Tier 5 Unemployment Extension: 99ers Call Falling on Deaf Ears of Congress?

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension: 99ers Call Falling on Deaf Ears of Congress? – Since the passage of the HR 4213 unemployment extension bill, millions of unemployed have started the call of a Tier 5 upon knowing that the bill did not include unemployment insurance benefits for them. What happened so far since then?

Unfortunately, out of the 100 Senators in the Congress, only two of them have expressed their willingness to help these 99ers. These are Senators Chuck Schumer from New York and Debbie Stabenow from Michigan. With the Senate going on with their August recess of over one month from August 9th through September 12, it is imperative that an action should be taken next week or a tier 5 unemployment benefits extension will not happen until at least the middle of September.

Republicans argue that the passage of additional Tier for the 99ers will hurt the budget of the government. According to an article from New York Times, the deficit’s size is indeed alarming. In the 2010 fiscal year alone, the government is projected to collect $2.2 trillion in taxes and spend $3.6 trillion, leaving a gap of $1.4 trillion. Surely, there must be tax increase and freeze in spending measures that should be implemented to increase the tax collection but definitely it should not affect the budget allocation for the insurance benefits of those unemployed. There are other more unimportant expenses that should be reduced if not totally cut so as to save money.

I know that it’s tiring for the 99ers but I would still encourage to keep the pressure on Congress to act responsibly and quickly for the passage of the Tier 5 unemployment extension bill. They should not wait until they get ousted in Congress in the upcoming mid term elections. They should not wait until crime rates and suicides goes up before they can pass this bill.

Don’t get discouraged. Keep those emails, fax letters, snail mail letters, and phone calls coming. Bombard them with those until your voice gets heard. When all things fail, perhaps a march on Washington would be more appropriate to voice out your concerns. As the saying goes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Pray and hope for the best. More and more people are listening to you.

Robert Curtis of 99er media has just launched its advocacy to help you. Below is his video:


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  1. it would seem to me that the government needs to find tax measures to aid the unemployed as well as an incentive to find jobs. gov projects are the best way to help unemployed. john kanzeus used a radio wave to extract hydrogen from salt water. the result was a fuel source that burns 100 per. clean. why then isnt there a gov involvement to utilize this in creating jobs. to cut the cost of running factories.on the whole is there a gov that will be there for the people.it seems that driving trackter trailers is a good job 30 years ago. so 30 years later we still get the same money we did back then. i am a professional driver of 25 years an still get the rate i got 25 years ago. while companies rape the employees so they can get bigger cars an lifestyles.just causes are the people who help this economy.that doesnt mean going on a vacation while people cant afford to eat, pay rent,if it was them it would be different.my idea is to give every person on unemployment there benefits as well as a zero tax cost.if you owe taxes you should get a break by getting a pass on them.refunds should be payed.an the rich should be regulated to a point were they pick up some slack

    1. The bill S-3706 Americans Want to Work Act gives more incentive to small businesses to hire the long term unemployed. It extends the 6.2% omission of social security they have to pay as well as increases the credit from $1000 to $2000 if they hire someone who’s been out of work at least 60 days.


    1. Its because most of them are in the streets, have no electric to get on a computer to sign. Some live in tents,or are now living in the streets,homeless shelters or just cannot afford electric or have had their electric shut off! It does not take a philidelphia Lawyer to figure that one out. You sound like many republicans that are way out of touch with what is exactly going on with these middle class Americans that have been reduced to poverty by no fault of their own! I hope you understand now, and that I may have shed a little light on why they are not signing! They havent polled me, and many others I talk to. I will be at the polls if I have to walk ten miles to get there. Shame on the 2% rich who think these people are drug addicts and lazy. There are not enough jobs! You think they enjoy losing their homes, cars, electric, water, and anything else they have acheived in life to this point? Why not bail the very people out that the crooks on wall street hurt? And I do not make $250,000 but I do pay taxes and have ten years of proof. Tell that one to the blonde Anchor on Fox Tv and Glenn(Christian Beck)! What a joke…..Christian my a**! Fox tv is not a news station, they are the lowest of the low in all the republican and democratic unemployed who watch as they degrade us all each day, have realized it and what they are. And Republican congress members just voting no…Just to make the president look bad, and without reguard for the hungry homeless children created by this mess!How sick minded are they? Shame on anyone that puts down the unemployed! God is watching you all!!!! No one in this country should be homeless, unless it is their own fault or choice! I have a college degree, I have worked 30 years……Why should I suffer because of the last Administrations crooks? And yes George Bush and Dick Cheney should be charged with what they did at Gitmo! They have managed to make us all look like idiots to the entire world! No thanks FOX tv, tell your crap to someone else. Some other republican dumba** might believe it, but not this Democrat!!! I know what my morals are!!!And so do the rest of the unemployed!!!

