Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma Football 2010 Live Coverage on ESPN3

What happened to Oklahoma Sooners? They are supposed to be one of the best teams in the NCAA College football this season but it seems they are sleeping on their games and they are letting other teams get to their weakness. When the BCS rankings was first released, Oklahoma was number 1 but then just a few days after that, they were defeated by then number 11 Missouri 36-27. Then, when every one though they have recovered an unranked team routed them last week.

Texas Tech Red Raiders had just surprised everyone when they defeated then number 12 Missouri, 24-17. Now fans are asking if they would follow their neighbor teams success in defeating Oklahoma Sooners. Texas A&M managed to deliver another upset to the Sooners via a 33-19 lopsided win against the Sooners. Perhaps Texas Tech had studied the two defeats of Oklahoma and might find the whole in their opponents game.

The Red Raiders has success in defeating ranked teams and in finding where to strike these teams. Will the Sooners be able to prevent another upset and at least raise their bid for the BCS this year. OKlahoma needs to defeat all of its remaining opponents. They will be facing Baylor on Nov. 20 and then Oklahoma State on the 27th. If they manage to win all these games then perhaps they might be on the BCS.

During the NCAA Football 2009 season, Texas Tech Red Raiders defeated Oklahoma Sooners 41-13 in their game at Lubbock. In that game Potts completed 35 of 53 passes for 388 yards and two scores, and Batch ran for a career-best 136 yards with two TDs.

Can the Sooners avenge their defeat last year and prevent further slide in the rankings? Well, we will see that later today as we tuned in to Texas Tech vs Oklahoma on NCAA College football.

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