Tiger Woods’ Turn to Speak Out on Divorce With Elin Nordegren

Taking a break from the Barclays Tournament in Ridgewood Country Club, Tiger Woods told reporters in a press conference that, “It’s a sad time in our lives and we’re looking forward in our lives and how we can help our kids as best we can. I think that’s the most important thing. It’s a sad time and we’re going through it right now.”

Woods and Nordegren were officially divorced on Monday, some nine months after a “small army” of women came forward to expose the details of their steamy affairs with the golf superstar.

Asked about feelings of relief or remorse, Woods said relief or remorse are not quite the right words but “more sadness”. He added, “You don’t ever go into a marriage looking to get divorced, that’s why it is sad. My actions certainly led us to this decision. I made a lot of errors in my life. I understand that she is sad and I feel the same way.”

My two cents worth… I doubt if Elin Nordegren went through her marriage expecting this kind of scandalous behavior about her husband.

As for Tiger, you should never go into a marriage looking to be able to continue your philandering ways and not expect your wife to divorce you when she finds out. Didn’t you know what was going to happen and how “sad” your wife was going to be the very first time you took on a mistress? Duh???

One thought on “Tiger Woods’ Turn to Speak Out on Divorce With Elin Nordegren

  1. I am glad that Elin Nordegren did not allow Tiger and his team to silence her per life, even though it cost her millions from the divorce settlement! Elin is free at last from the despicable Tiger Woods who seems to have very serious issues! Elin Nordegren appears to be a woman true to herself and there is no money that can buy the dignity, self respect, courage and moral principles of a true woman!!! I am very glad that Elin is free at last from Tiger Woods!!!What Tiger Woods did to Elin Nordegren was criminal and coward! He showed no compassion, respect or caring for his wife or children! I believe that Elin has a right to tell her story to the world since she and the children are the only true innocent victims in this horrid ordeal! I commend Elin for her courage and determination to come public! She is truly an inspiration to all the decent women around the world! I know that Elin and her precious children will have a very happy future!!!

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