UFC 118 Fight Card: Randy Couture vs James Toney, Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn

The Ultimate Fighting Championship brings mixed martial arts to Boston fight fans with UFC 118 at the TD Garden on Saturday. This pay-per-view event features a freakish co-main event where boxing meets mixed martial arts. Randy Couture, a UFC legend and 5-time champion faces heavyweight boxing champ James Toney. The main event is a rematch between UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn, the man Edgar beat at UFC 112 to claim the crown.

Randy Couture vs James Toney

Expect the Couture vs Toney fight to be a tactical fight for Couture. Toney is the more dangerous boxer who has increased his puncher’s chance with the use of 4-ounce MMA gloves. Couture is the more well-rounded fighter who can finish off Toney in so many different ways. Couture will have to adjust his dirty boxing knowing that Toney can knock him out in the clinch. For Toney, he will have to time his punch to land that clear shot on Couture. Toney will also have to adjust his fighting stance to stay away from Couture’s leg kicks and takedowns. I see Couture finishing off the fight by submission.

Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn

The rematch should be an interesting one. Expect BJ Penn to come out more aggressive being the challenger this time. He has to realize that he cannot match up with the quickness of Frankie Edgar. Defending champion Edgar has improved each fight but has ironically been installed as an underdog. BJ Penn should win this rematch, if he can catch Edgar. Granted that Edgar executes his game plan well, then he may just defend his title by unanimous decision once again.

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