The Heat Is On With Miami Big Three

Lebron James, the most hyped up free agent in the NBA and perhaps of sports history, has announced that he is moving to the Miami Heat. A day leading to his announcement in a one-hour ESPN TV special, there have been speculations that he was joining Team USA buddies Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. This followed a joint conference call among the three NBA superstars and the announcement from Wade and Bosh that they were playing together in Miami.

The three stars stand to earn less than what they potentially can but felt that this could be their opportunity to capture an NBA championship. Dwayne Wade played a major part along with Shaquille O’Neal when the Miami Heat captured the NBA title in 2006. Now that Pat Riley has assembled his own Big Three in Miami, the Heat management and fans are hoping that this is the beginning of a new dynasty.

How well they will fare against contenders like the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers will remain a question mark as we have yet to see how chemistry will work out among them and their supporting cast.

On paper, the Miami Heat should be a contender when the 2011 NBA season opens.

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