The Manila Bus Hostage Crisis Video Reveals Lapses

The Manila Bus Hostage Crisis Videos Reveals Lapses – former Manila Police, Inspector Rolando Mendoza held hostage 22 Hong Kong Nationals and 4 Filipinos aboard a Travel Bus in Manila, particularly at the Quirino Grandstand. Negotiations were held and all was looking to end up well. All of a sudden hell break lose and the hostage crisis ended up in something we all least expected.

Mendoza’s case was simple, he just want to be reinstated and he wants that he will be given justice from what was done to him. The driver, the survivors, his family and even fellow police officers says that Mendoza is a kind man and a person that would never harm innocent people.

However, on the night of August 22, Monday, Police Inspector Mendoza ends up taking the lives of innocent civilians. Eight people were killed and several others severely injured. Now the Hong Kong Regional government issued a travel warning against the Philippines and the Chinese government also condemned what happened.

In the Philippines the blame was being place on both the police and media. The police for mishandling the situation and provocative moves which triggered emotions of the hostage taker, and the media for their irresponsible coverage.

Take a look back and see what led to the bloody end of the Manila Bus hostage crisis.


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