Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill Petition Rises: 99ers Want Unemployment Benefits Too

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill Petition Rises: 99ers Want Unemployment Benefits – The clamor for the passage of a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill in the Congress continues. The recent HR 4213 Unemployment Extension Bill does not involve unemployment benefits for those 99ers or those that have received 99 weeks of their unemployment benefits. What will happen to these unemployed individuals now?

Without a Tier 5, these unemployed Americans will have to rely on federal TANF or the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program which offers just over $500 each month. However, before you can avail this benefit, you must first prove that you’re capable of paying your rent. Apart from it, the only benefit available to those 99ers are food stamps.

Aside from the usual argument of the Republicans that the costs associated with the passage of a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill will just add to the current huge deficit of the government, it is also being said that it creates a disincentive for a job seeking behavior. That means, if an unemployed individual is expecting to get unemployment benefits, then they will be less likely to get motivated to find a job. While some maybe in this kind of attitude, the majority are actually looking for jobs but there are just no work available in the market. In effect, they are continuously losing their homes, their resources, their food, and their dignity.

Several groups and organizations have set up various petition sites for 99ers. Change.org has this “The 99ers need a Tier 5 added to Unemployment Benefits“; The Petition Site has this “We need a Tier 5 Federal Unemployment Extension“; and Saver 99ers has this “Petittion to Save the 99ers

Our politicians, especially the Republicans, need not to wait for crime rates to increase before they can address this issue immediately. Participate in any of these petitions for 99ers and let your voices be heard. Keep sending letters, emails, and phone calls to your senators. You can also contact the White House directly here and send your concerns to President Obama. America needs to take care of America.

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225 thoughts on “Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill Petition Rises: 99ers Want Unemployment Benefits Too

  1. I receive my last unemployment as of today with two children and it was not for 99 weeks. In my state which unemployment is high, my Govern H.Barber in MS is focus on his presidency.
    Now, what am I to do.

  2. I am 53 and have over 200 word pages at 10 point font average 8 work application per page in the last 6 months alone. That is 1600 application and that approximately 2/3 of the jobs I have applied for. My benifits have allowed me to eat, and support the local economy with some added income.

    I have 20 years in the computer industry and I am starting to figure the age is becoming a disadvantage to my hiring. What do I do lie about my work history?

    I am not sleeping well and the stress is very real and those political people who just say us 99er’s are lazy. What I have Doctor of science, scientist, professional business people, engineers, skilled laborer’s, teachers, but were all lazy.

    The funny thing is these political people get their checks from the same bucket and don’t have a problem cashing them for their needs.

    Most of us want help, we would even agree to sign a payback percentage plan, where 30% of the help would be paid back in long term employment, we want dignity and not stress, like many of us the stress is breaking our will and many people are forcing law enforcement to take deadly force to relieve that stress. In my city alone deadly forced killing by law enforcement is up 1000% over recent years.

    This country has the ability to spend $400 billion on a war over sea’s in a country their main economy is herion. This country has only put 76 billion in two years to it own people plights. My math tells me that cutting the military budget in 1/2 and spending 1/2 to help the American people spend money on American soil and putting the other 1/2 into creating industry here in a America not giving it to the filthy rich to spend it over sea’s. A recent report suggested 5 millions jobs were created last year. 4 million over sea’s, American bailout money spent in foreign lands to employ foreign people at a rate of 4 to 1. What, not one dollar should have been allowed to create 1 oversea job.

  3. It is really too bad to hear about all these people losing their unemployment benefits, especially in the current economic climate. I know there is some point where we have to take it back to the days of Hoover and force these unemployed individuals to figure things out for themselves, but with the high crime rates combined with unemployment rates at all time highs, I can see how pulling unemployment benefits can potentially have tragic results. There are people with masters degrees and PhD holders that are currently unemployed, so you can’t necessarily blame the people.

  4. I have been Unemployed since December 18, 2008, I achieved an Associate’s Degree in Business Administrative Technology, but I think the Education has hurt me in getting a job. Because I am over qualified for Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, etc……and I am under qualified for the field I went to College for, and I am at an age where people just look at me and say, we will call you and I never hear anything again. I have not gotten any benefits since November 2010, so it is getting harder to buy things such as food, I am loosing the weight, but it is not the way I am suppose to be losing it, I eat very small meals, and eat maybe two times a day. I do not think that the President, Congress and all the others in the White House have any idea, just how hard it is for us 99ers to get buy everyday……they have NO clue!!!!

    We need help now, it is just not fair for us, I have been working most of my adult life, but I have never been out of work for this long before!!!!

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