Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement Details

It has been said that marriage is one of the hardest to keep especially when you are rich and famous. This applies mostly to men as they are said to be polygamous in nature. Very few couples can surpass at least 10 years of happy marriage. More often than not, divorce is the ultimate end of these marriages.

This is what happened to the world’s number one golfer Tiger Woods. After several women connected to him during the height of the controversy which caused the falldown of his golf career and company endorsements, Tiger Woods’ divorce with his wife Elin Nordegren is now official.

Various amounts have come out about the intriguing cash settlement of Tiger Woods to Elin Nordgren as part of the divorce. Some said that it’s between $100M to $500M. Others like The Sun exaggerated it and reported to be $750M based on Tiger Woods’ networth to be about a billion dollars. However, Forbes, the authority in estimating networths said that Tiger Woods is worth only about $600M.

US law firm McGuireWoods has been reported to be advising Elin Nodegren on her divorce with Tiger Woods since her twin sister Josefin Lonnborg is employed as a corporate associate. Her sister, together with four other lawyers will represent her in the court. In addition to McGuireWoods, Lowndes Drosdick Doster Kantor & Reed is also reported to be one of the law firms advising Elin.

Meanwhile, Tiger Woods is reported to be under Florida firm Sasser Cestero & Sasser law firm. In addition, Brody Wilkinson law firm will be advising Woods through Peter Mott, the long-term general counsel for the golfer’s business interests.

In her recent interview with People Magazine, Elin said she is not a violent woman and that she had never hit Woods in any occasion. She also said that during the course of their six years of marriage, she had no idea of any of the cheating Tiger Woods made.

One thought on “Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorce Settlement Details

  1. Don’t air your dirty washing in public, for you and your children. He has been named and shamed, surely that’s enough now. You are acting just like the sluts where. You already look you all had the same agendas. Money!

    Gosh I would go through hell twice to get even a tenth of Woods worth. Hell maybe even three times.

    I dont know if i would survive though…….

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