Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants NFL Scores and Results: Titans Won 29-10

Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants NFL Scores and Results: Titans Won 29-10- We are now on week 3 of the 2010 NFL Regular Season. One of the fifteen NFL matches scheduled for today is between Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants to be held live at the New Meadowlands Stadium which will start at 1pm Eastern Time and will be televised live on TV by CBS.

Both football teams have a current record of one win and one loss in the entire 2010 NFL Regular Season. During the first week, Tennessee Titans won against Oakland Raiders in a final score of 38-13. However, in the second week, the team suffered a loss from Pittsburgh Steelers in a final score of 11-19.

Meanwhile, New York Giants also won in their first football match against Carolina Panthers in a final score of 31-18. They also suffered a loss in their second match against Indianapolis Colts in a final score of 14-38.

For Tennessee Titans, the biggest disappointment last week was the performance of Vince Young, who was eventually substituted by Kerry Collins, after the team committed seven turnovers. Young was responsible for two interceptions and a fumble before coach Jeff Fisher benched him. Tennessee Titans’ coach Jeff Fisher said: “I’m not disappointed in him or his development, his path or anything like that. It’s a decision I made to try to win the ballgame.”

For New York Giants, they will try to revive themselves from the lost that they had against Indianapolis Colts last week. Antrel Rolle of the New York Giants went on a radio show and criticized the leadership of the team. troubles continued for the G-Men, as safety Antrel Rolle went on a radio show and openly criticized the team’s leadership. “Antrel and I had a conversation. I think that, although the conversation remains private, it was a good conversation and I think he understands better the circumstance,” said New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin.

Who do you think will win in this match? According to Yahoo NFL Pick, neither Tennessee Titans nor New York Giants have the advantage in winning this match. However, in the history of Tennessee Titans vs. New York Giants, the Titans haven’t lost a single game to the Giants, as they come into this matchup 4-0 since 1997. Will this be their first time to suffered a loss? Standby here as we will give you the scores and results.

GAME UPDATE: Tennessee Titans won the football match against New York Giants in a final score of 29-10. Titans led the first, third, and fourth quarters with scores of 3, 9, and 10 respectively. Meanwhile, New York Giants only led the second quarter with a score of 10. In the end, Titans remained victorious. For the highlights of the game, you can go to ESPN here.

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