Tommy John Surgery For Peter Strasburg

The Washington Nationals has not stopped bleeding with injuries to their pitchers. In late July, rookie ace Peter Strasburg was put on the disabled list due to pain in his shoulder. This time around, he is suffering from pain in his forearm.

Initial MRI results showed a strained forearm but recent tests on Thursday revealed that it was much worse than a strain. Strasburg may need to undergo Tommy John Surgery to repair significant tear in his ulnar collateral ligament. The team is awaiting a second opinion from Lewis Yocum, who has done a similar procedure on fellow National Jordan Zimmerman last year.

Zimmerman has recovered from the injury so far, making Strasburg and the team optimistic on his recovery too. The chances of the 22-year old rookie sensation coming back is very likely next year.

It was disappointing for Strasburg in the beginning but he has gone to accept the fact, now focusing on rehabilitation and a comeback in a year.

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