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The Attack of the Blood-sucking Bed Bugs

July 21, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

Bed bugs are on the attack again, so to speak. They have reportedly invaded a plush Hampton rental, some pricey hotels and even a Victoria’s Secret store!

So what are they really? Well, bed bugs are small parasites that live mostly off mammal (human) blood. These blood-suckers got their name because of their preference to live in human beds and feed off the human that lies in that bed. But do not get the wrong impression, they can also be found in sofas, cushioned chairs and other heavily upholstered (especially old) furniture.

If hiring a professional bug exterminator is not within your budget, you might want to try a few of these methods to get rid of bed bugs.

First, try using insecticides that come in the form of aerosols or dusts, and can be sprayed at their hiding places or caught by the bugs themselves and spread in their hiding places.

Second, you can also try killing bed bugs by placing infested furniture and garments out in the hot sun or in very cold temperatures for several days.

Third, get your bed off the wall and put some double-sided tape on the sides and legs. You might be able to trap the bed bug that way.

Personally speaking, I would take advantage of the heat wave and zap those bugs and even their eggs into oblivion!

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One Response to “The Attack of the Blood-sucking Bed Bugs”
  1. Most people don’t even know they have bed bugs because they are so small!
    A good way to detect if you have bed bugs is to check your sheet for red or brown spots. Take a close look at your mattress, box spring, draws, curtains, and head board to see if they are nesting in our room!

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