  3. I just want to comment on lack of jobs and how possible to fix that. I believe our government should double tax all those company here in the USA and outsourcing job to other countries. This outsourcing is bad over all because it takes from our economy and most of these outsourced employees can barely speak English and if they do the accent they have is overwhelming.

    We need to force all companies here in USA to pay double tax for outsourcing jobs to other countries.

  4. we should take back our white pussy. come the fuck on why would you let them take our homes cars kids and pussy. please don’t kill yourself for what they did to you . fight back fuck it they knew crime would rise and don’t care they went on vacation didn’t they. if your going to kill yourself think who did this then take it up with them. get the white women back riding white cocks. the behind the green door days are over fuck it . find some peace of mind.

  5. The government murders millions of people and gets away with it. Thats how the papers should read. They are child abbusers in full effect. They should all be jailed.

  6. I ws so grateful to hear Robert Curtis speak out for us “99’ers”. The bill S-3706 named Americans Want to Work Act was actually written by the following Senators:
    Debbie Stabenow, Charles Schumer, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Carl Levin, Bob Casey, Chris Dodd, Sherrod Brown, Jack Reed, and Sheldon Whitehouse. I have sent thank you emails to all of them for taking on this problem.
    Now it remains to be seen when and if this bill will make it to the Senate floor. I’ve also written 2 republicans, Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins to ask for their support of this bill, since they voted on the previous unemployment extension.
    I hope everyone will send recognition to these Senators and ask them to keep up the fight and don’t let us down. We need this bill to pass and quickly.


  8. They do not care about spending our tax dollars on thier special interests. If it doesnt affect them directly then they dont feel a thing. Thier children arnt going hungry. They have a huge house to sleep in, in any room they want. Cars to take them where ever they want. What type of violance are they waiting for? People will only take so much. I have not had a place to live since July 10th, 2010. I am at the end of my rope and have already lost patience. The government will not pass this tier 5 untill it starts to affect them directly. Violance is not the way to go but they are pushing people to the absolute limit. Whats going to happen when so many millions of people are unemployed with no benefits left for even them. That will be that much less of our taxes for them to spend on all thier frivaless needs. Do you think yhey will have a break down? NO MORE MONEY FOR US TO SPEND. BOO! HOO! HOO! WHERE WILL WE GET THIER MONEY NOW? ABUSE IN FULL EFFECT!!!!

  9. I think we should vote on removing them. If you don’t do a good job you get fired. That’s how it works in the real world. Theses people don’t give a shit about us. It used to be they work for us.

  10. Nobody talks about the 7 millon jobs that Bush rich friends took from us. Over the last 8 years. Or how the rich just get richer.

  11. Please do not vote for any Republican candidates in November!!! They are going to screw all of us 99ers.

    In order to control us, they have to screw all of us to be poorer and poorer. So they will tell us what to do!!! This is the Principal doctrine 101 of the Republican Party!!! Their interested in supportting the big corporations and the Multimillionaires/Billionaires.

    Wait until the unemployment people getting chaos!!! (looting, shooting, robbing, suicided, etc…), they would approve tier 5 right away!!!

    1. Don’t vote for any ConservaDems either! They are the scum-buckets posing as Democrats but voting lockstep with the Republicans. It’s time for a strong third party – one that will break the stranglehold that the two-party system has on us and on this country.

  12. The people here say that we are lazy. The government supports single moms by way of welfare. What does the govrnment call themselfs living off of the taxes we pay. Isnt that WELFARE also. FREE MONEY for them. It doesnt matter if they all get kicked out of thier seats because they will have a paycheck for life. They have turned thier backs on all of us because they can and they have. We have screamed and hollered for months and still nothing is done. The children being homeless and barely any food to eat. The food banks are empty. I took another fellow 99er with her kids to the local food pantry and they had nothing. My heart is broke after seeing her kids crying and i cant do anything to help. The whole government should be put UNDER ARREST for the abuse they seem to think is ok. We would throw the common man in jail if he commited any of these acts against another human. WHY IS OUR GOVERNMENT ALLOWED TO ABUSE US, OR OUR CHILDREN? WHEN DID THEY RISE ABOVE GOD AND THE LAW?

