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The Town Movie Review and Trailer

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The Town Movie Review and Trailer- If you want intense action, robbery and romance then you definitely want to watch The Town. The movie stars Ben Affleck and is released by Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie trailer shows great and intense action.

The Town also includes Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, Pete Postlethwaite, and Chris Cooper. The Town is a story about Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck) who is an unrepentant criminal,and the de facto leader of a group of ruthless bank robbers who pride themselves in stealing what they want and getting out clean.

That situation however would change when the group lets a hostage bank manager named Claire Keesey (Rebecca Hall) go on their latest job. Claire did not know who kidnapped her and it seems that she and Doug are really falling in love. What would happen if she found out who Doug really is.


The movie seems to awe various known movie critics, in fact Rotten Tomatoes gave the film 93% based on 100+ reviews. This rating is rarely seen on Rotten Tomatoes and goes to say that “The Town” is a good movie to watch.

IMDb puts the town at 8.7 out of 10 based on 417 votes so far. Other critics praised Affleck’s direction of the heist sequences.

New York Times, A.O. Scott commented on the opening heist, “That sequence, like most of the other action set pieces in the film, is lean, brutal and efficient, and evidence of Mr. Affleck’s skill and self-confidence as a director.”

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