Tier 5 Unemployment Extension of Benefits: Senators Supporting 99ers’ Unemployment Benefits

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension of Benefits: Senators Supporting 99ers Unemployment Benefits – Since the recently passed HR 4213 unemployment extension bill is in short of the unemployment benefits for 99ers, these unemployed people are constantly demanding the Congress for a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill. In fact, several Tier 5 unemployment extension petitions are set up to call the attention of the Congress to act on it immediately.

Yesterday, we received and published a letter from 99er depicting the situation that they were all undergoing. Again, the letter was addressed to our politicians hoping for the passage of a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill.

In less than four months from now, America will once again have its Senate elections. Scheduled on November 2, 2010, 37 seats of the Senate will once again be filled in with new faces. Since the 99ers constitute a huge portion of voters, we tried our best to find out who among our politicians have expressed their interests in passing a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill for the 99ers. Here are some of them:

Sen. Charles Schumer, Democrat from New York saying: “There are a number of people who have maxed out, they’ve been looking and looking for work but haven’t found it, and there is a separate act that would extend those benefits to them. Extending this was really important. There are some people who go beyond the 99 weeks and we’re gonna try to do that next.” Below is his video expressing his thoughts for the 99ers’ unemployment benefits:

Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Democrat from Michigan saying: “I’m working on a bill to help them because, when there are five people out of work for every one job opening, it’s the right thing to do.” The Senator said she wished that the unemployment extension 2010 bill included a provision for Tier 5 to help the 99ers.

So far these two Senators claimed to have been supporting the 99ers in their fight to pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill for them to survive and feed their families. While some of you may just say that this could just be an election ploy since they needed votes, let’s just give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

One week have passed since the HR 4213 unemployment extension bill was signed into law by President Obama. Having known that it did not contain the provision for unemployment benefits for the 99ers, did you try to send a letter, email, or a phone call to your state senators to ask for their help? What did they say? Who among them expressed their interests in helping the 99ers? We would like to hear from you so that others would know who should they vote for this coming November elections. Indeed, it would be surprising to see the name of a Republican.

38 thoughts on “Tier 5 Unemployment Extension of Benefits: Senators Supporting 99ers’ Unemployment Benefits

  1. A MUST READ FOR ALL 99ers!

    In AOL I read the article “Officials Fat Salaries Stir Outrage”. The article stated what Bell, Califoria officials were paid.

    $800,000 a year to the City Manager
    $787,637 to the Chief Adm. Officer
    $376,289 to the Assistant Manager

    If that did not make me angry, I also read in AOL News in “House Money” more news about our penny pinching government. The article’s heading “HOW CONGRESS SPENDS BILLIONS ON ITSELF” this breakdown spending was for 9 MONTHS from late 2009 – early 2010:

    FOOD TAB: $604k on bottled water
    INTERN AND PAGES: $4.4 million (food bill)
    NEWS AND RESEARCH: $1.2 million

    I am very happy such articles and news are popping up every minute. This gives us a look on what government is doing with our money. Our government is spending a lot of our money on themselves, banks, foreign countries and Wall Street except helping the poor, homeless and jobless that are in dire need.

    I hope this tidbit of information will help make every 99er stand up to our government officials and demand money to help us the American people and be accountable to every penny they spent. It is time we open up our eyes and look at reality in the face. Our officials are ignoring us the people who put them in their offices which they forgot, but come next month they want us to rally around them and put them back in their office this November. They don’t care about us but they love to eat to keep their stomachs full of good food mainly catered to them.

    As a 99er, I will send this email to every website I can find and will ask my Congressmen and Representative about the bills. I bet my last penny no one will answer my email, they DON’T CARE.

    1. Why not just give the trillion dollar bank bailout to the unemployed instead? And let Wall Street and the banks collapse?

