TK-421 iPhone Case Provides QWERTY Keypads

Are you one of those millions in the world who owns an iPhone? It’s sleek isn’t it? However, for a person who got big fingers or long nails might probably be having a hard time typing for an SMS or keywords when you browse the internet in your iPhone. Worry no more guys because a solution for your problem is already here. Introducing the TK-421 iPhone case from ThinkGeek. It comes with a flip-out keyboard.

It will allow those who are having problems in typing on the screen or just felt the hassle in using a stylus. The flip-out QWERTY keypads can be moved 180 degrees and can be kept at the back of your iPhone. Versions are available for iPhone 3GS as well as for iPhone 4. It uses Bluetooth for connecting to the iPhone and at the same time the case protects the phones as well. The keyboard will work with email, notes, and web surfing.

The price of this ThinkGeek casing would be $49.99 and better grab one now because accordingly, it won’t be available beyond November 23. iPhone owners who were having a hard time typing better have this one to add up to your iPhone accessories. Although it would make your phone thicker though, it would definitely lessen the number of times you hit that clear button because you happen to key in the next letter of what you’re trying to type.

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