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Things Could Be Sadder for Samantha Ronson and “Cadillac”

November 23, 2015 by · 1 Comment 

Samantha Ronson tweeted that she was “incredibly sad” over the dog-mauling incident her bulldog, “Cadillac” was involved in, but things could get a lot sadder depending on what investigators find out about the dog’s behavior or if it has a history of attacking people or other dogs.

Deputy Director Michelle Roache of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control said his department will investigate the allegations made against the dog and gather all the necessary evidence before presenting their case to the district attorney.

Similar attacks have resulted in felony charges. Roache said, “It’s all up to the courts whether or not a person is going to lose the right to own the dog, or that the dog be euthanized, or that there’s restrictions against the dog.”

Ronson has reportedly already shipped Cadillac off to New York to be with her family. Roache says this is an acceptable arrangement.

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One Response to “Things Could Be Sadder for Samantha Ronson and “Cadillac””
  1. carouser says:

    Though a strange perversity, one could hardly call it a surprise that the media has flocked to pictures of Tiger, just as they have every other murdered or suicided fledgling actress or model in the history of photographic media who died before her time (can’t wait for the graphic tees and sorority dorm posters). Still, there is undeniably a bubbling, if not bloodthirsty, hostility brewing beneath all of this media madness.

    Could it be that we’re (even unconsciously) looking for a metaphor here to connect to Lindsay in some attempt to make news about boring old Sam Ronson marketable?

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