Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill Ignored: 2nd 99ers Rally Scheduled

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill Ignored: 2nd 99ers Rally Scheduled –  Two months have passed already since the signing of the recent unemployment extension bill for those unemployed Americans. Named as “HR 4213?, this unemployment extension bill extends the filing deadline for unemployment insurance benefits which expired last June 2 to until November 30, 2010. However, this particular unemployment extension bill did not give consideration for all those 99ers, those unemployed Americans who have exposed all their existing tiers.

Barely two months before the expiration of HR 4213, still no Tier 5 unemployment extension bill was passed in the Congress. Two members of the Congress have already proposed possible Tier 5 unemployment extension bill – Senator Debbie Stabenow’s Americans Want To Work Act and the one from Rep. Shelley Berkley. Among the two, Stabenow’s proposal is mostly favored by the 99ers. However, it’s turning out to be an empty promise or hope since a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill appears not to in the priority of the Congress.

The Senate has already returned from its recess and no Tier 5 unemployment bill has been worked out in any of its sessions. Instead, Senator Reid scheduled for the Dream Act vote that would automatically grant “conditional permanent resident status to any undocumented immigrant who meets all of the criteria set. As we all know, it was repealed by the Republican Filibuster.

The Senate is clearly not choosing to spend its session on those affected by the recession. It is simply ignoring the plea of the millions of 99ers. Recent data said that the recession was already over but how come that 99ers still cannot find jobs? Due to these, a huge rally in Washington DC is being planned to support the American Wants to Work Act which contains the provision for the Tier 5 extension for 99ers.

The rally will be called “One Nation March” and it will be on October 2, 2010 and begins at 12:00 pm and end at 4:00 pm. The event site will open for guests at 6:00 am, and pre-program will kick off at 11 am. The venue will be at the Lincoln Memorial. It is open to the public and there will be no tickets or pre-registration. However all buses traveling to the event are required to register with March organizers.

For more details on this historic march in support of the Tier 5 Extension Bill and American Wants to Work Act please visit One Nation Working Together (ONWT).

77 thoughts on “Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Bill Ignored: 2nd 99ers Rally Scheduled

  1. I’ve worked for the past 40 years and served my country in the military for three of them. I’ve now been out of work for the past 2 years and no longer have any benefits. Please help!

    1. i am so sorry, john. this is a national tragedy. thank you for your service to this country. i will pray for you!

  2. Thank God for Sen. George LeMieux, flushed S3706, whooooosh, glug, glug, glug. Jane needs a ride on the big Pleasure boat down to Miami for a little fun in the sun. Well, I guess the 69ers, oops I mean the 99whiners will be pounding the pavement to Toys R Us this Christmas season. I might even come in and say hello.

    1. WOW, were you just born a A..hole or did you learn it “On The Job”??? And I’m NOT a 99er!! Yes, this is to you…Benny!!!

    2. Benny you are a fucking asshole. My only regret is I can’t say it to your face. I hope you lose your job you son of a bitch!

    3. i hope you never lose your job. I hope you never have to look at your children and tell them there is no more food, with a tear from hunger. I hope you never get to see the bank put a lock on your door, or the bank take your car away. You benny johnson are what we like to call a internet tough guy,(a coward in person). There is no such this as the “AMERICAN DREAM” anymore, i can see you mrs. johnson OOPS… you jenny i mean benny have alot to learn, and i hope you find out alot fast, and here is a pointer, karma is a bitch.

  3. We sure do need an extension very badly due to the fact that we dont have no income coming in what are we supposed to do to survive day in day out this is and this is insane what about all the money we already pumped into the system and all what we get back is cold shoulder may be we should all stop paying taxes then and let the people of Afghanistan & Iraq pay the Treasury back like we have been doing for over 30 yrs do u call this a fair game?

  4. Benny, how dare you come in here and say what you said!! I hope that you go hungry for saying that statement, and that your family does too. At this point Benny, you might be luck right now, but will you be so lucky if you either lose your job, or if there ever comes a time prophetically speaking that money will no longer be a means of any kind of value? Well, if it ever happens to you what has happened to all of these people, then you can come back here, re-comment, and I would to see your fear like these people do, and cringe with hopelessness!! Go to Hell Benny!! And, I hope Uncle Sam kills you with kindness one day as he raises the taxes on your rich ass you motherfucker!!

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