Ubuntu 10.04 Operating System to be released today

The famous operating system Ubuntu will due to release one its versions today. The operating system which is based on Debian GNU/Linux, makes two releases every year, using the year and month of the release as a version number. Ubuntu 10.04 would just mean the year is 2010 and the moth is April. the 4th month of the year.

The version was first announced at the Atlanta Linux Fest by Shuttleworth last September 19, 2009, and is planned for release on April 29, 2010, which is today. The version will include the Linux kernel 2.6.32 and improved support for Nvidia proprietary graphics drivers, while switching to the open source Nvidia graphics driver, nouveau, by default.

Not only that, it was also announced that it will also have a new theme, including new logos. It would be inspired by the the art and speed of “Light”. Ubuntu’s paradigm would be the following:

“The new style in Ubuntu is inspired by the idea of “Light”. We’re drawn to Light because it denotes both warmth and clarity, and intrigued by the idea that “light” is a good value in software. Good software is “light” in the sense that it uses your resources efficiently, runs quickly, and can easily be reshaped as needed. Ubuntu represents a break with the bloatware of proprietary operating systems and an opportunity to delight to those who use computers for work and play. More and more of our communications are powered by light, and in future, our processing power will depend on our ability to work with light, too. Visually, light is beautiful, light is ethereal, light brings clarity and comfort. Historical perspective: From 2004-2010, the theme in Ubuntu was “Human”. Our tagline was “Linux for Human Beings” and we used a palette reflective of the full range of humanity. Our focus as a project was bringing Linux from the data center into the lives of our friends and global family.”

One thought on “Ubuntu 10.04 Operating System to be released today

  1. Well I am still waiting to find a way to download it as it is not yet on the ubuntu site and nor is it on an of the mirrors I searched. I suppose it will be out tomorrow although I was planning on getting the final today so anyone wanting to install this wait DON’T INSTALL THE RC (release candidate) on accident as currently the ubuntu website still does not have the final ready for download. SO if anyone knows where to get the FINAL PLEASE post the link here or the torrent link it would be not only appreciated by me but by many as I think there are a lot of people like me who were planning on getting the new version today we all might have to wait till tomorrow.
    beatnik out.

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