Thor Found in Iron Man 2 Confirmed!

As the famous Iron Man 2 movie kicked off the big screen lately, a lot of has been amazed by its effects. Several positive reviews came out which an evidence that the movie was indeed spectacular. Theaters and cinemas will be expected to be full this weekend. With the trailer alone, you can already have a glimpse to awesome special effects.

There has been spoilers coming out right before before its premier that everyone should be on lookout for the scenes after the credits. The description of the scene can be found in the internet as long as you search for it. It was even spoiled out together with the Easter Egg Hunt wherein another Marvel hero, Thor has been spotted at the very end of the scene . Fans of the movie during that time thought that it was not true but now that the movie is already out, it has proved the Easter spoiler was not fake. There has been a blurry prison-cell photo of a man, whom believed to be Thor and Thor’s Famous Hammer appeared on the scene after the credits.

Sound so cool. So obviously, fans will be anticipating Thor on the sequel for sure and what would be his role would remain a mystery for now.

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