Toy Story 3 Gets Big Time With $109M on First Weekend

Toy Story 3 Gets Big Time With $109M on First Weekend – Such a great news to hear. Toy Story fans has clearly enjoyed the 3rd franchise of the movie. It has joined Shrek The Third and Shrek 2 as it became the 3rd animated film to top $100 million in the first weekend.

“Whether you’re a kid or a parent, you always come to a fork in the road where you make the decision of what to do about your toys. Therein lies the appeal of the movie,” said Chuck Viane, head of distribution for Disney. – BBC News. The movie has out-shined The Karate Kid which took $29m.

“Somehow these characters have worked their way in. When you go there, you can see the audience is vested in the movie from the start. It doesn’t take any time to warm up. The minute it hits the screen, they’re in,” Viane said. – ABC News.

“Toy Story 3” took in an additional $44.8 million overseas, giving it a worldwide total of $153.8 million. If your were not able to watch the movie yet, better go to the movie house now and see for yourself.

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