Tim Tebow Haircut Photo Generates Reactions

Tim Tebow Haircut Photo Generates Reactions – A lot of fans of NFL player Tim Tebow were surprised as they saw their favorite football player with his new haircut. Apparently, the new haircut of Tim Tebow was quite weird as it left a huge bald at the center while the hair around his head were left.

Different reactions were given to Tim Tebow’s new haircut. Some said that it looked like a giant egg in a nest while some┬ásaid that it resembled Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck. Others claimed it was disturbing on the eye. Anyhow, definitely that new haircut won’t be seen by spectators when Tim Tebow would play for the team of Denver Broncos.

Nobody knows why Tim Tebow decided to have┬áthat kind of haircut. Is he just creating some buzz since the NFL’s Preseason is about to start? What can you say about Tim Tebow’s new haircut?

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