UFC 111 Play by Play Results and Updates: Georges St. Pierre Wins Over Dan Hardy

After the Interim Heavyweight bout with Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin with Shane Carwin beating Frank Mir in round 1 of the UFC 111 event, the next match is the Welterweight bout with Georges St. Pierre and Dan Hardy.

This UFC 111 game is exciting since the match reached round 5 surpassing the round 1 where the previous match with Mir and Carwin ended. Let’s look at it’s play-by-play results:

In Round 1, Georges St. Pierre took a little while before securing a fast single-leg takedown against its contender Dan Hardy. In response to St. Pierre, Dan Hardy got back to full guard and he applied mission control over St. Pierre. The two great mixed martials arts fighter ended round 1 with scores from three judges 10-9 in favor of St. Pierre.

In Round 2, St. Pierre appeared to be the favorite of the crowd as the audience yelled “GSP! GSP!” This boosted St. Pierre’s confidence to fight over Hardy. They had again another round of thumping and pounding until the clock striked to end the round 2. Scores from three judges are again in favor of St. Pierre 10-9.

In Round 3 and Round 4, St. Pierre dominated the fight. 15 seconds in the fourth round and St. Pierre had Hardy down. St. Pierre used his Kimura technique to lock in Hardy’s elbow and punched him helplessly. After the third round, scores from three judges are again 10-9 in favor of St. Pierre. Meanwhile, during the fourth round, one judge had a score of 10-8, while the other two remained with 10-9, all in favor of St. Pierre.

Finally, in the last round, another good technique was applied by St. Pierre when he moved to the back of Hardy and attempted a triangle. Hardy struggled but eventually got free out of St. Pierre’s hands. The two went on for another collision until St. Pierre emerged and declared as the winner.

FINAL SCORES: 50-45, 50-44 and 50-43 in favor of St. Pierre! St. Pierre retained his title as the UFC Welterweight Champion!

3 thoughts on “UFC 111 Play by Play Results and Updates: Georges St. Pierre Wins Over Dan Hardy

  1. After review of your pre fight interviews, may I say George, you are still the epitome of class. Even though most analysis said it was going to be a good fight, you disposed and man handled Hardy with your true self disposition, as I thought you would. If all MMA fighters took after you and your class, the sport will be elevated again.

    Thanks GSP for being the class of the MMA again. As another Canadian was, Brett The Hitman Hart, GSP is … The best there was … the best there is … and … the best there ever will be.

    You could obviously see with training with guys like Kenny Florian, Patrick Cote, Etc that GSP was in understanding and prepared for his 9th Championship fight to Hardy’s 1st.

    Mr. Hardy, your flight back may be 20 ounces lighter, but hold your head high, you are a story for the English and may all your fights be blessings to you and a lead forward for the children in Nottingham and around your club. You are an amazing example a fighter.

    What next for the icon … GSP?

    May I personally suggest, GSP retire from MMA, as word is, he is focusing on making the Canada Wrestling Team in 2012 for the Olympics. George, there is no one else around the world (MMA) that is worth you investing in. Take your health and may you help intitiate a good growth program for Canada Amateur Wrestling Association for the future of this sport.

    Collin Spires

  2. Firstly, I agree with you 100% Collin. St-Pierre is the most classy guy to ever fight in that Octagon. But from a fans’ perspective, I hope GSP doesn’t retire anytime soon.

    Decision, knockout or submission, a win is a win and GSP is dominating any and all in the welterweight division. He isn’t built for 170lbs, and although St-Pierre says he likes to test himself there is a big difference between testing yourself and going into a fight where you immidiately lose many of the advantages you have at your own weight class.

    I’m English, and before this fight I couldn’t stand Hardy. However after the fight I have to give him credit – I ruled him out as an opponent who wouldn’t make it out of the first round, but he hung in there.

    What’s next for the champion? I’m hoping for another war with Jon Fitch (people were not complaining about wrestler vs. wrestler the last time these guys fought, so why they were at the post-fight conference was confusing).

  3. Dear Alex and the World,

    My only question is when does a champion retire?

    My background is also English and I respect the toughness of the English…see footy for example…lol

    How many champions in other sports that have been around for years, retire when the time is right rather than wrong?

    George is a classic champ, and should be able to recognize this and recognize that champs can retire before losing out to the more youthful competition. After all it is an upcoming sport with little legacy yet. GSP should be one of those champs.

    Just my thoughts.

    Collin Spires

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