      This would also have the benefit of permanently destroying the housing Ponzi mechanism, ruining the idiots who caused the problem in the first place, and causing a significant drop in house prices that will instantly raise the standard of living for every American citizen who has been prudent. (Americans could then buy a home in 15 years on average.)

      But Congress is incapable of understanding this. They are too busy running errands for banks and oil companies.

    2. I agree with bill! I also think it is sickening how each and every republicican votes no on each and every extension and we the unemployed need desperately and had to wait for a dead man to be replaced in a Democratic seat before the last extension of tiers was passed! This is wrong! The republican party is crazy and racist! And unrealistic. Maybe the government does spend this kind of money……They probably always have! But it looks real bad now! You need to remember we have been the richest country in the world, and our government deserved these things! At one time! Now It makes me sick! But I just keep remembering how the republican party just keeps voting no on everything that would help the unemployed and the poor in an effort to make our president look bad. What newspaper did it come from? Who wrote the article? Why are they not talking about the wall street bail outs which make those figures look like nothing? Dont buy their ploys to make the president look bad! Its not him….It is the racist republican party! Please read about my experience in Tennessee I had with a kroger cashier, because my birthday was the same day as the presidents and he carded me because I was buying alchohol for my birthday party, my fiance was so generous to provide for me in a beautiful cabin in Gatlinburg. It made me sick, how someone with such a low paying job could not see past the color of our presidents skin, but remember Tennessee thought slavery was ok! So that should tell you why he acted and spoke the way he did! I would think Krogers would want more diverse employees, that would not offend their customers!!! I am white, but I do not like racist people, I live in Ohio, and racism makes me sick!!! Slavery and the thought of it makes me want to vomit!! So their rebel flags, do nothing for their character but make them look like they need to live 170 years ago! Because I refuse to go backwards along with many others in this country! The republicans want us to go backwards……They show it everyday with their racial tactics! We the people that defeated slavery need to be heard again! The republican party is racist, and they do everything they can to make the president look bad!! They claim they are not racist, but I could come up with a list of 25 things that they have promoted that are racist! The south and their racist party will lose again in november! They must forget how they got their asses kicked in the civil war!!

  2. I was laid off from my job less than 2 years ago. I have applied to a lot of jobs within this time and being a single mother, I went back to college and obtained my Associates Degree. My Unemployment exhausted in June 2009 and I don’t know whats next. I apply, go on interviews, some place say that i am over qualified which is a joke, what does it take. People lose hoe over time after trying and trying nothing seems to give.

    1. It is just scary that people will actually just ignore you! I have always given my money or time to any one that needed legitimate help but I guess that was the old days when parents actually instilled ethics into there children. Please dont lose hope the government wont help you but someone will!

    2. Get r ass in gear- and pass another another tier that’s right u named it can’t u hear our cries and don’t think that six weeks will do it. How about lettings us draw our social secuirty now before we won’t have that. How about where all the lottery money is going. Millions of dollars floating out there. We can win in wall street the crooks stole that from us so how about doing what we want now. We paid all our lives to keep business’s going and lost our jobs the got rich and we got poor. Gee what is wrong with this pic???? Want to hear more. What good does it do well I got to say what I needed to say. If we don’t have a future u think our grand babies will no way. All stop voting stop having kids stop the world because when we stop they can’t go on they will run out too. But they have us scared and full of fear. Fear not and start trusting god for once because what they have to offer us is no no future. It is all infront of us but we refuse to act upon it. Stop stop stop the world for one day or one week on everything and see how economy is why not we have nothing now but we can survive yes we can.

