Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn official release date announced

When Bill Condon was announced as the director for “Breaking Dawn,” we guessed that some more big answers — one movie or two; 3-D or 2-D; release date — would be coming our way soon after. And today we get at least one of them: “Breaking Dawn” will hit theaters November 18, 2011.But it looks like they’re missing another release date. We’ve been hearing for the past few months that the studio has been planning to pull a Harry Potter by making the movie a two-parter.

Breaking Dawn will join Real Steel and Happy Feet 2 in the holiday slot. It’s actually quite a nice mix and it’s hard to imagine any stealing much business from each other. The young adults will go for Breaking Dawn, the older action lovers for Hugh Jackman’s robot boxing movie and, for the kiddies, there’s the Happy Feet sequel. Of course this is a very simplistic conventionalization, but I’d like to bet the large majority will neatly fall into their respected categories.

For those of you a little out of the loop, “Breaking Dawn” is set to start filming this fall, once Summit decides whether they’re splitting the film or not, and gets new contracts written for their leading men and women.Hold on to your fangs Twihards, mark your calendars girls (and some boys) next fall it’s all going down.

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  1. i think this will be the best twilight movie! I’m SUPER excited about it! I can’t wait!!!! My husband refuses 2 go with me, so I need a twilight buddy!! Lol

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