The Masters Golf Tournament 2010 Updated Leaderboard: Tiger Woods on 3rd

Masters Golf Tournament 2010 update: It was a surprise for all Tiger Woods’ fans and haters out there as round 2 results came out in today’s updated Masters Leaderboard – the world’s number 1 golfer climbed at the 3rd spot.

Yesterday, we saw Tiger Woods performed two shots of the lead with a first-round 68. That left Woods tied for seventh on four under, alongside Britain’s Ian Poulter, having recorded his best ever start at Augusta National Golf Club by two shots. However, it seemed that Tiger Woods’ professional golf skills were left untainted by the infidelity issues he currently faced.

In Friday’s performance, Tiger Woods plodded making one par after another, mixing in the occasional birdie, avoiding any major mistakes. Again showing no rustiness from his long 5-month layoff in his professional golf career, Woods shot a 2-under 70 advancing him to the top 3 position together tied with K. Choi,  R. Barnes, A. Kim, and P. Mickelson.

“It feels good to be back in contention, I’ve put myself in contention most years here. This year, I’m right there. We’ve got 36 more holes and I’m sure the golf course, they’re not going to make it easy for us,” Tiger Woods said.

Well done Tiger Woods. If this continues, we might again see you wearing another green jacket this Sunday evening as the champion of the Masters Golf Tournament 2010. Prove yourself once again to the world that you are still the undisputed number 1 professional golf champion.

Below is the current Masters Leaderboard with L. Westwood and I. Pouter tied at first. Stay tuned to us for more updates on the Masters Golf Tournament 2010.

4 thoughts on “The Masters Golf Tournament 2010 Updated Leaderboard: Tiger Woods on 3rd

  1. Well done Tiger, just prove to the world that you are still the best in golf. People should not judge you too strongly on your personal life. Afterall you are also human and a man. Lets be honest, which man would not have done what you did being in your position, young, famous and rich!! Only hypocrites and those envious of you would continue to buck you on the issue. To err is human. Keep going, Tiger.

  2. You are the best there is and the news media
    has to write about something and highlight
    everything. They will pursue any story to sell
    their product. They try to make out it’s for the
    majority of fans which is not true. Fans watch
    because you are the best and very exciting to
    watch. A lot of fans do not watch golf when you
    are not playing, and that includes me. To those
    who do not follow or even play the game and
    have negative views let him cast the first stone
    if he or she has done no wrong.

  3. Does anyone here think that among those who are hounding and piously criticizing Woods, 50% of them have a slate clear of this particular “sin”? Or clear of any moral failing, for that matter

    As a great Teacher instructed, “Let him without sin cast the first stone.”

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