  3. hi i’m not a 99ers yet , but i might be one later because i have try many many time for a job, i have not land 1 yet , very very tought to get a job now, i only want a job paid about 7.50 to 10.00 dollars still there is none for me yet, i’m a production worker for over 15 yrs.., i think the 99ers deserve the help…. is any one out there can help. i don’t think republican will because they have to save the money for the two wars, this is the sad time for american or American’t

  4. Since the politicians dislike helping Americans vote them out in November!! They spend money on Wall St. and tell the American people to wait or live in your Mother’s basement. Thanks guys. Wait till Nov. Democrats!!!! I was a Democrat now I am an Independent

    1. I agree totally with Robert–why did they pass an extension without including us 99’ers!!! This is ludicrous–while they go on their 5 week vaca–we are out pounding the sidewalks trying to at least get some type of work–there is just NOTHING out there that will put food on the table and a roof over our heads!! Spending money on Wall Street and every damn country that comes whining is wrong when Americans are suffering. Is this what we get for ALL the years of hard work we have contributed and paid for from our wages!!! I have also become an indpendent –hope all the losers in the Senate do not get elected again. Wake up people–vote them all out of office!!!

    2. It’s not just some Democrats, but mostly Republicans who keep holding up the unemployment benefit extensions. There is one Democrat, Ben Nelson, who should change parties because he is not on the side of the people.

    3. So congress gets vacations when we all can’t even pay what ever. Why did u not pass tier five even before this went sour. U help the rich and forget the poorest of all there is so much to be said here and why do u all wait till we lost it all something wrong with this picture. Where the heck is r common sence that god suppoively gave u that’s if u have god. I lost it all back in 2003. And its 2010 what is this world going to look like in five years. Well maybe we all will learn to share care and live simple no fancy cars home food just simple. For all of us so that all is treated equal. Suppose that makes sence. I think so. Fight to kill in a war is wasting money that does not bring love but hate wall street is a waste of time and money its a losing game. Bulding fancy business so that who looks good. Rasing the cost of everything when y can’t even stay stable. This world its the pits of hell and when jesus follow not the things of the world he meant what he said. See where it gets u. Oh yes no where. There is no dreams to follow on earth but just to help the poor and needy like jesus said. Not to horde all this crap. Let’s get real and put the bucks where life really matters. Get off r dead ass brains and do what is right. Judgement day is coming soon and what will u say to the one that comes in the clouds. Do it now cause when that happens u will know u seat u sit high on now will crush u all this goes out the the world and me included. Let that be said

  5. Get rid of all of the senators. vote them all out. How dare they sign a bill and forget us again. We the People are in charge. All of these white collar crimals in the senate are hired hands for us. DO we remember this??????? We voted them in and now it is time to vote them out. Stop giving Money to pakistan HILLARY. Check your own back yard first. Nancy Pelosi is the worst crimnal of them all. Looking down her nose at the 99ers as if we are less than her. There is a video of someone asking her about tier five. She crumpled up her face and said no with a discusted look on her face. Out you go Pelosi. the sooner the better. Yo and your 500 dollar hair cut and your 2000 dollar pants suit

    1. You said it GP–Pelosi is a disgrace–she is the most vicious and power hungry Speaker there has ever been in office–riding around in her fancy jet with the whole damn family accompanying her sorry ass–who do you suppose paid for that jet!!!! We Did!!!! Under that $500.00 haircut is a very ugly person–what a sorry state of affairs our senators and congressmen have allowed to happen in what used to be a great country!! Come on November!!!

    2. Congree stand dor all cons that can’t gress life on earth. Cons that is what u all are that is why I don’t vote and won’t for who I am not putting u high above my lord ever again no matter where u go or say. White colar pure filth I see the white house as what pure is that what white is. Nope not for any of uuuuu’s. U debate. U fight u con u steal from us uu can’t hide anymore or think that we look to u for what. U cons stay in the dark house now cause it will be much darker then u will ever imagine guess what u will be alive and live forever that way too it won’t be pretty but tormenting

    3. The clintons can give there daughter a wedding that cost millions in a time when people cant find jobs or feed there families,What a slap in the face !! Lets get these people out of our goernment before they suck us dry. Stop sending our jobs out of the country bring our jobs back home,Lets retire these over aged politicians with old ideas. IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE. They dont work any harder than you or i, why do they make so much money.There big pay keeps coming in so they can live high off the hog.They will never understand the poor beacuse they dont know what its like to struggle.We will still be paying them big dollars after there time in office,we will still be working while ther lounging on the beach.There not working to help us, there only working on helping there wallstreet investments.Our word doesn’t mean CRAP im probrably just wasting time writing this,but since i cant find a job time is all i have. Well im hungry now,if i had food in my house i would go get something to eat,Guess i’ll starve.

