Tiger Woods Wife Elin Nordegren Plans to Go Back to Sweden

Tiger Woods Wife Elin Nordegren Plans to Go Back to Sweden: After a failed marriage with the world’s number 1 golfer Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’ wife is now contemplating of returning to Sweden according to Radar Online.

According to the interview by Radar Online, Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren is moving back to Sweden after she has formally filed her divorce with Tiger Woods.

An insider also tipped that couple Elin and Tiger are not talking much anymore since the Masters Golf Tournament before. They are just keeping a casual relationship now for the sake of their children. An impending divorce is definitely on its way.

Elin claimed that she still cannot forget the various mistresses associated with Tiger Woods most especially the 21-year old neighbor whom Tiger Woods had an affair with.

I think that divorce is really on its way. I feel sorry for Elin Nordegren since she does not deserve to be treated that way.

5 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Wife Elin Nordegren Plans to Go Back to Sweden

  1. I think that Elin Nordegren, up to recently, was planning to spend the winters in Arizona and the rest of the year in Sweden. I would not be surprised if Elin, eventually, decides to stay in Sweden permanently with the children especially after they start to attend school. After all, Sweden is Elin’s country and it is there where they have the love and support of family and friends. Tiger has the resources to visit the children anywhere they live. I think that in Sweden Elin and the children can live a more normal life and get privacy from the frenzy media that have hounded them relentlessly for endless months. I wish Elin and her precious children all the best!

  2. “Tiger has the resources to visit the children anywhere they live.”

    Not if the gold digger has anything to do with it.

  3. it is sad. for myself , speaking from expieriance , even though we love our wives , we do stupid things. after many years go by , and we re marry and find happiness , yet the children suffer. in the case of tiger and elin , thanks to the fact that tiger was the first billionaire golfer , elin can provide almost enough happiness and security , i say almost enough. i am certain that elin did a lot of thinking before she deep down that she decided that there is no love left for tiger. as for tiger , he is in for some tough times. once you have had the best , and elin is all of that , then tiger is going to have to learn how to find happiness as a single guy again. i myself , have been there , and it ain’t easy , but you get through it. but time does heal all wounds. it sometimes happens , especially if tiger is a great dad , that elin could have a change of heart. in this case , tiger , if this would occur , then tiger you had better become as good as a dad as you are a golfer. and same as that , you had better become an even better golfer then you were before. because when you do this , as the kids grow up , they will tend to come to their mom and tell her that they miss their dad. in any case , tiger i hope the best for you.

  4. That whole situation is truly just a sad show of the times that Television has produced throughout its history!Families have got to stop allowing children to be taught by Television!!!Whatever happened to …Till death do us part … or In sickness and health…A married couple should ALWAYS put each other first ESPECIALLY during the bad times!!!!! Now thats strentgh love and commitment!!!

  5. Elin should get a huge settlement, then a trust should be set up with Tiger’s funds for the children before Tiger squanders it on all the trashy women he beds. Elin needs to grab what she can while he has it since I am questioning if he golf game will ever come back to ‘star’ quality. Let Elin return to Sweden or wherever she wants to live. Tiger has the planes and time to visit anywhere in the world. What he has put his family through is disgusting. I hope Elin finds happiness and perhaps a husband who will respect, love and provide complete trust as well as being the greatest of fathers. The hurt from Tiger will fade and she and Sam and Charlie will find happiness with Tiger oceans away trying to putt his way into another mistress’s bed.

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