Tri Energy Inc. – Another Ponzi Scheme?

More and more companies are going towards the demand of clean and renewable energies in answer of today’s global climate change. Unfortunately, one of these so-called “green technology'” companies are on the radar of the public as of now for another alleged ponzi scheme.

Accordingly, a company called Tri Energy Inc. is involved into this ponzi scheme. Tri Energy Inc. is a company in Nevada involved in coal mining. Reports say that Tri Energy intially have raised $2,500,000 from offers and sales to at least Washington investors towards funding coal mine operations of the company and its two other partners namely H & J Energy and Middle East gold investment company organized by Marina Investors Group.

In addition, investors to this alleged Tri Energy Inc. ponzi scheme learned about this investment opportunity through a certain Mildred and Ronald Stultz where they meet potential victims through a series of “Millionaire Mind” seminars organized by Peak Potentials Training. Investors are told that they have two options to invest in; coal mines or gold bullions.

It turns out that Tri Energy has only two coal mines which are different from what they claim during their orientation to potential investors. Unfortunately, both mines are considered unprofitable with total losses amounting to $32 million which are mainly from victims of this ponzi scheme.

If you are curious about this Tri Energy Ponzi Scheme case, you can read more about it here.

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