  6. I think it is appauling that we (the 99ers) are being left to the Wolves, who will take our homes, dignity and livelihood. I have worked, paid my taxes and I am getting angry that day after day we must beg the same people we voted for to help us out. It is a sad day in America, part of the problem is too many foreigners, they have all the jobs because they are bi-lingual and it is not fair. I don’t hate them but lately im not loving them either. Miami may as well be Cuba now and dont even think about applying for a job down there if you cant speak their language and now our politicians are kicking us in the ass. Republicans, we will remember you all in November, Americans, continue to fight, fuss, email, write and complain until we get what we deserve. We are not all lazy, we just need help, there will be more foreclosures, more homeless and more desparate people which will lead to more robberies, more stealing and more violence. Wake up Washington, we need your help and support now, not next year. To all of you who think we (99ers) dont deserve any more help, what will you do when we are all homeless, it will be a site for other countries to see, Americans walking around with their kids doing the day and sleeping in the streets at night, I dont think you guys (Government) realize how serious it is out here. I am truly scared of losing everything, I worked my entire life and thought I would retire off my job, instead, i’m about to loose my home and everything else at the age of 50. We dont want a handout, just a hand until we are back on our feet.

  7. 99ers, get out there and let others know where to email, write and voice there opinion. Dont forget, a lot of us probably dont have internet anymore, it cost money. We need to help one another be heard. There are millions of us and some do not know this site is available. Also, if anyone knows a direct email link to the Government about this, please put it out there. Goodluck my fellow 99ers.

  8. It’s time we wake up fellow 99ers. It’s about the haves and the have nots. It’s always been that way and it always will until we stand up and demand change. Day after day I wonder…what next? Our government doesn’t care about us. We poor folk have been saying that for years. And as long as you depend on a paycheck, or use to depend on a paycheck, you are poor folk. The Haves make money off our blood, sweat and tears but that’s not good enough. Now they don’t want us to have nothing so they come for what we have. All of us who believed that poverty could not be prevented, blamed it on ignorance or lack of education etc., well now we see how it feels. We now know things can be prevented if our government acts. We 99ers are feeling like abused children. We love our country, we’re wondering why our country doesn’t love us back.

  9. When people start breaking into their houses,and robbing thier family members or worse, they will pass people!!!!!!!!

  10. Will tier 5 unemployment bill be pass before congress goes on this long month break
    we are hurting,we are losing everything

  11. It’s a shame the American people have to beg for help to survice, one of the richest countries and we cant get together and help Americans at a time of need. It’s not about being lazy there’s not jobs out there at time, I have been looking and sending out resume just about everyday sine June 2008. I have gotten two calls come to fine out you are over qualified let’s get real. The people who were able to hold on to their jobs god bless than, u just don’t know how it feels wondering how u are going to pay rent but food to put on the table. Most of all if u do get help from family, friends they can only do but so much, because they are at hard times themselves. We the American people who are able to help the 99ers should reconsider and think again it may be u oneday where we are, It’s not a good feeling, very depression, stressful it also feels like you are out in this world all alone. Let’s get together and do what’s best for our people who are living at hard times now, there’s no jobs right now I am one who would rather work. Please pass tier 5 before you all go on vacation next month. PLEASE HELP NOW IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO HELP US AMERICAN’S AT THIS TIME OF NEED THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT AMERICANS WHO HAVE WORK ALL OR MOST OF THEIR LIVES – LETS DO IT I KNOW U ALL HAVE A HEART GOD BLESS.

