UFC 116 Results: Lesnar vs Carwin Fight Video

Brock Lesnar pulled a win at the UFC 116 against Sane Carwin. It was a submission move on the second round of the match. Lesnar proved to be more superior than Carwin in this match but for sure Carwin will have a chance to have a rematch with the former WWE superstar.

The UFC 116 Play by Play results also shows great game for all the match preliminaries as well as the Spike TV matches. The game was held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada.

During the first round Carwin bombarded Lesnar with tons of punches left and right. He overpowers him so that he can prevent the heavyweight champion from ever using his trademark moves at the MMA. Lesnar received probably around 100 or more punches from Carwin. He was lucky that he was able to get up on that round.

When the second round started Brock Lesnar had the chance to hold on to Carwin. From there on Lesnar hold to him and made that arm lock until Carwin can no longer hold on to it and tapped out.

Here is the link to the Lesnar vs Carwin fight video… CLICK HERE.

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