Toyota ends Car Exports to Iran

Due to Iran’s nuclear ambitions, one of the worlds leading companies in the car industry, Toyota halted its export car trade to the country. There has been international moves to put financial and commercial pressure to Terhan, Iran’s capital city.

Toyota has confirmed the news Thursday and according to Keisuke Kirimoto, Toyota spokesman, the company has been holding the shipments of its popular land cruiser model and as to until when will this halt would be, he said it is infinite. “We plan to continue to closely monitor this sensitive international situation,” Kirimoto added.

Toyota is just following the U.S. and United Nations sanctions on Tehran that was made last June. Toyota exported just 222 vehicles to Iran through May of this year, and a similar number in all of 2009 as what has been posted in CNN.

The US and the United Nations has imposed a sanction to the country last June believing that the country is having an atomic energy program aiming to produce nuclear weapons. Iran has been denying the allegation up to this time.

No one really knows who has been saying the truth. Thorough and complex investigation has been made to clear out everything. In fairness to Iran, if all these things are just hoax, their economy would be greatly affected as to the world has been shutting their doors to them.

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