  12. It took guns in the American Revolution. It will take guns in this one. Praise God for our forefathers. They knew we would need them. We may be done, we are not out. It is time Washington became afraid of us. Very afraid!

  13. I will be come what you guys call a “99er” in one week. A single mom, have gone back to college, have looked for a job consistently for almost 2 years, yes EVERYDAY. I am so tired of hearing that we are just being lazy. I would have to say most people don’t find struggling to pay there bills a fun thing to do. Every time I have gone to an interview, they have had 1500+ for 1 position. I have been told I am overqualified, do not have a degree (hence returning to college) and what it comes down to is employers are hiring people who will take the least amount of money, yes even minimum wage, and why wouldn’t they? I have applied in Washington State and Oregon, I am highly skilled, was laid off after 13 years at the same job and have never not worked since I was 16, up until I was 38..yes almost 2 years ago. I am trying my hardest and am getting no where, and can’t believe that our government is turning their backs on those who need help the most. Yes go ahead and fund the war, and the banks, etc etc, complete political manipulation…shame on all of you..hey maybe you should throw in a raise for yourselves and take a vacation for a month, while we try and figure out how the hell to pay our mortgages and the rest of our bills…no worries government….thanks for the help…thanks for watching us all sink! At this point even though it’s easy to point fingers…yes republicans, I am now questioning the democrats as well…or our entire government…how can you guys sleep at night? Shame on our government for looking the other way and sending money to other countries, or bailing out the banks and big businesses….maybe you should all take a cut in pay and get paid what unemployment pays and see if you guys could survive for 2 years. Yeah, that’s what I thought! I will remember in November, as will millions! No recess until tier 5 or some type of assistance is created for the “99er’s.” Even if you help those who are proven to help themselves (going back to college!!!!) do drug testing, whatever it takes. I don’t want to lose my house, amongst other things, I don’t know what to do at this point. HELP US!

  14. To everyone that is on unemployment and is responding to these blogs. Congress is getting ready to go on a month vacation. The GOP filibustered the small business bill that is loans not spending and in the bill if you don’t use the money for new jobs you lose the loan. They are going on vacation with 4 million people have used up 99 weeks of benefits and have no means of survival. The suicide rate has gone up do to people not having ways to pay their bills or feed their families. So what can we do? Go to Senate.gov and look up any Senator that has help cause this situation and has gone on an unnecessary vacation. Flood their home offices with calls and faxes. They would scream if Obama took a month off.

    To anyone that believes the unemployed are sitting on our butts, let me tell you what is going on. Two major things:

    1) When companies were forced to lay off workers their goals didn’t change they were still in business to make a profit and if they had share holders they still had their yearly projection that was promised to the share holders. So what they did is just made the people they kept work harder and longer. Maybe had some people that were in management get back to physical work instead of just supervising. So if they hit their goals with less workers there is no incentive to rehire until their goals are too high their current work staff can’t reach it. So less labor and hitting quarterly goals creates larger profits.
    2) I been in management most of my life and wither you are a manager of a small business or a big enough business that you have a Human Resource manager. Hiring can be very stressful. They are looking for a person that will be right for the company and stay and help the company succeed for a long time. So when they are looking at applications and interviewing people they have those criteria’s in mind plus they have a pay scale in mind. So they are not going to hire someone that was making $90,000.00 for a $45,000.00 a year job . Why? It is not just because they might be over qualified; it is will this person stay with us for the long term? or until a better paying job comes up. Yes, during the interview most applicants will say they are looking for anything right now and will be a loyal employee. The interviewer knows that as soon as that person gets called back to their old job or is offered a higher paying job they will leave 99.9% of the time. So part of there job of hiring is to find a person for the job that will stay and keep turn over down. That means be very careful who you hire because every person you hire cost a company around $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 in training. ½ of that amount on the new hire and the other half for the person spending time training the new hire, plus the hours of paperwork done when there is a new hire. So every time you lose that hired person the company takes a loss. By the way high turnover is #1 on the list of losing your job as a manager or HR manager.