    1. Oh God, Cindy – my heart is broken for you and for your friend. THis is just so UNFAIR and UNJUST! The rich keep getting richer and stingier and greedier and our government keeps pushing money THEIR way, but telling us we’re lazy and we should just go get jobs! Well, I have been applying for jobs for 3 years now – jobs I was well-qualified for and had a lot to offer, but no calls. I can’t even get an interview. I have a few more months of money left to draw on in my IRA and then it’s bankruptcy court, I guess. My parents have passed on; they left this little two-bedroom bungalow – the house my brother and I grew up and which my parents were so proud of when they were able to buy it right after WWII (my dad was a WWII vet) – and now I’m liable to lose it! I had to take out a home equity loan because, with the house being old, major expensive repairs were needed and I didn’t have the money on hand. When I took out the loan, the job I had then was on solid ground. Now? I’m crying because I feel so bad that my brother and I will lose it becuase of me! We were both hoping to get something from it when I retired and we could sell it (my brother is married and he and his wife have their own home). The Republicans and ConservaDems have RUINED MY LIFE!! And the lives of my fellow unemployed. And I resent it so so much!

  13. i am so sorry people. it aint going to happen. the rest of the world does not appreciate it but the U.S is a cold place. this would not be the first time that our country has shown an immoral lack of concern for its people to placate the petty and unrealistic concerns of the wealthy elite. i would say its time to stop being quiet humble and hopeful. this is it now or never its time to get out there get off your computer and go apeshit before we get anymore complicit and apathetic

  14. All this stinking rotten country has to do about the deficit is MAKE THE RICH AND CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE OF TAXES!!! These bast@rds keep getting a free ride and I’m sick of it! When I still had a job, I paid more in taxes on my $30,000 a year salary than the multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires and corporations pay! This INJUSTICE needs to stop!! God, I hate America now! I hate what the Republicans and ConservaDems have turned it into: a dying carcass that the rich are squabbling over while they pick it clean. And we unemployed sit outside the circle, starving, and watching them get all the food!

  15. I’m an older worker – I’m 58 – and so the work world thinks I’m worthless garbage, even though I have a lot of clerical experience and a sterling work record.

  16. So far the millions of unemployed people have been taking it on the chin. In other words we have been waiting and tolerating these so called people in office who don’t give a dam about us. The people in office these days pretty much care about themselves and the money they make, their vacations, their big cars and their mansions. We vote them in and they tune us out. The thing these people in office are forgetting this is America. We work and lots of money is taken out of our paychecks each week so America survives. My fellow unemployed, if you remember paychecks your net income is nowhere near your gross income. That’s right for years and years they have been cutting our paychecks in half. One of the reductions of course is unemployment insurance. That’s right we all have unemployment insurance, though the unemployment insurance we get runs out when we are still unemployed. Now 14.5 million people are unemployed..are we all lazy? No! Do we all want to work? Yes! Do we want the American dream? Yes! Can 14.5 million people be wrong? No! We are without a doubt being used by the republicans to make President Obama look bad. The republicans want President Obama to look bad so they don’t give us Tier 5. We all have to know that this is very cruel politics. People are losing their homes, their marriages, their cars, and their children are not having the lives they should be having just because the republicans want Obama to look bad so we elect a republican…well don’t let them fool you.
    You write to your republicans and tell them we will not vote for a republican unless you help us now and forever with Tiers that will last until this economy gets back on it’s feet. We should come first. It only took one vote and they bailed out Wall Street with billions of our dollars. Wall street are happy now with their yachts, their big bonuses, their mansions and fancy cars…while we suffer! WE ARE THE PEOPLE, WE ARE MILLIONS…IT’S TIME WE STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT AND TELL THESE PEOPLE WHAT WE BELIEVE IN. IT’S TIME TO MAKE A REAL CHANGE!

  17. Change.org signed petition I do not think will change the minds of the Senators or the House. Also with the the Car sales Crashing and the housing market still low even though there is a 3% rates. All of these will crash. What needs to be done is not to extend unemployment benefits. But, I do know how to make the Defecit lower, I know how to fix the Auto Industry and housing market. I also have Ideas on how jobs can be created. I have sent my Ideas to the Obama Administration. Here is my Idea. All of the people who are unemployed gets 1 million dollars. That is only 45 million of the 32 billion dollars that is left in the stimulus money. However you will not be able to use this money for cash purchases.You will be able to purchase a new vehicle but, the vehicle could only cost up to 80 thousand. So this would help the Auto Industry. The next Idea is for the housing market you can go out and purchase a million dollar home, but you can purchase a 200 thousand dollar home. The next Idea is to purchase Furnishings for your new home this would create jobs because of the HIGH supply and Demand that will be needed. This money can only be used to purchase Gas, Electricity, Food, Cell Phones or home phones. This money can be used to pay up to 10 thousand dollars towards any type of debt you have. If you agree to this Copy and paste this and send this too All of the People in the Senate House and the Obama Administration.

