The 2010 Miss Universe Winner is Miss Mexico

I’m skipping the Top 5 and going straight to who won the Miss Universe 2010 – Miss Mexico!

Jimena Navarrete wowed and won the prestigious beauty title despite using an interpreter to answer the judge’s question.

Maybe it is just me, but I really think being able to speak or at least understand English should be a major requirement to be a Miss Universe winner. Miss Mexico is not in my personal top 5, although she is indeed very beautiful but aside from the Philippines I usually have Miss Colombia and Miss Venezuela as my two other favorites.

Miss Philippines did not answer the question from her judge well, but I don’t think speaking in English is her problem. I have seen her interviews and she has always managed to nail the question despite a few minor lapses. So, I think it is more about nerves getting in the way than anything else. Well, she is only all of 22. she still has a long road ahead of her. Coming in as 4th runner-up (5th place) is still quite an achievement for her.

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