UFC 118 Proves That Frankie Edgar Is The Answer

The UFC 118 rematch that featured Frankie Edgar defending his UFC lightweight title against BJ Penn ended with the same result. Edgar took the title away from Penn at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi by unanimous decision. The decision in their first match was close that there were doubts about Edgar’s legitimacy as a lightweight great and as champion.

Their second meeting on Saturday showed the same result but this time around, Edgar won in convincing fashion. All three judges scored it 50-45, the same way I would have scored the fight.

Edgar beat the legendary BJ Penn in all areas. The diminutive lightweight champion showed that he was the better striker and grappler. BJ Penn is  tough takedown defender but Edgar managed to take him down several times. Penn was also clearly outpunched through five rounds.

Edgar is now set to defend his title against earlier lightweight eliminator winner Gray Maynard, who beat Kenny Florian in the same fight card. Maynard is the only fighter who has beaten Edgar but that was two years ago. Edgar has since then improved and is a much different fighter.

Gray Maynard is not known to be an exciting fighter but this should be an interesting matchup. It is a opportunity for Edgar to avenge his lone career loss or it could be Maynard’s turn to get hold of the lightweight title.

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