Teresa Giudice is Working Hard for the Money

From New Jersey Real Housewife to being a certified working girl, Teresa Giudice is leaving no stone unturned to get her family’s life back on track after filing for bankruptcy in October of last year. She claims she and her husband were only making $79,000 a year since the economy soured leading to nearly $11 million in debt.

Being the astute woman that I think she is, the reality TV star has decided to make full use of her assets, and we do not even mean the properties that are supposed to go on auction sale in August 22.

Giudice knows she looks good tanned and in a bikini so she decided to snag the advertising deal with Sizzle Tans to be the face (and body) of the said tanning salon.

Sizzle Tans has branches in Totowa, East Hanover and Parsipanny, NJ in case you want to follow in Giudice’s tanned footsteps.

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