    This doesn’t stop us from looking but just shows the reasons why we are not getting call backs from resumes or applications. It is just the facts, a SUBWAY owner isn’t going to hire a person that was making $50,000.00 a year and train them when they can hire a person that has worked in that field or prior work history pay scale is close to what he is offering. He just can’t waste time with turnover.

    Lets not forget the 99ers – Also don’t forget who caused the delay in the extensions vote them out!

    1. I am a republican, born an raise. I will never ever VOTE for a republican again. I can not belive that they can just turn their backs on us. WE NEED TO TURN OUR BACKS ON THEM. A VACATION is much better that helping us first. I would not be able to enjoy a Vacation, knowing i just turned my back on millions of AMERICANS. we only have TWO republicans on our side. two only with a heart. please we need a tier 5 today. i have to find a big box to live in, this is how bad it has been. i had only 39 weeks of unemployment and nothing is left. i ended everythig in march. i do not know what to do. i pray everyday foe a job, any job. i just want to work.

  15. Don’t forget these weak ass Democrats! Reid could have made them stay to get this done but once again they are too damn scared of the Republicans! ALL OF THEM MUST GO!

  16. Come november vote Indepentant get rid of the democrats and republicans there both corrupted to the hilt,then pack up your bags and march on washington and wall street let them know how you feel,sweet jesus 5 million people outta work in the rich country in world history thats ridicules,theres a big sucking sound a the top of the heap,the super rich are doing great,the little guy is hurting big time,these people are way outta of thouch with main street america.theres a time bomb ready to go off.9.5 percent unemployment thats a big lie its more like double that.

  17. Get rid of all congree get new blood in there like us as we know what we go through like obama. Why did u sign the bill and forget others did u not know we were still alive or what. The white house is a dark house.

  18. There isn’t enough talk about a Tier 5 extension in the Media. They’ll talk about any other BS. The politicians don’t want to deal with the facts, with elections coming up in November. It’s not getting better. If businesses can get one person to do the job of two/three people, they’ll do it. They don’t want to hire 45 and over, insurance rates are higher. That’s the reality of the situation. Businesses are using this recession as a good reason not to hire, lower salaries, cut back on benefits and staff. That’s why so many remain unemployed. The rich get richer, the working class gets poorer. That’s the reality of the economic mess this country is in.

  19. s3706 20 weeks is joke. Stop the poliyics on the unemployed about deficit enough is enough! I am sorry but most of the unemployed has been waiting for a tier 5 bill to pass for almost if not 20 weeks.The job market is not going to recover most unemployed by then. Wake up! It needs to be for at least one year and they know it. Get a bill done for this it is ridiculus!

  20. No senator from any state under 7.5% unemployment is going to support this bill unless it includes thier voters. Most likely they will have to ammend it to be the 13/20 deal again. In order for this bill to pass ALL dems have to be on board. That won’t happen unless ALL states are included

  21. Melissa, I am a Southerner and I am NOT mad at you for saying that! We here in the Dirty South are at the bottom of everything good and at the damn top of everything bad! Just fact! But, let’s not forget, these nut jobs (Republicans) are in all fifty states and that is why we MUST vote this Republican party and these turn coat Democrats out of office! If this scared ass president don’t want to speak up for the American people, then vote his ass out too!

  22. Cut it off, no more free entitlement programs. Deport the illegals in the fields and put the unemployed to work. A fifth tier will make the unemployed even lazier. Now pound the pavement boys.

    Big Daddy

  23. Whoever the jerkoffs are that said a fifth tier would make 99ers lazy,i say let it happen to you what has happen to us.We will get back on our feet soon and go on to be even prouder of what we have weathered,but you sir or madam will always be the cold hearted heartless ass wipes they you are now and will always be.God Help us all!

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