The Bachelor Season Finale 2010: Will they live happily ever after?

On the Wings of Love is the title of The Bachelor 2010 Season Finale. This is the 14th (Episode 1408 of The Bachelor series) season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. The season premiere aired on January 4, 2010. The show features a previous contestant from The Bachelorette Jake Pavelka, courting 25 women. It is the first season of The Bachelor to be broadcast in HD, which is really awesome as more and more TV viewers today are into HD.

The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love. In this emotional special conclusion, Jake prepared to make one of the most difficult choices of this life. His search for love was narrowed down to two very different women – Tenley and Vienna – and he fell in love with both of them.

After having his family meet them on the exotic island of St. Lucia, he made one final heart-wrenching decision that changes his life forever

The Season Finale of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love,” will be broadcast on Monday, March 1, 2010 from 8:00PM ET to 10:05PM ET only on the ABC Television Network.

The last episode of The Bachelor this 2010 is about to end. We saw Jake picking Vienna Girardi to be his wife. Critics are now saying that their relationship will not last forover. Will Jake and Vienna last for a long time or will it end like a thief at night?

This year’s The Bachelor Season Finale video is really one-of-a-kind. If you want to discuss more about it, please feel free to post your comments below.

26 thoughts on “The Bachelor Season Finale 2010: Will they live happily ever after?

  1. “I think she is unbelievable and I truly love her!” “I can definitely see myself marrying her and living happily ever after!” “She is absolutely perfect for me and no other person has ever made me feel this way!” These are some of the descriptive words that Jake used to comment on Tenley and yet, much to many peoples chegrin, he chose Vienna. Never mind that all the girls gravitated away from her; never mind that she presented herself an a daddy’s girl who displayed that she would do anything to win; never mind her past history of a 3 week marriage and the circumstances surrouding how it ended; never mind that Vienna was totally self-absorbed and really did not care about how she effected others (girls in the house); never mind that Jake’s own parents and family obviously favoured and recommended the genuine article- Tenley! This may be “a game” but it is being played on the backs of peoples lives and emotions. A true disappointment (by the way I favoured another woman and not either of the finalists!) and this will end my days of watching people being disappointed and potentially destroyed for the sake of reality television………………

  2. He is Stupied ‘ Vienna is a slut & thinks she’s better then every1. Jake will soon learn the real Bitch she is! Poor guy picked the wrong girl. She is all about the money.

  3. If Jake has any sense, he will beg to be on the Bachorlette. He picked a barely literate, low class, yet sexy YOUNG girl. He should realize why previous relationships have gone south and why mom didn’t approve. I hope he is happy but I doubt it.

  4. They both look very happy. Hope it all works out for them. I personally thought Ali and him would have been a better choice but hopefully he knows best.

  5. Vienna is too young and immature; Tinley is a whiner! Very disappointed in the finale. Jake knew all along it was Vienna, had to keep the ratings going for ABC, or else the show would have been over a long time ago.

  6. from the start of the show i new that viena was TROUBLE. she was just so into her self like when at the finali she said “i cant tell what tinly and jake would be like but i can picture me and jake she said. i think she and jake are so not right for each other. i would not be suprised if he dumped on the side of the road. her dad had said to treat her like a pricess. like i always say ” like father like daughter “!!! i thought that jake would totally choose tinley! i hope viena is reading this or jake so they would brake up. and to tell the truth im only 12 years old!!

  7. i wonder who jake would of picked between Vienna and Ali. i “think” he would of picked Ali…hopefull Ali will find someone perfect for her. maybe it was a god send that it happened this way. you go girl!!

  8. I have to agree completely with Brien who posted above!! If Jake is smart and I think he is, he is going to realize that he picked the wrong girl, she is immature, self absorbed, just does not seem right for him, but men do stuff like that, they pick the one that shows adventure, and has that animal attraction. He is completely opposite of her, but then opposites attract. I do believe, he will eventually dump her, and go back to the bachlorette show and sweep Ali off her feet, who he still has feelings for, and that will be the end of it!!

  9. I cannot believe he picked her…..he is adorable and seems perfect, too perfect. She looked cross-eyed in most of her close ups. Her personality was immature, and she appeared stupid, even though everyone said she was so smart. Maybe she IS smart. She is famous now. But I gotta say, when he said, “Vienna is my BABY!” And went on and on about how wonderful she was…vomit came up in my throat….I don’t know if I can keep watching this show. I have been disappointed every season. (I didn’t watch the beginning ones)

  10. Jake is not the MAN I thought he was.Vienna is a definitely slutey looking and acting. Her hair was a disgrace and his family has to be upset, I was. When Tineley had it all and was liked by everyone. His mistake, Tbere won’t be a wedding. She is after the freebe’s amd conducts herself so poorley for public television. She has absolutely nothing going for her.

