The Countdown Begins – Lindsay Lohan Off to Jail

Legal kibitzers think Lindsay Lohan will be in jail for no longer than 22 days, or 25% of the 90-day sentence Judge Marsha Revel handed her.  They say the Los Angeles County jails are so overcrowded that non-violent offenders “rarely serve more than 25 percent of their original sentence”.

Well, whether it is the full 90-day jail term or just a little less than 30 days, Lindsay Lohan is now headed to prison for the processing phase of her stay i.e., fingerprinting, photographing, cell assignment, SCRAM bracelet removal and changing into that orange jumpsuit. The jumpsuit in the picture is the closest I can find, but it’s not even orange.

Anyway, Judge Revel had also ruled that Lohan will not be eligible for house arrest or work release, so whoever her new lawyer will be (Shawn Holley Chapman had to re-appear after failing to do the paperwork to relinquish her role as Lohan’s lawyer ) should already scrap that in Lohan’s appeal bid, if any.

Lohan will likewise be required to report to probation within 24 hours of her release, after which a status hearing would be set within a week of her release from jail. Her 90-day rehabilitation stint is set to start maybe soon after that status hearing.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves, don’t you think? She is not set to leave jail for another 22 or 90 days, whichever will be the length of her actual stay. Let’s her cross the bridge when she gets there.

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