Top Hot Unique Halloween Costume Ideas 2010

It’s Halloween time and there are about two weeks left before Halloween parties and celebrations.  You still have time to find or make your own costumes.  We have searched over the internet to look for the funniest and most unique Halloween Costume Ideas especially for adults in the world ever.  We will also give you a list of never-before-worn Halloween Costume ideas but for now, let’s focus on Funny and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas.

Also, here are more simple and easy Halloween Costumes you can find in your closet!

Headless Costume.  This is just an illusion but it’s fun and cool.  It might take you days to make this costume though.

Mario and Luigi Costume.  This one is pretty easy to imitate.  You would just need to find a hat.

The Joker (Heath Ledger) Costume.  This one is not really unique but it’s easy to get this costume.  You will just need a face paint for this to really work.

The napkin / tampon costume with blood stains!

I think this is the sickest Halloween costume I have ever seen in my entire life!  If you want to look sexy and attract boys this Halloween, don’t wear this.

The kid’s expression is priceless lol.

This is a pretty cool costume if you want to look cool.  This can also be imitated for adults.

If you want to look pretty, hot and retro, you can follow Lindsay Lohan’s Halloween costume

She’s wearing an 80s aerobics instructor costume.

If you want to look stunningly hot and you want to show off your gorgeous body, this is your excuse to wear a bikini portion beauty queen costume!  In this case it’s a Sarah Palin costum but still, just put a tiara on your head and you’re good to go.

Also, here are more simple and easy Halloween Costumes you can find in your closet!

If you really are running out of unique ideas for Halloween costumes then you can check out the Halloween Costume Generator.  You can download the Halloween Costume Generator here.

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