Topeka Google Logo: Why Does Google say Topeka Today?

Is Google really changing its name?

Today, Google changed their Company name to Topeka… or not!!!  At first people believed that Google changed their company name to return the favor to Topeka Kansas whose mayor changed the name of the city to Google, Kansas for a month for tourism.  Apparently, this is just one of Google’s pranks among many others.

There’s also one they did before that tells you you can download Google Chrome browser and enjoy a 3D experience.  One, it would instruct you to download and print your 3D glasses.  Two, it will let you download the exe file.  Then they will announce that they pranked you.

Anyway, today is all about fun so if ever someone pulled a joke to you and made a fool out of you, just laugh and enjoy the day.

5 thoughts on “Topeka Google Logo: Why Does Google say Topeka Today?

  1. It says Topeka because it’s April Fools day and when you see it of course your going to wonder why in the world does it say Topeka in stead of Google? When you say Topeka it sounds like Toe Picker. So it was an April Fools joke.

  2. That was NOT cool google saying they changed their name to Topeka.TOTALLY NOT COOL…
    I didnt even know it was april fools day.

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