in society. Government always tries to get us to live in fear somehow so they can come to our “rescue” so they control us even more, and have us on a tighter leash. It’s funny how they talk about all this terror when they are the ones causing it. False flag attacks. Secret societies. Occultism. The truth shall set you free.

  21. unk says:

    It is a flying object that is unidentified making it a ufo. Nothing more.

  22. allie says:

    I have my doubts about this but if it was possible for earth to have life some over planet In
    Universe should hav e some sort of life as well

  23. dallas hipocrit says:

    I think its not from this earth. Just think about it deeply do all of you really think that we are alone in this universeits freaken huge anybody who thinks we are the only ones in this universe need to go backinto your moms belly and then they can be the only ones…… wake up people aliens exsist the government only tells you what you want to here

  24. dallas hipocrit says:

    I think its not from this earth. Just think about it deeply do all of you really think that we are alone in this universe its freaken huge anybody who thinks we are the only ones in this universe need to go backinto your moms belly and then they can be the only ones…… wake up people aliens exsist the government only tells you what you want to here and the people who denie aliens exsist are probaly working for the government too

  25. Michael Andrews says:

    This has all been a facinating conversation. Yet I would like to point out only two things that come to the surface in attempting to determine the truth. First and most important, never believe what you hear. FROM ANYONE. Make your own conclusions because anyone from government to conspirasists will disinform you. Second look at facts. Stationary object rule out random objects (meteors, fallen/boken objects like missles and such even most known flying objects) Unless top secret government projects want alot of publicity, factor in the location. Now you decide. My opinion… something is trying to communicate with us. You decide.

  26. none none says:

    It makes no sense for it to be a secret military aircraft test. It’s not a very good area to test your new secret craft out keep it a secret. It is also clear that it is not a meteor or other natural object. Knowing this, the most reasonable explanation is that it’s alien.

    As to why no one sent any helicopters etc. to investigate the UFO? Who says none were sent? If helicopters/small planes did get closer views and pictures and the acquired information is any different from what the governments want us to believe, we’ll of course be told what they want us to believe.

  27. none none says:

    This is a pretty convincing explanation:

  28. REGGIE BROOKS says:

    we r experimenting with time. what u could be seeing our ships from our future.

  29. mike says:

    to me, it looks like an alien spacecraft, spraying a virus into the air. That appears to be a vapor trail. If you pay close attention to reports all over the world, ufos have recently have been seen in more numbers over airports. The people that report these unidentified craft, are pilots and air traffic controllers. Ive watched these interviews and I am absolutely certain they are telling the truth. The aliens are not friendly, they are not like apple eating E.T. They have been observing our transportaion methods by hovering near airports. This thing is spraying a vapor virus. The reason it hasnt taken effect yet, is because if it did, it wouldnt be any good, because we could contain it before it had a chance to spread. If you notice, the object suddenly boosts in mid-flight, then changes direction more toward the airport. I believe this is because they realized they were off coarse. After studying our methods of transportation, they realized they could release this virus near an airport and we would spread it ourselves. The virus will take effect Dec 21st, 2012. The reason the myans knew this is because the aliens told them. Many years ago they told the myans that on dec 21st 2012, humanity will no longer exist. The calender was thier only way of warning us. Unfortunatly, warning us will do us no good, the entire human race is doomed.

    • Head says:

      I know the truth about what you think you see in those pictures and video. However, if I tell you the government will be busting thru my door within hours. Good luck.

  30. mike says:

    another thing,we can rule out some sort of secret military experiment, because this thing can be seen from 50 miles in any direction. you would think it would be designed so that the exhaust wasnt 20 times more noticable than a regular airplane. Also, while would they fly this thing directly over an international airport? They wouldnt, they dont test secret craft that way, if they did, it wouldnt be a secret.

  31. Wayne says:

    I can’t believe that this is 2010 and some fools still believe the idiotic explanations (meteorites & secret military aircrafts)…nonsense! Since the 1950s the US government/media speculated that they were either ‘secret’ US aircrafts or a mirage, always trying to have a ‘logical’ explanation. Well we waited all these years & nothing has changed: they still didn’t manage to launch these aircrafts they’ve been working on for decades & everyday there are countless UFO sightings across the world. If there wasn’t any truth in these sightings, then why did the US gov’t spend millions to launch Project Blue Book (to investigate every sighting & proof of extraterrestial existence). These things have been spotted worldwide & there’s NOTHING we can do about it! This isn’t fabricated evidence; thousands of years ago, the Egyptians had drawings of these spacecrafts on the walls of the pyramids – so maybe one of our smart fools could step forward & once again give us their ‘logical’ explanation! The evidence is out there & it’s REAL (only dumb & stupid people will not accept this). Read any books by Jenny Randles if you’re still unsure. You don’t have to dig deep!

    • Head says:

      So, you don’t fit into the “fool” category cause Jenny Randles enlightened you??? I know Jenny, send me $50 and I will tell you more space secrets! I’ll throw in a free future reading for you right now…. I predict for you…. its getting clearer… I see it now… I predict you will believe anything and are easily swayed. If there are “alien beings” they would probably make a hard u turn as soon as they scanned earth and get the F outta Dodge. Unless they were looking to score some drugs or buy guns or some other earth speciality.

    • mike says:

      there was nothing about ufo’s on pyramids. But ancient people do have stories and drawings of random flying things..i totally believe this

  32. jay0422 says:


  33. bellacat says:

    y do people think that UFO’s aren’t real when we have evidence but i wonder what they really want because they just dont keep flying around America

  34. h says:

    In the other hand , Ufo is one of the USA expriment in the world . please trust and shut up for killing the human in Iraq and Afghanistan and … with USA . they are very master . UFO is lying that they can do their aims in the world .

  35. george says:

    i think that the UFOs come to erth… of cours we are not alone…and i think that is apsolut logikal that UFOs come to the erth because they are explorers like the humans

  36. River Phoenix' laptop says:

    It’s Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix with a crazy “electronic” laptop computer.

  37. suganux says:

    I’m sure there are other beings besides humans in this world. UFOs may be only as a marker name only. what we look like the pictures and videos that exist, actually a lot of cheating, but there is not.

  38. Tonja says:

    These are either military aircraft, or, humans from the future that are capable of time traveling to the past and are visiting us.

  39. Feistus says:

    The UFO’s are visiting the new president Obama, and also Aquino of Philippines, planning for world domination. hahaha.

  40. Kris says:

    This is very real. An alien aircraft or not, it is STILL classified as a UFO. It is possibly the best shots that we have of any known UFO to date. Whether or not these UFO’s have ANYTHING to do with the 2012 theory is still beyond me but it proves to us that something is going on that we are not being made aware of. The Government hides things from the masses for a reason. Knowledge is power, and if we knew everything that collectively the whole US government as a whole knew about, it would case mass hysteria. It’s time to wake up guys. If these aircrafts are extra terrestrial, then they are far more advanced then our civilation. Something is out there, and I’m sure the government is aware of it.

  41. ShregRoude says:


  42. says:

    I think this is not ……

  43. clover says:

    i think dihz ihz crazzy n shiht

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