  11. Sure they MAY be happy now …….. I don’t know too many engaged people, or people getting married who aren’t happy. How about a year or two down the line, when stress & normal life happens .. possible affairs? Isn’t there over 50% divorce nowadays? He must be quite shallow if he was drawn to this type of woman … yes kids, your mom was a hooters chick before we got married. If he had good sense, he’d get out of this bad deal.

  12. Vienna showed her true colors when she met his parents…I can’t believe how she answered their questions. Totally horrible. What mature person would put down the other woman in front of his parents? She called Tenley a robot. So rude! She didn’t even answer their questions…..I can’t see Jake putting up with her rude behavior!!

  13. VERY WRONG CHOICE!! Jake was a good man and definitly deserved better. Vienna is a very poor choice. Tenley would have been a much better wife. Not only was Vienna cross eyes and ugly, she was very stupid and sometimes rude towards her, now, sister in-laws. I think Jake will soon realize he messed up. I hope so at least….

  14. I can’t believe that he went into this with all of his morals and values!!!!!! And then he picks HER!! WTH! What is wrong with that man?? His family hated her, the girls hated her! She could not even finish a sentance without saying “like” I don’t get it?? I had so much respect for him going into this, but now have none! Come on Jake GROW UP!

  15. Yes, Jake doesn’t seem very much in touch with the reality of what he’s getting himself into..However, maybe with his Dancing With The Stars role ooming up so soon, he’ll have very little time to even spend with Vienna and they’ll tend to naturally grow apart…One almost hopes so for his sake!
    As one viewer wrote: Jake may be out of touch with his inner ‘bad boy/wild child’ so he picked a woman to represent that side of himself. Hopefully he grows out of it in due timing. Not that I have anything against Vienna but she hasn’t made the best choices in her life so far (nude calendar pics etc) and not having ANY female friends either doesn’t seem to be the best sign.
    Good luck Jake whatever happens! I know on some level you’re an actor and for better or worse you are now a very famous person. Just one question: Why warn Jillian about Wes but then ignore ALL the warnings that you got about Vienna? Not that she’s any type of “bad person” just ultra competitive and immature and probably not right for you in the long run…Good luck, though. Your life will definitely at least be interesting!

  16. Vienna is so unattractive! Let’s start with the physical:

    1) her hair is fried blonde – looks like porn star
    2) she is self absorbed & clueless
    3) she needs a hair make-over. Long, stragley over-bleached blonde hair
    4) she needs to learn how to apply make-up.
    5) she needs to see an opthalmologist about that lazy eye

    Jake made us all feel he was sincerely looking for love when it was really lust! Come on Jake! Of all the women you could of chosen you thought Vienna was the best?
    No wonder your single! Good luck


  18. I cannot believe how some of you are reacting to Jake picking Vienna as his soulmate. Why do some of you think that you have the authority to tell this man who he need in his life and who his wife should be? He did not ask us for our help and I don’t think any of us are in the position to choose his lover, wife or soulmate. This is his life and he knows better than any of us who he is in love with. Why can’t you just be happy for the both of them and stop wishing bad on them? I am very happy that Jake chose Vienna to walk through this journey of life with him. I knew from their first date that she would be his fiancee. They have so much in common and she is so real. His family respects Jake’s decision and I am sure that they are happy for him. Vienna is not a bad person and most of you are only listening to what the tabloids and old classmates are saying about her. The majority of that mess is pure garbage. So what, she posed for a calendar…what is wrong with that? She has a nice body so what is so wrong about showing it? She worked at Hooters, at least she was working. Hooters is not the worst place in the world to work. She got married young…how many of us did similar things and found out later that we made a mistake? Yes, she is young but I think that she is very mature. I admire her for not getting caught up in all the cat fights with the other girls and keeping her focus on Jake. She is not phony and timid like Tenley. Jake made the right decision and if he didn’t, so be it. I am sure that he and Vienna will do just fine. I am praying and rooting for them because I am so happy to see two young people “in love” with each other. It doesn’t matter how it happened,it happened and I am estatic!!! Jake and Vienna “Keep the Faith” and don’t allow negative and small-minded people come between your love for each other.

  19. shut up..viana is amazing!!! jake and her make a great couple god…U HATEERSS!!!! UGHHHHH psss me offf !!!!!!!

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