  18. Im just ran out of money and with no extension in site I guess its time to get money however possible. CRIME!!! at least I can fucking eat in prison… and the leaders of this country can get fucked Ill see you in hell, ill be the guy beating the fuck out of you everyday

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Please do not vote for any Republican candidates in November!!! They are interested in supportting the big corporations and the Multimillionaies/Billionaires. They do not care for us, 99ers!!!

    Remember the criteria for survival, people will do whatever it takes to be survived!!! (Killing, looting, raping, suicided, etc…). If this riot arises across the country, they will approve tier 5, 6, 7 and so on to keep people calm down!!!

  20. I say screw you republican jerks that got us into this mess with all your reckless spending! And you have the nerve to tell the group that you republicans have hurt the most by your reckless tax breaks and spending that you dont think the government should help us? Your all crooks. Everyone that was in that last administration should be investigated. Our children are starving and we are becoming homeless while you dirty rats sit home and compalin about paying taxes you all should have been paying in the first place!!!! You have not polled this ohio voter or her entire family!!!!! Also you have not polled the unemployed…..We will have the last laugh in November!!! GOD BLESS THE HUNGRY CHILDREN THAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS LEFT TO STARVE AND GO HOMELESS!!!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!! Sarah Palin….. Yeah let that idiot run……no one in their right mind would vote for such and idiot!! Go on home now all you republicans and drink your wine and eat your shrimp and lobster while the little children you all reduced to poverty starve to death. This is not the America that I grew up in! Your all racist, and haters of the president, trying to blame everything George Bush did on him! Lets remember who got the shoes thrown at them!!! Our president is trying and you republicans just vote no for the hell of it just to make him look bad, your all sick!!! November will tell!!

  21. 07/27/2010

    To Whom It May Concern:-Congress/House/Sentate/ and President Obama

    As a concerned citizen, I am asking that you promptly reconsider adding a Tier V extension of unemployment benefits. Over 200,000 people in California and 1.5 million people nationwide have exhausted their Tier IV benefits. These people have fallen off the grid and are no longer being counted in reported unemployment figures. These people still exist and are struggling without an income and still looking for jobs that aren’t there. These workers have worked hard for many years and have earned the benefits that should be available to them to fall back on during lean economic times such as we are now experiencing.
    Sadly I have even heard TV news reporters state that it seems the people in government only care about their own high paychecks and their own jobs; and do not really care about the American citizens who pay their salaries and are the ones who elected them into office to represent them. . My husband has been out of work for over two years and looks for work daily, spending time and money for gasoline in a frustrating endeavor along with thousands of others in similar situations who are competing for the limited number of available jobs that pay well enough for a worker to sustain even a low to moderate level of existence. It is not the fault of the American workers for the down-slide of the economy and it is a travesty of justice for those who have control over their welfare to turn their backs upon them in their desperate hour of need and offer them up as a sacrifice to the uncaring gods of fate. The American workers who have lost their jobs and the American families that are losing their homes are victims who need monetary help rather than excuses from any Congressional representative of the unfortunate who has forgotten the purpose of his office and regards it as a personal career achievement prior to a leisurely retirement on a generous income.
    When are the people who run the government going to wake up and see the reality of what is happening in the cities, towns, and streets of America. Reality must be seen with the eyes and so we must find the courage to confront the demons that will not allow us to face the truth. The situation for a lot of people is not going to improve and their situation will continue to worsen until the appropriate steps are taken to heal the wounds of this country.
    I as a concerned citizen feel if Nancy Pelosi can afford $18,000 a month for a office rental in San Francisco then why can’t a Tier V be passed to help these people who so desperately need it. I am sure she could find a cheaper office space to rent.
    The people who run the government need to consider that November is coming up and everyone is fed up with whom we have elected to office and probably will not be re-elected to do the same rotten job they are doing now. Especially Californians and according to statics California is a major player in the elections.
    If you had a heart you would vote in a Tier V benefit extension and cut somewhere else, where it doesn’t make families fall apart from stress and have our children suffer as well due to the worry they may not have a place to live.Quit sending funds to every other country and think about the American people.
    I read in our city newspaper that one unemployed man tried to rob another unemployed man and they became friends. The robber was just doing this to get money to feed his family. Bank robberies have increased, foreclosures have increased. When is this going to stop. Vote for a Tier V benefit extension.

