The Best Mother’s Day Quotes, Greeting Cards, Poems, and SMS

Happy Mother’s day to all mothers around the world. Wherever you are, whatever you do, as long as you’re a mother and you’re happy, Happy Mother’s Day to you! We have browsed the world wide web to compile a nifty list of unforgettable quotes for Mother’s day.

These quotes are reviewed by us to ensure that it meets the “unforgettable” guidelines.

I love you mom, I’ll never forget you forever and ever and ever – Anna Speakwright

Thank you mom for without you, I’m not here, I’ll never forget you – John Wilberg

It’s really unforgettable to be with you mom. I will always love you! Thank you mom! – Chris Henrystone

Everyday, I love you. Everyday, I will always remember you. Happy Mother’s Day! – Mack Spacey

Once again, Happy Mother’s day to all Mothers around the world. If you’re sad, please don’t be sad, because this day is Happy and everyone is celebrating Happy Mother’s Day!

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