Tiger Woods is Back to his Golf Career

After all the controversies in his life, Tiger Woods is set to have his comeback at the Masters. No matter how scandalous are the issues that came to him lately, it won’t merely affect on how he would swing his golf club and shoots the golf ball magnificently. A lot of his sponsors has already backed out, but once Tiger could be on tack again, no wonder they would race back to him.

It’s is quite important to have a moral cleanliness most especially when everyone’s eyes are on you because you are on highest peak of your career but temptations are everywhere and Tiger is only human. All human beings commit mistakes. Tiger Woods would always be Tiger Woods in the world of golf and no one can take it away from him. Golf is his career and his expertise in this area is priceless.

Woods has won four times at Augusta National, including the first of his 14 major titles in 1997 when he won by a record 12 shots as a 21-year-old to become the first black player to win a major. “Although I’m returning to competition, I still have a lot of work to do in my personal life. When I finally got into a position to think about competitive golf again, it became apparent to me that the Masters would be the earliest I could play, Woods said.

The Masters is set to start by April 8.

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