    A Outraged American Citizen

  22. Get it passed soon, or soon you crooked, non-caring elected officials will be kicked out in November! Let the Americans who voted for you to Help Us, The American People who trusted in you, Starve along with our children, and Just See What Happens! It won’t be pretty!!

  23. I believe now that violence is the “only” way to get any message across to them.

    And I prey it will come soon…no tier 5…then we fight!!!

  24. I have exhausted my 99 weeks in NYC, and what bothers me the most is that I am a US born citizen and I have been denied all types of services as well. I see Mexicans, and all other immigrants come to this country and immediately become eligible for all sorts of benefits and here I am Born and raised in the US and I am not entitled or supposedly eligible for nothing. I have no little children so that makes me ineligible for Public Assistance, I am disabled and was on disability for about 10 years until I decided to be strong and go to school and get a career, after 3 years in a brand new career, I get fired for reporting a bad teacher, I am told at the Social Security Administration that it is a wonderful thing that I went back to work and that once I report my employment they will of course stop my payments but I am also told that when I do lose my job that all I have to do is give them a phone call and they will begin my payments again. Not true at all. So, now I am done with my Unemployment benefits, no eligible for cash assistance, been blacklisted by the NYC Department of Education, and can’t get my disability payments either. So what the hell am I supposed to do? This is Our Government at work for us….Bullshit….this is total Bullshit….And I am beginning to lose it….So tired of going to these agencies for help and getting turned away and treated as if I do not even exist or deserve to exist. I have worked most of my life and this is what I get in return….

  25. Have we had enough yet? Have we had it with the abuse? Have we seen enough of the governments backs and thier folded up ears? Have we put up enough tent cities? Have the children cried enough? Has the government abused enough senior citizens? Have they drove enough people to commit suicide? Arnt they still turning thier backs on our service men and woman? Have they taken enough of our homes? Have they gotten enough repoed cars? Are we not screaming even louder then before? I GUESS NOT. OUR GOVERNMENT STILL DOESNT GET IT. THEY HAVE STRIPPED US NAKED AND THROWN US TO THE STREETS. WHEN DOES THIS END? WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? DO WE REALLY NEED TO TAKE THIS TO THIER FRONT DOORS? I GUESS SO!!!

    1. sad, isn’t it, I was angry TWO YEARS AGO AND USED CAPS ON THE UNEMPLOYMENT BLOG SITE and they banned me, hehehehe,

      I asked where our democrats were after they pushed thru the stimulus bill, I expected some help, nope GO AWAY THE DEMOCRATS SAID, they censored that too……….

      Now I was first to the party and my benefits ran out March of 2010, no money AT ALL, AND NO JOBS……….

      …….and the governor of Florida didn’t give a damn, the idiot Senators didn’t give a damn, the liberals even lied and said we were all getting 13 months extension which CAUSED NO END OF HATE IN OUR FACES, AND THEY LIED NO MONEY EITHER………….

      if any uemployed are still thinking the DEMOCRATS CARE, YOU ARE IDIOTS………..they had total power, they nationalized our industries and jobs and then DUMPED US ON TENT CITIES…………….so that freak that censored me got nothing for it from his liberals……

      …HE SHUT ME UP LIKE THEY WANTED HIM TO and they screwed him over…….warned ya. THE ONE GOOD THING THE 99ERS HAVE GOING FOR THEM AND IT SHOULD SCARE THE CRAP OUTTA THE POLITICIANS, we are growing by the millions, every month 2 million become 99ers…….this isn’t going away and the horrible mess the democrats are making out of this country mean it will last 10 years………..TEN YEARS AND THEY SAY THAT TO OUR FACES WITH A LAUGH…….ANOTHER 500,000 WILL LOSE THEIR JOBS NEXT WEEK………no one is safe…….

  26. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) has introduced the Americans Want to Work Act. This legislation would create an additional tier (Tier 5) of unemployment benefits for those (known as the 99ers) who have exhausted their unemployment insurance benefits
    Please contact your elected officials and share your thoughts on passing this bill.

  27. THE FUNNIEST THING ABOUT THE DEMOCRATS KICKING the 99ers to the curb when they had total control……….they don’t understand the we are in the Depression, the 99ers are just first to the party, EVERYBODY IS COMING AND THERE WILL ABSOLUTELY BE NO SYMPATHY for the unions when they join the unemployed in 2011, no sympathy for the 900 demcorats that lose their jobs in 22 months………..NOPE THE WAY THE HAVES HAVE TRASHED AND KICKED TO THE CURB THE ‘HAVE NOTS’ HAS BEEN DISGUSTING………….all the while my government just wants more money to send illegal alien criminal invaders to college….this is lava and will affect everyone….

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