The New Google Layout: Why Does Google Look Different?

As I was searching Google today, I noticed something new. Google has a new look. It has a new layout which gives search engine users the flexibility to refine the search engine results in Google. According to the press release of Google, the new Google look is a response to the increasing richness of the web and the increasing power of search.

The new Google layout features new search tools on the left which can provide more search engine results. With Google’s new look, you now have the option to look for search engine results with Google’s news, books, videos, etc. Furthermore, you can also refine your search engine results for the past 24 hours on in specific countries only. These are all available in the new Google look.

In addition to the new Google layout, the new Google look presents an updated look and feel in terms of Google’s color palette and logo. These changes maybe slight and unnoticeable but make Google’s overall look more modern.

To have a view on this new Google look, try searching in Google and you will definitely notice the new Google layout. Meanwhile, here is a youtube video about the new Google look:
[youtube width=”600″ height=”350″][/youtube]

111 thoughts on “The New Google Layout: Why Does Google Look Different?

  1. totally! I was trippin’ balls when I saw the new layout, reminded me of when my computer gets infected by some heavy duty trojan horse prog and screws with my layout settings. Like someone said before me, “the beginning of the end of google.” Great, because it’s obvious they are no longer useful – lets hope they don’t come out with a googlePad as well. What we all really need is a completely new search provider to fill the void, the internet marketplace is in sore need of competition, someone please bury these oversaturated corporations, who the F*** needs’em!

  2. I used to use Google for all my researching needs; for projects, research papers, diagrams. It always gave me the results I needed. Now, however, I’ve found that results being pulled up have little, even no, connection to the topic I typed in. It is not more efficient, it is bothersome. Also, the sidebar, though helping with finding size of pictures, is rather distracting. It causes the results to be compacted, and I feel as though there is too much listed on the page. Please Google, change back to the old way. The new one, quite frankly, sucks.

  3. Actually, I like the changes particularly the side bar. I find Google extremely useful and it’s still my first choice of search engine. I do have some sympathy for the point made about search results sometimes not being related to the subject initially searched for, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find that there are many web site designers out there deliberately adding misleading dialogue to their web sites so as to score Google hits and drag traffic in their direction. I would imagine it’s an ongoing battle.

  4. The new side bar looks cluttered to me, and is unnecessary. It should be hidden by default- much like the previous “More Options.”

  5. this new google sucks so much. and the fact that they are giving user info freely to the government is insane! will be the new google. Google has forgone their stance, that made them so popular, of (paraphrased: “dont be evil”) behind. They are now property of the U.S. police state.

    this is unreal what is going on right now. I cannot believe how corrupt these two bozo’s have become, over what… money? what the heck will they buy in the next 50 years thats so dmnd important? BE GOOD… DONT BE EVIL! DO THE RIGHT THINGS! they have given up on all of it.

    makes me sad…

  6. If they insist on continuing with this retarded look, atleast give us the option to remove the ugly sidebar on the left. That would atleast make it a little more bearable.

  7. I have been using the new layout now for some time now and, frankly speaking, I wish the old one came back!!!

  8. After all this time, it’s still pathetic, ridiculous and stupid. I still hate the look. I wish they’d change it back already!

  9. I still have the old Google layout and no longer can C&P pics in my emails. I want the new one…how do I get it? I am not very computer knowledgeable, so please don’t get too techo on me, okay? Just simple will do it! 🙂

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